How do you get protein on Medifast if you're a vegetarian?

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Tell me more about becomoing a vegan. I heard Dr. Oz talk about it. How do you get protein? I'm anemic so how do I get iron as well...

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Yeah, now that Oprah is doing it I imagine it will become very trendy..

An easy place to start is Skinny B|tch. Not a vegan primer per se, but gives you most of the basic principles...

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Also, being vegan means reading every single food label looking for traces of animal products including honey. Be prepared to spend more $$ for food and to shop at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's..

As to your question re: iron leafy green veggies are high in iron: Spinach, kale etc..

Protein? Whole grain rice, beans, legumes, soy, tofu (tempeh, seitan) etc. also have protein. See:

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Oprah's doing it?! Though my initial impulse is to roll my eyes, I have to admit that if it does become trendy to be vegan, maybe vegans will have better choices when eating out! I'm envisioning a "vegan" section on the menu at TGIFriday's......

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Rumors have been swirling; I don't know that she herself has announced it yet, but I did read this:

Ya, I'm like you, first impression is eyeroll but then logic prevails; if it means making veganism mainstream that means more choices and that is all for the good..

But, if she can't maintain it...or if she has a negative reaction to it, well, that would not be so good. Look what she did for MF-type diets.

Dr. Oz has been into alternative approaches, including promoting a vegetarian diet, at least since I met him 4 or 5 years ago, well before he hooked up with the big O. So that part makes some sense to me. Hopefully he wouldn't encourage her if he thought she would bring negativity to it..

We just have to wait and see!..

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One thing to keep in mind regarding veganism is that most of the Medifast items are NOT vegan friendly. They are vegetarian friendly, but still contain traces of animal products such as milk and eggs..

Just a little sidenote..

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Yeah, no kidding. I wasn't completely vegan before I started, but I avoided dairy like the plague. Since being on MF, I've let dairy back in because it was just too darn hard to do the plan without it! I just look at it as medicine. If I were diabetic, or if my son were hemophilic, I wouldn't think twice about using medicine made with animal by-products. I realize there are vegetarians out there who completely disagree with me, but that's my personal stance on the matter...

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I bought a book called "Skinny *****" which you have probably seen all over the bookstores. It's really well written by Vegans but it doesn's shove veganism down your throat, it just talks about healthy lifestyles and it happens to incorporate a lot of good info on food. I found it very informative although I have been a vegetarian for 22 years now I have no want to go vegan. Again, a good and informative read and very funny too. The authors are very blunt about things and can be crude here and their but it is meant to be dialog from one girl to another. My co-worker read it and immediately became vegan so everyone has their own opinions.

She was looking at the Medifast programm but found the only thing she could have was blueberry oatmeal. EVERYTHING else seems to be non vegan which is unfortunate.

Anyway, just a suggestion...

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I don't think I'll ever be a full-on vegan. First off, I really don't have a problem with eggs so long as they're free-range and organic. My boss has a ranch, and she has chickens who live better lives than I do. She brings me the eggs, and my conscience is completely clear. There are also great choices for free-range organic eggs at the supermarket. I also don't have any problem with silk or honey.

BUT I'm not going to fill the landfill with the leather goods I already have, so I do use them. Can't give the skin back, but at least now I know better.

I do eat seafood right now, but plan to give that up as part of my new life post-MF. And I absolutely will NOT have any more dairy once I'm in maintenance. Dairy is one of those things I can't think too hard about or I get ill...

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If you need a reason to go vegan, visit this site and check out this video. This is an honest depiction of what goes on in producing the meat that people eat. It is NOT for the faint of heart, however; but if you need a dose of reality to get you headed toward the vegan path, if this doesn't do it for you, nothing will..




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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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