How do I eat out during Medifast?

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I just started Medifast yesterday and I'm still confused over the Lean and Green Meal. I'm trying to figure out what to buy for tonight, does anybody know of any meals that I can get real fast? And when I do go shopping later this week what kind of stuff should I buy?..

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Study page 4 of the Quick Start Guide sent by MF. It gives you an idea of the choices for the Lean of your L&G meal. Page 5 is your healthy fat info, page 6 is your green info. That's a good start. For a really fast meal, I often pick up the Perdue Short-Cuts original grilled chicken strips and pair 6 oz. with salad or on plan steamed veggies.

Much more accurate than measuring. Another option is to pick up a rotisserie chicken or turkey breast already cooked at your market. Also fast is tuna (canned or in the pouch IN WATER) or egg-beaters, which are quick to cook and you get a lot!.

Good luck!..

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Oh, just looked at the title of your post and you asked about eating out. I avoided eating out until I felt comfortable with what constitutes a L&G, since it's difficult to weigh or measure your food at a restaurant. There is an entire discussion board about eating out on Medifast which you should check out. Meanwhile, a salad with on plan veggies with chicken breast or tuna (NOT tuna salad with mayo), dressing on the side (dip your fork into the dressing then spear your salad bites so you don't use much) works. A small lean steak (petite filet mignon) plus on plan veggies, steamed no butter or oil is good. Plain grilled fish plus salad or veggies is also good.

Hope this helps...

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Hi cj0586.

Welcome!!! I wish you the best of luck on MF!.

Sue gave you great advice study the Medifast quick start guide and get to know what foods you're allowed for your Lean & Green (L&G) meal.

For easy eat-at-home meals I like to buy the pre-cooked rotisserie chickens from the deli - just remove the skin and you're all set! The veggie burgers are also a quick and easy protein; I keep a couple of boxes of those, along with lots of frozen veggies in the freezer for when I need a quick and easy L&G meal..

When I first started, I ordered mostly grilled chicken salads when I ate out. They seemed the safest choice. Now that I've been at this for a while, I've identified meals at local restaurants that are OP, or can be adjusted to OP by making a special request to the kitchen (and most restaurants are very nice about that). You'll find some good eating out ideas here.

Although I don't eat out as often as I used to, I've found that you can do it without sabotaging your weight loss! Yesterday I went to Lancaster, PA and ate at one of those big buffets. Got weighed this morning and I was down a pound!.

MF is a great weight-loss tool - I think you'll find it to be very flexible and easy to follow.


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Some of my favorite OP places to eat out are El Pollo loco (chicken breast and salad) Dennys (veggie omelette with tomatos on the side) and Chipotle (chicken salad bowl).

Figure out what's around you, check nutritional info before you go there and plan ahead.

For quick meals at home you can do tuna, chicken, or 4 low fat string cheese for lean and then add your veggies...

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If you goto a place that serves breakfasts, alot of them have EggBeaters or equivalent, so an omlette could be a good choice also. Many restaurants are putting the nutritional information for their meals online also so you can check what they have ahead of time..

For quick meals I like the Jennie-O Lean Turkey Burgers. You cook them straight from frozen. I like cutting them up and putting them into a ceasar salad..

EggBeaters Omelettes can be a pretty quick option. Throw in your greens and you've got a hearty meal (you get 2 cups! of eggbeaters = 1 lean). I usually use part of my lean in a low fat cheese...

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I prefer sit down restaurants. I order whatever lean I want - seafood, steak, whatever - making sure it's prepared properly and without sauces. I get the salad and tell them to hold the potato, etc. I will even order extra veggies so I get enough (or eat more when I get home). I try not to do this often but it's nice to know that I can go out with others and still stick to plan..

The first 2 times I went to the grocery store I actually brought the pamphlet listing the lean and greens options for a reference. I get a variety so I don't get bored. Stick to the list and it will be a short trip. I only go the a small part of the store anymore.

Once I got the hang of it I have found this to be amazingly flexible and easy...

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There's a whole forum dedicated to "Dining Out on Medifast." It's located directly below the "Mmmmm.Recipe & Food Tips" forum that this thread is in..

Here's the link to that forum:.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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