How do you keep the Medifast soups from being crunchy??

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So, am I not getting the water hot enough or letting the mixture sit long enough? The chili and minestrone soup were definitely "CRUNCHY". I've been pleasantly surprised with the taste of everything, but that crunch is not always great. Any ideas?..

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Mix it with cold water and let it set a long time..... LONG time. Then heat it. If you add boiling water the soy clumps up and it gets ugly... and is still crunchy! I mix several at a time in a saucepan... mix with cold water, let it set there for 30 minutes or so, then heat gently with some spices...

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Most people either cook the soups on the stovetop and let them sit for a while (which I think is best) or else if you are using the microwave, make it the way the directions say and then let it sit in the fridge overnight if you can or as long as you have time for. Then reheat. The beans, vegetables and pasta in the soups need time it seems to soften up...

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Wow, thanks for all of the tips. Can you tell I don't know my way around a kitchen?..

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A lot of this Medifast stuff takes a little trial and error. Good thing we all have each other...

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I always do my soups on the stove, boil the heck out of em! Then let them simmer. This is always helpful for working ppl as well. Cook the night before, and throw them in the micro for lunch! Good Luck ~Shannon~..

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This is the advice I was given here on the boards and my soups have been great ever since.. no more crunch!.

1. use 6 to 8 oz cold water to shake it up. (cold water breaks up the soy).

2. microwave it for 1 minute..

3. open microwave and stir for a few seconds..

4. microwave for 2 more minutes..

5. set bowl on counter and wait a few minutes before eating. (this helps to further soften the crunchy stuff).

Since I started doing it just like this, I have NEVER had crunchy horrible soup again..

Goood luck..

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I mix my chili earlyin the morninig then reheat about 1 pm. The soup Ilet si tabout 10 min..

This makes itrealsoft and very good..


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I've figured out this week that it's much easier to make them up ahead. I mix up the whole box in a pan on the stove, add whatever seasonings I'm going to use and simmer them for a while. I bought a bunch of freezer containers, so I let them cool, divide them up evenly and freeze them. By the time you cook, freeze, thaw and reheat there shouldn't be any problem with the consistency...

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I make my soups in the morning, then put them in a thermos until lunch. They turn out great (I have a thermos I can put in the microwave, so I just re-warm it at work). On the weekends I try to make them a good 20 to 30 minutes ahead of time, then I put a plate over the bowl & let it sit - again, I usually rewarm it, but they turn out just fine...

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I put it in the shaker and shake it up with cold water. Then microwave it for 2 minutes and pour it into sealable mug-like thingy I have and let it sit for 5-10 minutes...

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I was doing the thermos thing, which works nicely. Then, started putting mine in the crockpot...all 7 packages. I cook it for an hour or two, then put it in freezer containers and it is ready to go to work with me each morning. By the time lunchtime rolls around, it has thawed out. Very convenient...

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