How do you prepare tofu on Medifast?

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Just how do you guys prepare tofu? never had it before, but since I am experimenting with all sorts of stuff, I figure I might as well give it a whirl..

Thanks so much...

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Oh thanks luckylady..

I would love to try some with SF syrup over it. what type would you suggest for that treat? silken, firm or extra firm..

Thanks again...

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Not sure... I always buy the extra firm or firm because I don't like it mushy...

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I am a BIG tofu eater- I'm Asian, what can I say? I'm also lazy, which is why I guess I'm on medifast, but anywhoo...I buy the pre-marinated tofu in the refigerated salad section of the grocery store...So far I've tried the "Baked Thai Style" which is extra firm. I cut it in chunks and stirfry w/veggies.

Use Extra- Firm tofu the same way you would use chicken: marinate it, fry it, bake it, mix it in stuff. It pretty much absorbs the flavor of all spices, so load on the spices!.

Silken Tofu is watery: I use it for puddings or shakes, or to thicken chili or soups...

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Thanks crystaldawn. I really appreciate input from a 'pro'. lazy? I think not !!!! we all have better things to do than cook and eat. LOL..

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Last night I made scrambled tofu. It was really good. Once I officially start the program, I think it will be a pretty common recipe for me..


I was lazy though and just added some spices, crumbled tofu, diced zucchini and then sauteed it for a bit...

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Thanks !!!! wow that link is awesome. thanks again...

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Oh I'd love any tips on how to prepare tofu (inc. what spices or sauces to use)..

I love it, I've just only eaten it out..

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I like to press my tofu for an hour, marinate it for 30 minutes, and then pan-fry it with Pam or, if you like, 1 tsp of oil..

The marinade I usually use is very simple... just dilute some soy sauce (a little bit) and mix it with ginger, a little garlic powder, and a shot or two of Tabasco. Marinate the tofu for 15 minutes on each side, and fry 'er up!.

I love Asian food and flavors, but my wife usuall hates it... even she will eat this one, though!..

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What do you mean "press" the tofu for an hour?..

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Wow an I usually walk by that section and just stare and think...nah I don't know what to do with it so go with something easier! Now i'm going to buy some!..

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Pressing your tofu is definitely the way to go if you're going to marinate it... it gets a lot of the original water out of the tofu so it can soak up that tasty marinade!.

To press your tofu, just wrap it up in paper towels (I usually use about 4), place it flat on the counter, and lay a big pan on top of it and weigh the pan down with something (can of veggies, a cup with change in it... whatever). The paper towels wick away the water, and after an hour, your tofu will feel sort of like a wrung-out sponge (which, kinda, it is).

It's worth saying, also, that you have to make sure your marinade isn't too "harsh." Unlike marinating meats (where the marinade needs to be very strong), you're going to get the full brunt of your tofu marinade, so if you can't handle tasting it straight from the container, it'll probably be too strong for you after the tofu has been marinated. That's why I dilute the soy sauce some in my marinade..

I also forgot to mention that I normally cut one block of tofu into 4 pieces, and my wife and I usually eat 2 pieces apiece. (In other words, 1/2 block for each of us.) Cutting it into 4 pieces also gives the tofu more surface area to marinate and fry.

Finally, it is very important to freeze the tofu first, then let it thaw out before using it. Freezing and thawing the tofu gives it a great "meaty" texture that you can't get otherwise...

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Back in the day, I took a vegetarian cooking class, and we made a tofu scramble....was just like scrambled eggs. Tumeric was the spice that made all the difference...gave it the yellow color. I will try to find the recipe and post it today...

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Oh, and I don't know what the Medifast people are smoking, but you can't do 15 ounces of extra-firm tofu like they appear to tell you. (15 ounces?? ).

The tofu they use for that recommendation is Mori-Nu tofu, which is silken tofu. Silken tofu is completely different than the "Firm" and "Extra-Firm" tofu that is also sold at most grocery stores. Silken tofu is much, much looser than other tofu types, and you can't press it to remove water.

(To make matters more confusing, Mori-Nu seems to make different types of tofu, which they label "silken firm" and "silken extra-firm" as well... but that's just confusing to me. Either it's silken, or it's not... and if it's silken, you cant fry it up.).

When you ask Nutritional Support directly, they'll tell you your Lean & Green needs to have the following:.

- 250-400 calories.

- Carb: < 15 grams.

- Protein: > 28 grams.

- Fat: 15-35% of total calories.

Half a block of most extra-firm tofu (including the Nasoya brand that I ususally buy) meets all of those requirements, with the possible exception of being a few grams short on protein. If I were to eat the entire package (which is not even quite 15 oz when cooked), I would have eaten my limit of calories, carbs, and fat... and that's before you even get to the "green" part of the meal!.

I've been eating the half-block of tofu about once a week (on average) since I started Medifast in February, and it's been working for me. In 99% of the cases, I go exactly by what the Medifast stuff tells you to do... these new L&G guidelines are confusing with the tofu, however, so I do a "sanity check" against the Nutritional Support numbers that are listed above if I'm ever not sure..

I hope this is helpful!..

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Thanks, I think I might try it. My husband would think I was trying to kill him if I fed him tofu. Just the word makes him quiver! I have fed him veggie crumbles in chili and he didn't know it until I told.him. He was pretty good about the chili. Good to know about the 15 oz. vs 1/2 a block too. And thanks for the instuctions on pressing it...

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I made some tofu yesterday and it was great! Thanks. I went to get my scale yesterday and then realized that 15 oz would be at least 2 complete blocks of tofu!!! So I had half of one block instead...

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