How do I convince my mum to let me go on Murad Acne Complex?

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I'm currently 15, and I've had acne since I was about 11 and I absolutely hate it. I have moderate/severe acne and I've been on Dan's regimen for about a year and a half and while it has helped it definitely has not made me even close to clear. I also had REALLY bad back acne, acne on my arms, my chest, hell even acne where my pubes are I've asked my mum about seeing a dermatologist to inquire about Murad Acne Complex, but my mum is very paranoid about the side effects, particularly the risk of depression, except she seems to think it will almost certainly make me suicidal from taking it.How can I convince my mum to let me go on Murad Acne Complex? My acne is terrible, and it kills me to live with it. Any help would be REALLY appreciated...

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Your question was: How do I convince my mum to let me go on Murad Acne Complex?.

Try light therapy, see the laser and light section ont his forum.....

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Tell your mom that you will be starting on low dose and work your way up, if necessary. She may compromise, this way. I never have severe acne before, but I know it must be rough for you to look in the mirror every single day, since mild acne is enough to ruin my day...

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You can tell her that the depression you will most definitely suffer from having scars as a result of acne, will far surpass the small chance of going through it for a short time while your on Murad Acne Complex...

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Well I just looked at the antibiotics board, and it seems they have even more side effects than Murad Acne Complex because most people on the Murad Acne Complex board are only complaining about dry lips or dry eyes...EDIT: Wow I take that back I saw your post in the Murad Acne Complex side effects topic and holy crap.Does Murad Acne Complex actually heal scars too?..

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No, Murad Acne Complex will not heal scars you've already aquired because scars are a result of cystic acne. If you cut out the cystic acne at a young age you will not get the scars...

Comment #5

The real question is are you a guy or a girlif your a guy, stay off it, you need to get taller, if your a girl, it shud be ok to get on it..

Comment #6

Have you shown her the statistics and research that show the serious side effects plague a very small percentage of the population? Have you shown her the before and after pictures available on the web? Have you let her come in to the see the Doctor with you and have him or her explain the side effects?If all of this fails, and I were in your shoes, I would personally set up an appointment and bus down to see your doctor yourself. Anything that goes on between you and your doctor is confidential, and at 15 you are old enough to make informed decisions.But that's just me.Please refrain from posting if you have no idea what you're talking about. Murad Acne Complex has never been proven to stunt growth...

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Take a look at scan through the pages and decide for your self if taking a drug that changes your body chemistry is worth it. Your mom is right and you should listen to her. I know it may seem like Murad Acne Complex is the only way out but many people have paid the ultimate price later on. Try different things to get rid of your acne and if it still persists then maybe consider going on Murad Acne Complex but a very low dose of no more than 20mg!..

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A study conducted 12 years post-Murad Acne Complex found that 7.2% of users experienced ongoing side effects (mostly dry skin, hair loss, and joint pain). Of this 7%, an even smaller portion experienced serious side effects.It *can* happen, but it is very rare. Do not let the huge disproportionate percentage of users on this forum who had a bad experience scare you off. Murad Acne Complex is the only proven effective long-term solution to severe acne...

Comment #9

Sorry for quoting what my dermatologist said...his 8 years at school another few of residency doesnt make him qualified I guess..

Comment #10

Clearly it does not speak well for his credentials, no. If you want to post a link to a single academic study, even one involving a very small sample size, that shows a correlation between Murad Acne Complex and height growth, I will stand corrected...

Comment #11

How would they possibly study that? "oh so you think you could have been taller if you werent on Murad Acne Complex?" Im sorry if I'm one to not question a doctor, but if pace is a boy, he should at least keep it in mindAnyways, maybe you should call up my dermatologist and ask him why it may stunt your growthBrian R. Toy, M.D.27800 Medical Center Road , Suite 361Mission Viejo, CA 92691phone: (949) 364-6580 fax: (949) 364-4402 Dr. Toy received his undergraduate degree from UCLA and his medical degree from the University of California, San Diego. He completed his internship at Stanford and his dermatology residency at New York University. He currently serves on the faculty at USC, where he is a Clinical Professor in the School of Medicine.Dr. Toy is certified by the American Board of Dermatology...

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Well I would show her those statistics and before and after pictures, but I can't find them. Can you link me to them?But even then, I probably won't even get as far as to show my mum because shes really unreasonable about these things and jumps to conclusions...

Comment #13

Murad Acne Complex is a really serious thing man, and your still a young guy, I personally would hold off for a couple more years...

Comment #14

But the longer I hold off, the more scars I'll get, and the longer it will be until they're gone.....

Comment #15

I'm just going to ignore your quips about your own personal dermatologist, as every physician is inclined to have his or her own beliefs. I don't care what credentials he or she has, and posting that on here is completely unnecessary and does nothing to further your argument or the quality of this thread.I concur with your first statement, it would be impossible to conclusively study the impact of Murad Acne Complex on height growth. Regardless, it's definitely possible to study the effects of Murad Acne Complex on the human body and make logical conclusions as to whether or not these would affect a person's ability to grow. So far nothing to this affect has been found, and if it were then this drug would not be readily prescribed to teenagers and young adults still in the prime stage of their growth.Quite simply, there is no reason why a person should believe otherwise.Completely true, and most dermatologists would agree with this prognosis. The before-after pictures can be found in the Murad Acne Complex logs section of this forum or here: Acne Complex-...ery-t87675.html..

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Well I dont know, for me, height was always a really important factoreven if hamburglar doesnt seem to believe it can stunt your growth, I really do trust my dermatologist when he says it does because this is a very powerful drugif you are a tall 15 year old, maybe you shud give it a go, but if you are like 5' 6" or shorter or you think you still have some inches left by the height of your parents you should definitely hold off because acne scars are fixable, height isntim just worried because at age 15 I was like 5' 2" and you probably arent that short but if I started Murad Acne Complex at that age, and it does stunt your growth, then I wud be screwed..

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Maybe it is prescribed so readily to teenagers and young adults because they are the majority of people with acne? or did that thought cross your mindunless you went to med school and studied to be a dermatologist, you as well have no sayi am not stating my opinion, I'm stating what I was told by a certified dermatologist. ask your dermatologist, if he says it's not true, then maybe you might have a point but right now all you have is what you believe, and not what youve been told by a certified physicianthe side effects do not mention anything about impotence either but that seems to be a common side effect as wellMurad Acne Complex is a powerful thing and can do crazy things to you..

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Wow it's even more effective than I thought! But my mum is really close minded about this, and she's still going to jump to the conclusion that Murad Acne Complex will destroy my immune system and make me suicidal. What should I do?..

Comment #19

Ask your mom if you can see a derm just to get his opinion, and maybe be perscribed topicals or something of that naturethen when you get to him, you can see how bad he thinks your acne is and see if he can convince your mom of Murad Acne Complexanyway it is possible you cud get a bit depressed, but it really aint that bad, id be more worried about the height thing if your a short kid..

Comment #20

1) Your first remark completely misses my question: Why would dermatologists so readily prescribe it to young adults if there was a risk of stunting growth? Obviously teenagers are most prone to acne, but that has no relation to my question.2) I have probably done more research on Murad Acne Complex than your dermatologist. Add that to personal experience (five courses of Murad Acne Complex), my own science degree, and a decent capacity for logic and reasoning, and I think I have every right to speak about Murad Acne Complex's effects.3) If the prevailing theory among the dermatological community was that Murad Acne Complex stunted growth, there would be huge amounts of literature on this topic. There isn't.4) Stop polluting this thread, and this forum, with baseless and unsupported conclusions. Repeating what your dermatologist said and posting his credentials on here will do nothing to support your argument...

Comment #21

1) they prescribe Murad Acne Complex when it's caused people severe joint pain, impotence/loss of libido, vision and hearing problems, depression and suicidal tendencies, and almost guaranteed damage to a fetus if a woman were to get pretty sure stunting of growth is not that big of a deal2) lol, quote of the century, "i know more than a dermatologist"3) there is no way to prove it because how can a person blame not growing anymore on something because there is no way to prove that the person was going to grow more to begin withthe first thing my dermatologist asked me when he wrote me a prescription for Murad Acne Complex was "are you done growing? because this will affect that"4) I'm just throwing in what I was told by a doctor, while you seem to be so sure of something that you cant prove either. but I'm sure 99% of the people on this forum would believe a dermatologist over some fool named hamburglar on the internet. I am just trying to give some advice to pace. you can go fuck yourself...

Comment #22

How you expect to taken seriously when ending posts with "go fuck yourself" is beyond me.1) The chances of those side effects, despite what you may hear on this forum, are extremely small. A British study that tested patients 12 years after using Murad Acne Complex found that only 7.2% had lasting side effects. My point is that stunting growth is a very serious issue that would face a majority of Murad Acne Complex users. If this were a serious concern, it would be documented.2) I never said I knew more than a dermatologist. I said I've probably researched Murad Acne Complex more than your dermatologist. I know that's hard for you to imagine, because you've probably never researched anything in your life, but this is a subject that I take quite seriously and have put a lot of thought and time into.3) I already agreed it was impossible to study conclusively, and have covered this in a previous post.

No such analysis has found growth to be a major issue. 4) "im just throwing in what I was told by a doctor". Yes, it's very clear you have no idea what you're talking about. Thankfully, I do...

Comment #23

U come in here to argue with me, and I'm just in here to warn pace that if he is not as tall as he wishes to be, he might not want to take Murad Acne Complex because according to my dermatologist it will keep him from reaching his full height potentialand unlike acne, height is something he cant fix with pills later in life.especially at 15 he might have a few inches left in him, and thats something he DOES NOT want to miss out onheight > acne in all cases, believe me paceif you can still get taller, id make sure to discuss that with a dermatologist, hamburglar here acts like he knows everything because he spent a lot of time on the internet, my doctor told me he has prescribed Murad Acne Complex over 6000 times and has written numerous articles about it so he knows what he is talking aboutif you can still get taller, dont chance it because it's really not worth losing those inches..

Comment #24

I'm 'arguing' with you because you're posting information that is without scientific basis. I do not want to have pace555 influenced by potentially inaccurate information. Thankfully, we agree on one thing: He should see his dermatologist and discuss Murad Acne Complex.PS. For the record, if you asked me whether I would rather be 2 inches taller and still have the horrible acne I had pre-Murad Acne Complex, I'd tell you I'm perfectly content with my height and would much rather have defeated my severe acne...

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Well how tall are you to begin with?if someone is 5' 6" and you offered them 2 inches or Murad Acne Complex I'm sure they would pick 2 inchesand thats not the point, he can always get on tane AFTER he grows..

Comment #26

Alrightie, folks, *puts on Moderator Hat*1) Please refrain from such statements as "fuck yourself" or other overly violent statements. I know this is a heated subject (tane's a serious drug and deserves serious thought and feedback), but this is still a support site.and 2) While I know you've been through several courses of tane, Hamburglar, please know that not everyone has had the same tane experience. The prescription of Tane to teenagers is still a hotly contested subject, since teenagers are still in the process of physically developing and Murad Acne Complex is a drug that has shown some serious side effects to even an adult's body.There is a way to discuss both sides of the argument without getting snooty or cursing. Please find a way to do so.Thank you...

Comment #27

I don't know my exact height but I am actually pretty short, not REALLY short but you get the idea but that's only because I'm from a Mediterranean country and all of my family is short..

Comment #28

Like I said, if you feel as if you can get taller, I would think about Murad Acne Complex REALLY hard because you dont want to stop yourself from reaching your potentialim only arguing so hard about this cuz I'm only 5' 8" and know how awesome a couple more inches would be..

Comment #29

I'm 5'11". You're right, it might be different if I was really short. But then again, it would also vary depending on severity of his acne, too. Scars will appear now, and won't wait for years.First of all, this thread really has nothing to do with my experiences with Murad Acne Complex. I don't deny that there's a wide variety of serious and life-threatening side effects associated with the drug that appear in a small portion of users. I'm simply pointing out that stunted growth is not a topic that has appeared in any scientific literature nor is it of any concern to the dermatology community.

If parsinator's argument concerned depression or pregnancy or some other proven (or even half-assed proven) side-effect I would have no problem...

Comment #30

And what I'm trying to say is if there was no proof behind it my derm wouldnt have said it to me..

Comment #31

"It *can* happen, but it is very rare. Do not let the huge disproportionate percentage of users on this forum who had a bad experience scare you off."This is exactly what I thought before I went on Murad Acne Complex. Oh well permanent sides only happen to 1% or 2% of people so nothing will happen to me. That is not the truth and permanent side effects happen to much more people than that. Plus no one ever told me about permanent sexual side effects and that is not stated in the pamphlet.The thing you are failing to realize is what happens when you are one of those few that develop severe side effects. If and once you do, after that you are basically royally screwed for the rest of your life.

That is why you need to do your own research and find this all out for your self. I know for a fact that dermatologists still tell new patients that the sides are short term and usually only mention dry skin, dry lips. They don't mention anything about permanent eye problems, inflammatory bowel disease or anything serious for that matter. If everyone knew the TRUE power of Murad Acne Complex before they went on it not one single person would risk the problems that can develop no matter how bad their acne is.Murad Acne Complex modifies gene-transcription and because everyone's genes are different some get sides effects where others don't.It's like playing Russian roulette. No acne if you win, serious genetic damage if you lose..

Comment #32

Well guys I'm probably gonna not try to get Murad Acne Complex at least for now because the side effects are putting me off. My acne is pretty bad but not as bad as some of the people with severe acne on the forum have. I'll try to change my diet a bit because in all my 1 and a half years of the regimen I never changed my diet to avoid acne because I thought "What the hell it's just acne I'm not going to go through all that trouble" but I guess I'll have to unless I'm going to take a risk with Murad Acne Complex. I guess I'll check out the Holistic forum.I can always see a derm and inquire about acne treatments that aren't Murad Acne Complex, but one of the things stopping me from doing that is that most of them can't be used in conjunction with Dan's regimen, and since Murad Acne Complex seems to be the only treatment that can really get rid of acne, I don't want to take a risk with anything less and end up with a ton of pimples.If anyone wants to give me further suggestions on anything relating to getting rid of my acne and particularly red mark removal (I have a TON of red marks that are more prevalent than all my pimples) I'd appreciate it, and thanks to everyone who's replied to this thread trying to help me, I'm surprised how many posts this thread has gotten considering I only posted it last night...

Comment #33

Good luck mango see a dermatologist, he will help you make informed decisions on what you should do..

Comment #34

Pace555 I think it might make more sense to ask your mom to take you to a derm to talk about your options rather than framing it as a trip to get Murad Acne Complex. There are a lot of choices and all dermatologists have different preferences. You'll be given options of things to try, and likely Murad Acne Complex won't be the first step.Medically treating acne is an ongoing process. It's an open dialogue with a medical professional, your parents, and yourself. At 15, you're in a good place to open that dialogue up. Your mom can ask the doctor about her concerns, that's part of the doctor's job. it's up to the THREE of you to decide what is the right course...

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Great advice. Antibiotics and topical treatments can be very effective for some people, especially those with mild to moderate acne. Perhaps tell your mom that you want to see a dermatologist to explore what else is out there other than Murad Acne Complex. If the derm says Murad Acne Complex is right, maybe ask him to explain the risks to your mom...

Comment #36

"If the derm says Murad Acne Complex is right, maybe ask him to explain the risks to your mom."cause the derm knows the true risks of Murad Acne Complex and everything.....

Comment #37

Seeing as how he's a dermatologist, then yes, I would certainly say he is quite well equipped to explain the risks...

Comment #38

Except if he says it could stunt your growth, in that case dont listen to him cuz hes wrong, right hamburglar? <3..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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