How do you dye naturally dark brown hair lighter using Vitamin Shoppe dye.?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How do you dye naturally dark brown hair lighter using Vitamin Shoppe dye.?.

My main question is: Can you please tell me what times are best to eat and to stop eating or does than not affect your weight loss as long as you are following the program. I'm worried that eating dinner at 9 and not finishing until 10, 10:30 could be my problem.

How do you normally space your meals? Would anyone be willing to send me one day example of their eating plan? I am on my 3rd order and have lost no weight.

Does anyone have helpful suggestions or thing sthat have worked for them? I called a counselor and they told me to try swtiching lunch and dinner and not having dairy but the protein option instead?.

I believe in NS and think it can work, but I can't understand why it isn't for me. I felt it working a little before Christmas, but straying only 2 days from the program after 6 weeks should not have canceled all my hard work?..

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Your question was: How do you dye naturally dark brown hair lighter using Vitamin Shoppe dye.?.

I have been on the program since February, and I always eat my dinner around 7 and dessert around 9. I've lost 78 lbs., so it must be ok.

Good luck!!..

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Thank you so much! How long have you been on the program? I am looking to lose 20 pounds and was so excited when I finally started to see a difference. Do you think eating times play a big part of it?..

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Kathelle - I have been on the program since October 15, so almost 3 months. I've not really felt that eating times played a big part only because the meals that we're eating aren't that big. That's just my personal opinion though...

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Oh...and did the counselor ask you for a sample day? Are you recording everything - even free foods? If you want to list a sample of your day, I'd be happy to take a look, as I'm sure others would too.

Do you work out at all? It's okay if you don't, I didn't (couldn't) either until recently (which is why my weight loss is stalled now). *sigh*..

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Don't feel bad, I am on day 7, and no weight loss. I havent put one thing in my mouth that isnt on the plan...already getting discouraged. Will continue to plug along though........

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I think a lot depends on what you are before you started. Your metabolism could be a little slugish. I don't know-I don't know your age or how much you want to lose but it could be a factor..

Here's a great article about that-.


There are lots of people here that are really successful that didn't lose a lb in the first 2 months but did lose all their weight..

I had big losses in the beginning but lost extremely slowly as time went on..

Hang in there! Give a counselor a call...

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Everybody is different the factors should be how much you want to lose. How much can you lose. Water consumption. Verify and log what is being eaten. If you are still having problems, you may want to go for a blood test and see your cholesterol levels and perform a thyroid test. With low levels of the good cholesterol, your body may not be removing the waist effectively, or thyroid hormone which would affect metabolic rate.

Consume less calories, consume more fiber and Low GI foods to prevent sugar spikes and dips. Hunger should be less severe. Exercise to improve resting metabolic rate and improve endurance. If this is all happening and you are not losing weight, it could be a sign of a medical problem and you should visit a physician...

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You've only been on the program 3 months. Do you mind me asking how much weight you lost and how much you are looking to lose? I am 5'4 and weight 135. I used to weigh 120 and the ideal weight for my height is 115-120. I have lost 2 pounds. Have you followed the program to a "T" even through the holidays?.

Do you have any adivce or tips? I'm going to email you my sample day if that's ok?..

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Kathelle, have you called a counselor?.

You can PM a sample day to me or anyone here if you want or even just post it here..

Are you very active? You could try body boost for 3 days and see how your body reacts to less carbs. It didn't help me but everyone's body is really different...

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I just want to add that both times that I had a really big stall when I changed my workout it did seem to help...

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I don't think it matters WHEN you eat your food, I would try to stay away from eating any MEAL after 7, though. You can then have your dessert, but nothing too big. The reason they tell you to eat earlier, is because you'll soon be going to bed after, so that food will just sit in your body and won't be burned off.

I just started, but I've found that spacing my food out is helping me a lot. For breakfast, I don't eat all my foods at once. I eat them about one an It's like I'm constantly eating, but I don't get hungry, don't get headaches from deprivation anymore, and I'm noticing some changes already..

Hope that helps!..

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Kathelle, from what I understand you're trying to lose those annoying last 10-15lbs and that can be really tough!.

Trying the counselor's suggestion of switching lunch and dinner has helped me when I've hit stalls and the suggestion of switching your workout around has helped me as of late...

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Yes, only 3 months. I don't mind you asking me anything. When I started I weighed 183 (ugh!) and I'm 5'7". To date, I have lost 27.4 pounds and my goal is 33 pounds, to put me at 150 but I will probably shoot for 145 to give me 5 pounds leeway. I'm a medium frame to bigger boned gal. I'm 30 years old...too.

I've never been smaller than a size 8, so my goal is a perfect weight for me.

When I started, I couldn't physically work out (I used to be a gym rat). The only thing I could do was pilates or real low impact on the Leslie Sansone DVD. So, I've lost everything by pretty much eating by the plan. I was 100% on Thanksgiving - didn't eat NS food, but I did measure out and stick to the NS stats for the "real" food. Christmas, I was not 100%, that was the only day I went off plan, but I still didn't exceed more than 2,000 cals that day. I made it through the holidays without gaining anything (yeah!).

*sigh* I know that I just need to be patient but and that I just sent my body into shock, so close...and celebrate the fact that NS has made me healthy enough to be able to go back to the gym (non-scale victory! something that I truly enjoy). Someone else said it...the lower the amount of weight you have to lose, sometimes the more stubborn it can be to get off.

I have started doing some of my meals on my own throughout the week - that is staying within the NS guidelines but using my own food. It's been working well..

My email is rescue-a-..

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In my opinion, if you have not, I would see a doctor for a routine checkup and get some bloodwork as someone else suggested just to make sure there is no other reason you aren't losing weight. If you have been eating NS for 3 months without cheating that is a long time at 1200 calories a day to not have any weight loss. I'm 32 and weigh 131.5 and want to get back down to 115. In 2005, I weighed 140. I went to a professional weight loss center/spa. Where we worked out 3 times a day, ate 1200 calories per day and sat in nutrition classes to learn how to eat.

Following that plan and following a 1200 calorie diet along with 30 minute session of weight training 2 days a week - I lost 25 pounds. Since then I've had two kids and can't seem to lose the extra 15-20lbs. I have hormone imbalance and it has proved difficult. Therefore, I signed up for NS. I really don't like packaged/processed food but I know that NS works b/c I know people who have done it and done well.

This especially happens when working out which is why some people say they then changed their work outs. I would just be consumed that there is something underlying and that is why the weight isn't coming off. I am by no means trying to scare you but before anyone starts a weight loss program they should see a doctor. Plus you can get your blood counts such as cholestrol and then test later on and see how far you've come. A doctor might also be able to give you suggestions.

I also agree with the post above that losing 15-20 pounds is someitmes harder than losing 30+. When you have more to lose you typically consumed more calories a day so your body really goes into a "shock" when it then only has 1200 a day and the weight falls off. Continue to ask people for suggestions b/c it always helps. You'll have success you just have to find what works for you!..

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Dont' get discouraged. It takes some a little longer but you'll see results. Next week you might see a 2-3 lbs loss all the sudden. Everyone is different so stick to it...

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Thank you everyone so much for your support and suggestions. I am going to get my thyroid tested next week. I just want to see progress. I haven't felt like myself for two years and I hate when people say, "you need to accept that you're not the weight you were and be happy with the way you look". I don't agree with that. I am thankful for my body and treat it well and I do like myself but I am not happy having extra weight and feeling self concious because of it.

I am going to stick with it through this month. I just received my new order and if things don't change then I will decide what to do next...with your advice of course Have a great weekend and thank you again!..

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Thanks for the supprt...would have answered sooner but couldnt find the thread!!! Got on the scale this morning 2lbs! Small victory, but victory the same! I am almost 47 and want to lose the 35 I gained over the last 23 years!.

I will ck out the site!! Will keep all posted! Thanks again..

Comment #17

Your biggest problem is that you don't have much weight to lose relatively speaking. The last 10 - 20lbs are always the hardest so you're not going to see 5 or more lbs fall off your first week. However, I'm stumped as to why you haven't lose any weight in 3 months. I just started 1/5/08 and have lost 5 lbs already (I started at 182 and want to get to 140 - I'm 5' 8").

Can you give a sample of your daily intake (NS and grocery items). Eating later may be affecting you but you should have lost something by now, I'd imagine..

Are you working out at all?..

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This is just my opinion, but maybe weight loss isn't the answer here. You actually are in the healthy BMI range for your height - and weight range of 124-138. Weight loss is going to be very slow for you since you are in this range already..

You might want to opt for strength training, which will change the shape of your body more effectively than just food alone. Are you strength training?..

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It may just be a matter of burning off fat and replacing it with lean muscle as you exercise. I picked up an Omron body fat analyzer (HBF-306) and I've been keeping track of my body fat % as well as my weight. The weight sometimes stalls but the body fat % still drops...

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Hi Kathelle....

Up until the past 2 weeks, this has been my schedule:.

7:00 a - Breakfast.

NS Cereal.

Egg Beaters (protein).

Orange Juice (fruit).

12:00 p - Lunch.

NS Entree (say Broc Cheese soup).

Boca Burger (protein).

Spinach Salad (spinach & cucumbers).

Spritzers dressing.

2:00 p- Snack.

String Cheese (dairy).

Apple (fruit).

6:30 p -Dinner.

NS Entree (say, thin crust pizza).

- add turkey pepperoni (free food).

- add onion.

- add mushroom.

1 cup broccoli (veg).

1/2 cup cauli (veg).

1/2 banana (fruit) w/ peanut butter (fat).

9:00 p - Dessert.

NS Peanut Butter Cookie.

That was without working out. I'm working out now, so I've added an extra protein for myself (per the counselor)...

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I have been on the program since February, and I always eat my dinner around 7 and dessert around 9. I've lost 78 lbs., so it must be ok.

Good luck!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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