How can I make blue cheese at home if I do not have inoculate, just Vitamin Shoppe penicillin can wo?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How can I make blue cheese at home if I do not have inoculate, just Vitamin Shoppe penicillin can wo?.

My main question is: I know that biscottis are the new popular item to sub for NS right now, and a lot of people don't seem to like them. What I do is crush the biscotti while it's still in the wrapper, and then sprinkle it on top of some vanilla yogurt for a nice cookies and cream dessert...

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Your question was: How can I make blue cheese at home if I do not have inoculate, just Vitamin Shoppe penicillin can wo?.

I'll have to try that because I have 6 of those jawbreakers...

Comment #1

I like to dunk them in hot tea to soften them up...

Comment #2

Or make them into a crust for the pudding remember it's 2 desserts so spit into 2 dishes.

See my dessert file for more ideas with biscotti.


Comment #3

Graet ideas for these otherwise people-version dog biscuits! Thanks...

Comment #4

The new advanced ones are delicious! Dip them in milk! I have braces and they are ok!!!!!! YUMMMMMM..

Comment #5

I love 'em as is, or with a tiny bit of ff cool whip or peanut butter (my dinner fat) spread on them..

The new almond ones are awesome: they taste just like the little almond biscotti I got after dinner at a great restaurant in Rome!..

Comment #6

I like them just as they are. I get tired of soft food...

Comment #7

I love the biscotti - dipped, crumbled, soaked, crushed or just nibbled as they are !..

Comment #8

I was told that they were good dipped in coffee, but who drinks coffee at night. Also, I did not order these and ended up with 8 of them. Same as the cereal I did not order that either. As far as the cranberry and blueberry muffins.... so dry they could choke a horse!!..

Comment #9

My favorite way to eat the biscotti:.

Microwave a package of NS chocolates and then stir in one teaspoon of PB2;.

Stirred in a crushed biscotti;.

Quickly drop into 12 clumps;.

Counts as 2 desserts, so only eat 1/2 of the recipe..

Really delicious I think, and was a good way to eat the biscotti and chocolates that had melted in transit...

Comment #10

Thanks for the idea! I have 17 of the new ("Advanced") chocolate ones which I rec'd as subs last week; as they are I can't stand them (or any biscotti). This just might do the trick!.

248 / 156 / 120.

5' 1.5" 59.5 yrs..

Start: 1/1/07..

Comment #11

Gosh, I received a bundle of the "substitute" biscotti on my order, and I wasn't expecting to like it, but what do you know, it's one of my favorites now. I probably would never have ordered it on my own..

Anyhow, I tried dipping it in my evening cup of Sleepytime tea, and I'm in love...

Comment #12

Love them but not 19 subs, of course I want a different dessert, too...

Comment #13

I figure it's good to post these kinds of things, even if it's simple way to have it. It may not have occurred to someone else, and it got other people to mention what they do with it, so now people have even more options. But it is delicious, isn't it?..

Comment #14

I must be crazy... I really like them, esp. the almond ones! I thought biscotti were s'pozed to be hard as rocks anyway!..

Comment #15

Hope I don't sound offensive, but does everyone know biscotti is supposed to be hard? It's just a couple of remarks made me think people might think they are just cookies or something. They're made extra hard on purpose so you can dunk them in ahot drink w/o them falling apart. They really are good when you eat them the right way. Course, if you don'y like hot drinks I can see the problem!..

Comment #16

I love them with peanut butter! Of course I wouldn't be happy if that's all I had for dessert...

Comment #17

It's not that people ordered these and then didn't like them- we got them as subs. No, I don't like biscotti, NS or otherwise. Particularly the NS variety..

They're extremely hard to me, harder than most biscotti and no flavor. The only thing remotely chocolate about the chocolate biscotti was the color. It sure as heck doesn't taste like chocolate. Actually it doesn't have much taste at all...

Comment #18

We are all so different. I work nights and my "treat" for working all night is a copy of coffee and an almond biscotti...

Comment #19

I like the biscotti. Every time I eat one, I think of this.....

Comment #20

I like them too. I have always had them plain but I'm going to add some to my yogurt which sound great...

Comment #21

I have only tried the almond one so far, but it is my favorite desert so far!! Delish!..

Comment #22

Swedishfish YOU are so funny! I agree with you. Other than sprinking them on yogart, Good Idea, they would be good at dipping in a hot drink too, but since I do not drink coffee anymore, I am using milk but then you have to hold it in the milk for awhile to soften up. I hate to just through them away...

Comment #23

I love them! I dip them in my coffee. It's one of my very favorites, I wish we could have more than one a day!..

Comment #24

Someone on another forum smashes them, mixes them with melted nutrichocolates, then forms little clusters. she says they are candylike and so yummy!!..

Comment #25

I just got 5 subs for my nutri chocolates...

Comment #26

I think the almond biscotti are fantastic as is. The ingrediants are very good and wholesome and it is made with real almonds. I think that if you like biscotti to begin with you will really enjoy the NS ones. I actually like the NS almond biscotti more than the regular ones. Only problem is that I cannot eat two! (Easy to understand how I got fat!). Maddy..

Comment #27

Saiyan, I just had to tell you that you gave me a BIG belly laugh just when I needed it1..

Comment #28

I love them dry and crunchy. In fact, I always liked crunchy type food. Never been a softy. I crush up and broken ones I get and mix them with cool whip. I will try the yogurt suggestion...

Comment #29

Had one last night, they take longer to eat than most of the desserts...which is a plus, for me!.

Liked the paperweight comment LOL...

Comment #30

I love them this way! I never thought to post it. The chocolate biscotti is especially good on yogurt...

Comment #31

I'll have to try that because I have 6 of those jawbreakers...

Comment #32

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