How do you lose weight fast without excercise, surgery or Medifast Diet?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... How do you lose weight fast without excercise, surgery or Medifast Diet? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... This morning was looking through pics from last year to remind me what I DON'T want to look or feel like. Turns out I am in 4 of the 1,000 or so pics I have from last year. Partly because I take a lot of pics, but mainly because I avoided the camera as much as possible.

Now I WANT to have my picture taken with my friends and family. I'm not ashamed of how I look. I know I'm not Cindy Crawford (more power to her, though), but it's a completely new feeling to look forward to seeing pictures of myself with friends/family..

So, how many pictures were you in pre-MF? Why? Now? What's changed for you?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

I'll allow myself to be in full body shots now. I haven't allowed that for 15 years.

I've only let people take head shots of me, or have hidden behind people in a group...

Comment #2

What a great question! I was recently asked to send before and after pix for a possible story in Good Housekeeping Magazine (my two sisters, Mom and I lost weight together and they're doing a story on groups losing weight together). We ALL had trouble finding before pix! The ones we have show us standing behind all kinds of things!'s pix galore! I'm so glad I took pix along the way...helps me really see my achievement and motivates me to stay healthy!.

I'm wishing you all well!.



Comment #3

I avoided the camera. I would get ****** off at anyone who even suggested I be in a photo! I hate seeing my fat body..

I've lost 41 pounds, and I feel a little better about it, only BECAUSE I'm on Medifast and foresee losing more. Back when I was skinnier than I ever want to be, I still hated photos, hated my body. But I was young and stupid then..

Will I ever accept my body and appreciate it captured on film? Good question. I should work on that...

Comment #4

I've been in very few pictures in the last 7 years. The only person who I'll allow to take my picture is my daughter. She's got a gift. She can get the lighting and angles just right and take off 30 pounds. We had family photos done last spring and I looked like a couch. At first I hated those photos, now I wish I'd had more.

Now I'm actually considering a nude "artistic" photo shoot this fall. My belly and butt are actually starting to look *good*!.

There are companies who do "self esteem photos" to help women see themselves as beautiful. They cover up certain parts (so it doesn't end up looking like a Playboy spread!) and make the lighting, angles and positions as flattering as possible..

I'm still on the fence about the whole thing. I'm not opposed to the idea in general, I just don't know if I could stop laughing long enough to get one shot! lol! And then what? I'd put those photos in a locked safe under my bed and NOBODY would ever see them! :-\.

I would be one heck of an "after" picture, though, wouldn't it? :-D..

Comment #5

I'm an amateur photographer who usually has the camera permanently around her neck! Therefore, I'm in very few pictures. But, I don't really have a problem having my picture taken. I never have. I think this is because I have a bit of body dysmorphia. I'm always very surprised when I see myself in pictures. In my mind, I'm much smaller than that and I look much better than that.

As a reminder to me. I do find myself pulling them up frequently and they do provide extra motivation when needed...

Comment #6

As few as possible. It's really a shame, it's like I wasn't part of any of my family's history. No vacation shots, no pics with the children growing up, no pics of me at my siblings' weddings. It's very sad. Now I'm in every possible picture...

Comment #7

Oh how true for most of us. Like many of you I am the one behind the camera, but that also assures that I am not in many of them. Even though with 21 lbs off I even updated my Facebook with a new picture of me. (face only) Amazing how shedding even a few pounds can bring back the confidence..

I can't wait for my Facebook and picture here to be a full body shot!!!..

Comment #8

I try to avoid cameras, period. I am NOT remotely photogenic, no matter my weight. I have a moon-pie face and no angle is a good one for me. I'm just not pretty. lol Harsh maybe, but true. *shrug*..

Comment #9

I was never in photos before MF. NEVER! In fact, that was part of the motivation to lose the weight. I want some pictures of me with my family..

Now that I have lost 80 lbs., I don't mind having my picture taken at all. I don't cringe when I see myself. I don't have to crop my body out of pictures. It's really quite nice...

Comment #10

Just sorry I didn't do Medifast sooner b/c two years ago we had a mandatory family pics. Complete torture for me. The dress code was a white shirt and jeans. Could there be a more unflattering look for the heavy chick? Not really unless it was a bathing suit..

Now, I have to look at myself surrounded by my thin, lean sibs in those pics the rest of my life. UGH!!!! If my family wasn't so scattered around the US, I'd make them all get together again for a new family pictures!. I'd even pay and burn the old ones!!!!!..

Comment #11

We'll probably have family pics again in November. I WILL BE READY! lol!..

Comment #12

After I regained the 140 lbs I had just lost, I did not allow the camera on me for any reason. I'd ask friends to untag me and to NOT post pictures if I accidentally got into one...

Comment #13

I LOVE having my picture taken, but maybe that's the masochist in me lol. I don't know, it wasn't until after high school that I really gained a lot of weight and I've just always had a big ego and a really healthy self esteem. Even today the image of me in my head versus how I actually look are two different things. In my head I'm definitely NOT 65 lbs overweight....

My bff Brie always jokes that she has more pictures of me than she does of any of our other friends. I think after I lose all this excess baggage she is going to need to get herself a larger memory card..

Comment #14

I have next to nothing. I am a teacher, so I have my annual "class picture", but that's about it. Barely any with my own children..

My "before" picture is after I lost 20 lbs. on MF, so it's not as bad as it could have been. Now, I looooove being in pictures. Tonight I am taking the picture of me in a pants leg, a pair that was tight on me last year!..

Comment #15

I hate getting my picture taken, the only pics of me are ones where I didn't know someone was taking my picture because I would have run and hid if I had known!!!..

Comment #16

I don't even have a Before photo, that's how good I was at avoiding pictures. The closest I had was at least 50-60 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight. My Facebook photo is actually a picture of my feet. (It's a beach thing so not as weird as it sounds.).

I'm fairly unremarkable looking at the best of things, so I don't dive in front of a camera even now that the weight is off, but I also don't feel the need to hide behind anything anymore and there isn't the sense of dread I felt at family functions when I knew there'd be pictures taken...

Comment #17

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