How can I have willpower during Nutrisystem?

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I have a problem, but I'll start from the beginning: I am 24 years old. I started Nutrisystem May of 2009 and my goal was to go from 160 pounds to 128. I hit it by October. Once I hit my goal, I remained on the diet but I eased up a little bit. Easing up was my biggest mistake, apparently..

Since then, I have seemed to lose all willpower and self control. I have cheated almost every day since that one day in October when I hit my goal and decided to reward myself (before then, I didn't stray from the diet ONCE. Ah, discipline...) Some days I only take little bites of things here and there and it's no big deal. Other days I'll really screw up and eat according to my Nutrisystem diet PLUS whatever the heck else I feel like adding..

Mind you, I have been doing this since October 2009. It's now almost October of 2010, and I have gained about 10 pounds back. UNACCEPTABLE. Here's where I need you guys BADLY:.

1) Where did all of my heart go?! I was do diligent and it's all just shot to pieces once I hit my goal?? That's ridiculous!.

2) Has anyone else been in a rut like this?! This is one long rut. I don't even know if it can be called a rut anymore..

3) I have tried to set a new goal for myself: 125. I know I can get there because I was so close before. Why is it that setting a new goal doesn't put me in the same mindset it did originally?.

4) I'm too scared to stop getting my Nutrisystem orders because if I'm legitimately gaining weight back while ON the diet, I shudder to think what would happen if I was left completely to my own devices. I know I have learned how to eat, but it's like I just can't stop myself..

ANY feedback here would be appreciated. I soooooo badly want to drop these extra pounds I've put on (I'm sure half of it is water weight and bloat, but still) because I think it's pathetic that I've somehow gained weight while still on a diet (a diet that, in my opinion, is the best diet in the whole world). Thanks so much, everyone who answers. I have really been struggling to find my discipline and I've been so so so disappointed in myself lately...

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Your question was: How can I have willpower during Nutrisystem?.

I have kept my weight off for a year, and as the year progresses, the more challenging it is. I have been under a lot of stress the past two weeks and was getting out of control. Sunday I went back on 100 percent and I am now back within my "safety zone"<G>. I plan to be as close to 100 percent as possible the next few days - have some lunch meetings, late night meetings, etc., but I know I can get even lower in the safety zone. I strive for being 100 percent 80 percent of the time on maintenance..

Just my experience as a short-term maintainer<G>.

Thankfully, I don't have that "all or nothing" attitude..

I heard on the news this morning that successful weight loss/maintenance also means staying connected with people with the same goals - or something like that - and I immediately thought that statement was soooo true. I read the boards alot, get inspiration from success stories, laughs out of some of the questions, and get new tastey recipes. I also have a group of friends that are still commenting on my weight loss and encouraging me..

So, after that long winded comment - use all the advice above and keep talking on the boards. You can do it, if you want it!.


And the black mini poodles..

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I think we need a slight attitude adjustment - stop thinking about what you are giving up by being on "the diet" and start treating yourself well by eating in a balanced, healthy way.

Stay with the plan because it feels good to know you're treating yourself well, not because you need to watch your weight. It really DOES feel good to eat well. You have done it before - you can do it now!!!!!.

It works!..

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Thelma - great words of wisdom!.

It does feel better eating healthy..


And the black mini poodles..

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I think what most people don't understand is that losing the weight is probably the easiest part of this whole lifestyle thingyou have a goal, you stay focused, you get excited when you lose, etc. The hardest part is the maintenance. I know for me in the past I really relied on other people to notice my loss and make commentsthat really kept me going. After you have been at goal for a while people accept you at your new size and people who didn't know you before have no idea your struggles. So, you have to do this from within and commit to a total lifestyle change forever, not just weight loss. I lost on Nutrisystem before and kept it off until I decided one day that I was going to retire and so what did it matter what I weighed or looked like because I was going to enjoy retirementWRONG! I was miserable, gained back weight plus somenow I am in this for myself only and my health.

I do rely on these boards for my support and that helps tremendously. Good luck and work on that mind set!..

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This is my second time on NS, so I'll share some of what I've learned..

Perhaps it would be helpful to set some short-term goals to help you get back in the groove. Something like sticking to the program for 1 week, and selecting a non-food reward if you're able to do it. That will take your focus off the numbers and give you something to look forward to.

It also sounds as if part of the reason you didn't maintain is that while you were on Nutrisystem you didn't really internalize how you need to eat when you are not on the program. The maintenance phase should be when you put this into practice, since I assume you don't plan to stay on Nutrisystem forever. I know I don't! So maybe once you get close to your goal weight, you should think about how you can transition back to eating healthy food in the proper amounts and making better choices. I find that when I plan my meals I do so much better than when I simply eat whatever is convenient..

Good luck!..

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I agree with what everyone has posted so far and I have had that "All or Nothing" mentality and when I realized a cheat was a mistake and refocused, it helped me improve. I have a long way to go..

My self sabatoge comes from folks noticing me and making lots of comments about my positive changes and weight loss. When folks start paying attention to me for the way I look, I become uncomfortable and put the weight back on..

I've got a long way to go but am able to fit into some clothes I haven't been able to wear in three years and I'm afraid to wear them because (1) I might gain the weight back; (2) I'm looking good and folks might notice..

I know that doesn't make a lot of sense since we are supposed to crave attention but I've always wanted attention for my deeds not a look. I'm progressing but still learning to face my fear..

Good Luck - you can do it!!!..

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I love all the advise you have been given. It's great stuff. I would only add to it that you really need to spend time with the Mindset Makeover. That's going to give you some of the tools you need to change this from a diet to a healthy life long lifestyle. It's time to change your thought processes so that this is no longer a diet to help you get to goal, but an eating plan that will last you the rest of your life. How you deal with being off plan is going to be key for you.

The quicker you can flip that switch in your mind and emotions the better you will be able to control your weight. So take the time to really work through all the issues in the Mindset Makeover. Figure what is going to help you understand yourself and what will help you keep yourself on track and back on track when necessary.

Wishing you much success. You can do this...

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