How do I get started on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is How do I get started on the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... Hi All,.

I have a friend who is having great success with Medifast and she looks great! After spending time with her this weekend, I've decided to order myself. She purchases hers through a lifecoach program and money isn't an issue. I have orthopedic medical issues that have had me out of work and on crutches for the last six months... and for the forseeable future. I was self-employed, so there is no disability. During this time, my weight which was high to begin with, has gone up even more due to my medical issues and some of the meds I was on..

I'm off the particular meds and I cannot do anything about my physical inactivity just yet, but I desperately need to start working on my weight. It's sort of a catch-22... I should lose weight so there is less stress on my body/joints, but I cannot exercise because of my orthopedic issues. I'm so NOT complaining and am thankful everyday that I'm walking (even with crutches) and not wheeling around..

So here's my issue.... I tried to order a one month supply, put the coupon code in for $50 off, then did the VIP, but that voided the coupon. Is it best to just order month by month with the $50 coupon, rather than get the two free weeks of food? I never saw anything when I ordered about 1/2 price shipping but read about it in a few posts. Also... the ebates thing??.

Any help you could give me would be reallllly appreciated! I'm not usually quite so "frugal" (some might say cheap), but my current medical/work situation has me being careful and watching my pennies. Thanks in advance for any help. I have a significant amount of weight to lose, and will be here for the long haul.. assuming I can afford it!!.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help..


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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Short version: The cheapest approach is to combine E-bates with an order over $325 plus the monthly $50 off coupon..

CodyJo's analysis of the costs is spot-on:.


There's a problem with the current $275 50% off shipping logic you won't see this applied until your order is over $325. You can call in to get them to credit you... or just order over $325 worth if you want. (This somewhat dilutes the value of your $50 coupon, though.).

More info from the boards here:..

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I agree with Sir Bonkers. I much prefer the VIP for two months (you can capitalize on your two free weeks of food and free shipping that way) and then after those two months are over, switch to coupons and ebates. Ebates refunds you 5% of what you spend on Medifast and if you order other things online, you most probably will also find them using ebates so you can save quite a bit of money that way...

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With the Take Shape for Life program you can join the BeSlim Club. The free shipping kicks in with a.


Order. The free week food kicks in with a $250 order. You get a free week's worth of food on your first 2 orders if the order is at least $250. The 5% discount applies for your first 6 month's orders and then the discount jumps to 10% for all subsequent orders. You also accrue points that you can redeem for items such as jewelry, books, electronics, etc. The other advantage of going through Take Shape for Life is that you gt a free health coach to help you on your journey.

Others do not feel the need of coaching. It is a very individual and personal decision..

I know CodyJo did a lot of research into the least expensive way to order so, the above advice to check out her stats is good advice too..

Welcome to the program. I wish you well!..

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Yes, Cellis is correct! Welcome and get ready for the great success you will find!..

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great responses!! I'll be ordering this evening and hopefully it won't take too long for my order to get to me!!.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!.


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Not sure why but just that sentence made me laugh...

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It's very difficult to create a sentence containing "Sir Bonkers" without chuckling. One of the reasons I like the name...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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