How do I lower my carb intake during Medifast?

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As vegetarians our protein sources contain carbs. The additional problem I have is that I do not like a lot of the fake burgers because they resemble meat too much. I like some of the alternative patties and even the fake chicken patties which are consequently higher in carbs. I wondered how some of you maintain the low carb levels and if anyone has any suggestions on how I can lower my carb intake to be most inline with the plan, without going under the calorie requirement of course! Thanks in advance!..

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Ditto what gattita says I have a lot of cheese and egg meals..

I definitly have the 3 egg meal more often than once a week, because really I am not having the cholesterol meals from meat. And my cholesterol last dr appt was 148 so I don't' thinks it's hurting me. I have low fat cheese often and light n lively cottage cheese often too.

Nut honestly I also eat a lot of veggie burger type things and don't worry about the carbs, I just stick to the recommended serving sizes and the 5 Medifast meals and know that I am on plan and losing at a nice rate of speed!.


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Ditto on the fake stuff! I am too a vegetarian and I cover up the taste of the burgers with onoin and mustard! I do use milk products but I haven't had too many bright ideas yet on how to use cottage cheese and cheese other that mixing it in my salad...

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I use Boca Burgers and go by the recommended serving and eat my 5 Medifast meals and don't worry about the carbs. I stay in ketosis (Ok I cheat I use ketosticks every monrning) even when I go over 100 carbs from eating veggie burgers...

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Hi, i'm new to medifast - 1st week - and a vegetarian. I didn't know that I was supposed to be counting carbs or that I could eat cheese at all. What's up? Any suggestions for me? thanks..

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Read the meatless options on the Tools for success area (near the top of the boards).

I dont' count carbs at all.

Just 5 Medifast meals.

1 L&G per the suggestions and.

8 glasses of water.


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Try the morningstar tomato basil pizza burgers! I cut them up and put 'em in my salad after grilling. I don't need mustard for these!..

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Make one or 2 of your meals the Cream of broccoli soup... only 10 carbs in it.. I use it on days when I want a bar to try to even it out! Also... stick with some of the lower carb veggies if you need to!..

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Also the fruit punch is very low in carbs too, right around the same amount as the cob, coc and eggs. On the days I want to help my carbs, I have one of the four mentioned above. I am not a vegetarian but it does work is all I am trying to say. Good Luck!!!..

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I use the "light" tofu when I do eat tofu (Im not a vegatarian), It has less carbs than regular tofu...

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On days that I eat Morningstar Farms foods (higher carbs), I usually skip the Medifast bar and use salad greens, raw mushrooms, and Walden Farms dressing (very low total carbs) for my L&G. Puts me right in the zone. I'm not religious about staying between 80-85 carbs every single day, though. Depends on your body, but I'm finding that my loss slows if I stay right at the minimum for an extended period...

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I eat the Griller Prime only 4 grams of carbs and tastes pretty good. I have a huge aversion to meat, and they do not taste at all like real meat to me...

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These are the greastest things ever! it really satisfies my pizza cravings. I've found morningstar farm products taste WAY better than boca..

Just a personal preferance..

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FYI: Dietary cholesterol has little impact on blood cholesterol levels, if any at all. Don't worry about eating eggs!..

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