How do Medifast crab cakes taste like?

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They were to Die for!! happy happy girl here! I would eat these even if I wasn't on MF!.

Used the posted recipe of : 6oz of crab meat (I used 7 oz of lump crab in the refrigerator section) 3 Tbl of eggbeaters.

1 pkt of Maryland crab soup (ground up fine in mini chopper).

2 shakes from the Old Bay seasoning can.

1 shake of garlic powder.

Made 6 patties and browned them in a skillet with butter flavored Pam till tops and bottoms were browned well. I couldn't eat them all so I saved a couple for later with a "green"..

Great way to use the soup if you don't like it!..

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Your question was: How do Medifast crab cakes taste like?.

Maryland Crab Soup is one of the soups flavors you can get from MF...

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Thank you, thank you! We just ordered the crab soup, was hoping that we would find something to do with it. Have to say, we love the chick. noodle, chick and rice and chili. Soaking it all is the key and then I add about a tbls of "something" fresh. Even a little cut up celery with leaves makes it all tastes good. Ok, and then hot sauce!..

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Ok, so, ready to try these! But, having trouble figuring out how to count it?? It's a lean portion with a Medifast meal and probably the egg beaters hardly (didn't say didn't) count. Course, I guess with a green it could count as "lean and green" if I used my 'fifth' (which I have trouble eating) meal. What do you think?..

Comment #3

Grandmom, this is what I get from the recipe....

6/7th of a LEANEST portion = 6oz of crab meat.

1/8th of a LEANEST portion = 3 Tbl of eggbeaters.

1 Medifast Meal = 1 pkt of Maryland crab soup (ground up fine in mini chopper).

Partial Condiment serving = 2 shakes from the Old Bay seasoning can.

Partial Condiment serving = 1 shake of garlic powder.

Hope that helps.


Comment #4

Gotcha, but...How can you count that into plan?? you can't eat a Medifast meal, plus a lean all at the same time. So, does it work to split it up..add a green? Makes my head ache :-) But, also read your zucchini, crab cake and will try that. ANNNND 'someone' needs to address the lowly broccoli...

Comment #5

Actually you can eat your lean and green along with a Medifast meal if you so desire! And what is good about this recipe is that it makes quite a bit of food so you can eat some and then have some later as a separate meal. My Step-Mom puts bits on her green into almost every Medifast meal she makes and many people add lean meats to the soups to make them more hearty. They key is to keep track of how much you eat and not have too much lean or green.

Ah broccoli, I add chopped broccoli to my cream of broccoli soup..

Comment #6

My guess is to split it up into 2 meals. And then eat 4 other Medifast meals. Add your greens to 1 of the crabcake meals. (Or add 1/2 your greens to each of them)..

If I am incorrect in saying that, someone please correct me. However, that's what seems to make sense to me...

Comment #7

This sounds great. Is "Maryland Crab Soup" something you can find anywhere, is it a brand? Let me know 'cause I'd really like to try them.


Comment #8

Maryland Crab Soup is one of the soups flavors you can get from MF...

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