How do you safely let anger out (without drinking or drugs or sex) that has been stored up for years?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: How do you safely let anger out (without drinking or drugs or sex) that has been stored up for years?.

My next question is: It's that time again. Drink a big glass of water GLUG-GLUG...

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Your question was: How do you safely let anger out (without drinking or drugs or sex) that has been stored up for years?.

I'm constantly refilling my glass.......76oz by the end of the whatever coffee or tea I had...yes Im definitely hydrated to say the least.


Comment #1

Sometimes I feel like my kidneys have got the "backstroke" down pat with all the water we drink!.

But it does make a BIG difference. So...........drink up!..

Comment #2

Am doing that right now and freezing my tuckkus off!.

But all in the betterment of me! haahahah..

Comment #3

Hot water with lemon or tea would work just as well ya know - I've become the green tea (decaf only) queen already - since it's gotten rather "cool" here as November comes to a close.

Celestrial Teas have some really good flavors. Some are using plain tea and using the splenda flavors to "sweeten and flavor" the tea...

Comment #4

In Minnesota it's cold now. I drink a lot of decaf pepermint tea to make up for the water. I still drink plenty, but the tea is a nice warm change!..

Comment #5

Hi Everyone!.

Katie, I'm in MN, too and I agree - COLD! I work in a hospital and am on the go a lot, but I try to down one glass of water from every water machine I pass. Then I don't get behind if I don't get a break for a while!.

Stay warm,.


Comment #6

OMG both of you Minnesota! I was ALWAYS cold when I was in Minnesota and that was never ever before April or after October............I don't know how the two of you do it..

Keep warm - keep drinking that tea (water) and keep walking (might help keep ya warm too)..

Comment #7

Remember those of you who are beginning to show your years, staying hydrated helps you look younger, too. I use that as a way to get myself to drink the water...

Comment #8

Dang Diane, How on earth do you drink that much water?.

I use to drink no water before, that's no lie. Ok, maybe just 1 glass a day. When I started NS and joined the gym I got in my 8 faithfully but now I am lucky to get 6 glasses in a day.

This is something I need to work on, that and taking pills/vitamins...

Comment #9

Hey Thanks 4Nick, I just saw your post. YES I AM and that is a motivation in itself...

Comment #10

Its the old saying "just do it" lol...I like it Ive been drinking alot of water for years but found a website that tells you how much you should be drinking and 76oz. is what I'm supposed to have daily....keep up what you're doing and maybe start to add a little more each you like crystal light? You can get some of those travel packets and add some to your water..


Comment #11

I need to be consistent in my water - I usually get in about 6 - 8 glasses every day - and then there are other days when it's 10 or so ..... I'd just like to be more consistent at 10, but I'm working at it. That and taking my vitamins..

Diane, whats the website you found that told you you were suppose to drink 76 oz a day?..

Comment #12

My husband makes fun of me b/c I'm constantly running for the bathroom. I drink at least 64 oz of pure water, 16 oz of caf green tea, 16 oz of sugar cookie tea, 16 oz of peppermint tea, and a flavored 0 calorie water with dinner. Usually I get 96 oz of pure water. I have a 32 oz cup that I drink from. People usually get a 32 oz (large) soda with their meal. They don't usually think it's too much then...

Comment #13

I will try and find it for you. I got it from someone on one of the threads..


Comment #14

Thanks Diane. I will be curious to see how much I should be drinking..

Comment #15

I love the sugar cookie tea. Just found it this week when grocery shopping. Smells just like the real thing!..

Comment #16

Hi Kat,.

There are 2 websites that I know of:.



Comment #17

Thanks Denise - I'm going to go look/compare and see how close I am...

Comment #18

Good morning, I try to get in at least the 64 ozs daily. According to one of the websites, senior moment cant remember where, they told us it had to do with how much we weight ad to the amount to drink. I never get to drink that high but I am working on it the best I can. I even started to put a 16oz. bottle on my bed stand. I get up at least twice during the night so I might as well drink more since I am getting up already.

Not bad.

I like the idea of SUGAR COOKIE Tea. Must look for it. Everyone have a great NS day. GLUG GLUG as they say... Going back to bed to keep warm. Yep, it is cold here.


Comment #19

It's Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie. Some people (including me) have had a tough time finding it. If you have a problem, you can order it online at

Comment #20

Sugar cookie tea? Oh I must find this..

Ok, going to get some water...

Comment #21

It's one of Celestial Seasonings holiday flavors. Don't know how long they will be making it.....would love for it to be a "regular"!..

Comment #22

According to one of the websites, I should be drinking 137.5oz. water a day! Goodness that is a lot!..

Comment #23

Wow! 128 ounces is a gallon. I'm surprised that anyone would recommend drinking over 1 gallon of water per day..

My understanding, is 64 ounces is ideal (half a gallon); 8 servings of 8 ounces per day (which NS suggests)..

Drinking 1 bottled water is pretty much 2 servings..

If you can drink 1 bottle with each meal, and 1 throughout the day, getting it all in might not be as hard..

If you work out hard, you will need more...

Comment #24

Although I'm not suggesting it for anyone else without checking with your MD first, I drink a gallon of liquids every day (coffee, tea and water included). I'm awake 16 hours each day, so that's 8 oz per hour. Not hard to do at all...

Comment #25

LOL - Yes, ma'am!.

Getting up from desk to fill water jug.....

Comment #26

I'm constantly refilling my glass.......76oz by the end of the whatever coffee or tea I had...yes Im definitely hydrated to say the least.


Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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