How do I make the Medifast food palatable?

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Hi, all.

I'm posting this on the diabetic board because our food selections are limited compared to the other plans and I can't bear the taste of anything..

Let me start by saying I am totally comitted to MF. I have only been on it 6 days but I know I've lost significant weight (I unofficially weighed myself after 4 days and had lost 9 lbs.). I'm still really excited and positive but I've found the only thing good about the food is that it ensures I drink all my water for the day - I need it to wash down the food!.

I find the texture of the oatmeal horrible - and I like oatmeal. I even tried making the cookie recipe the other day and those were just as bad. The meat in the soups is mystery meat - tiny little hard nuggets of something but totally without taste. I actually threw the chili away after one bite. It looked like dog food and I think it probably tasted like it (if I had ever eaten dog food!) I had a friend taste one of the bars without telling her what it was and she said it tasted like dirt mixed with cardboard - an apt description!.

The shakes I do OK with - I mix them with diet soda - and the cranberry mango juice was awesome.

I am so excited about the choice I made to start Medifast and excited about the possibility of dropping my BS, getting off the meds, losing weight, and getting healthy. I just don't know how I'm going to remain committed if I can't stomach the food..

Please tell me that someone out there feels like I do and has some suggestions to help me!.

Thanks all and best of success to all of you,.


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I'm not a diabetic, but I hope you don't mind if I chime in...

How long are you letting the soup sit before eating it? I find that if I make the soups a few hours ahead of time, and let them sit in the fridge, then microwave right before eating them, it makes a huge difference in the texture/taste.

As far as the oatmeals, I know they're not the same as regular oatmeal... but I still enjoy them. I had to find the right flavor for me though - I couldn't stand the Apple Cinnamon, I can tolerate the Maple & Brown Sugar and the Blueberry, but I absolutely love the Peach - I have it every day.

I've never had the diabetic bars, but I know some of the regular bars are better after 10 seconds or so in the microwave (make sure you unwrap them - lol, that was scary).

Like Pyra said, your tastes will change within a week or so. Hang in there... and congrats on your success so far! Can't wait to hear how your 1st official weigh-in goes!..

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Pyra & Molly,.

Thanks so much for your advice and congrats to both of you on your successes. It's a great motivator for those of us just getting started.


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I started out with the diabetic plan too. I called Nutrisystem and they said we can have anything on Medifast just that some have more sodium than others. That confused me but I moved on. I soak the soups and I mix the oatmeal with hot water and let it set for a few minutes to let the oatmeal expand. You need to use a little more water for the oatmeal though. I am one of the few who love the oatmeal.

I love the PB diabetic bars but I have branched into other bars too. I have learned though not to eat the bars as my last meal. I like my morning numbers if I have something else.

In time you will venture out and find more foods you like too..

Good luck!.


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I am on the go, from morning to night. That's how I got fat and that is how I will regain my life. I have to get off the shots and pills or I will die. Food was my pleasure so now the numbers are. I drink the shakes because they are nothing like food and that is what I have to get over. The shakes are great without the soda, if you have to have fizz try club soda.

I choose life! Your tastes will change, I promise !!!!!!!..

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Curleegirl, sounds like you weight loss will be great! Hang in there. I would suggest that you get the Waffle recipe for using the oatmeal, it is really good, I love it, and try to have it every day if I have time. good luck, the food will get better..


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I agree with spacegirl soak soak soak. Also, eat the stuff you DO like and leave the rest in the cupboard for now. Your tastes will change and you'll like them. I thought I was going to die when I had oatmeal. I think it now though but I still can't stand vanilla. So who knows! Keep up the great work!..

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I too was in the position of it being do something or my life would be shortened. Well, I am not a person who wants to kill myself. I was fortunate that Medifast was okay in the begining. Okay enough to order the second months worth of food. I have just completed five months on Medifast and I have lost 80 pounds. I am overly pleased with the results.

Be well..


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Thanks, everyone, for your advice and support. No matter how bad it tastes - I'm not going anywhere. Lost 13 pounds my first week. I know I won't see those kind of numbers again but it's a great start forme!.


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Yep - soak. The mystry "meat" is soy. Knowing it's soy, helps me greatly. For the chili, I make it with low salt bouillion instead of water. I add some more spices (I liike it hot). I heat the broth and chili together on the stovetop for about 5 minutes.

It tastes much better.

I've also found that the oatmeal works better when I use 1 cup of water. I cook it on high for 2.5 minutes - use a big bowl so it doesn't boil over. Then I leave it in the microwave for 15 - 30 minutes. Then I stir it and re-heat if necessary. It's texture is most closer to real oatmeal...

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I too am a type II diabetic and must admit the food so far isn't very good, (but this is my first day) but the weight I am going to loose will make it worth it. I may venture out of the diabetic only choices in a month or two and see if they taste any better. Good luck and I will be praying for you that you will come to love the food and be really successful!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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