How can I get more weight loss with Medifast?

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Hi all,.

I am in the throws of my 24th day on the program. I think I am doing well, anything is better than gaining.

Here is my problem;.

Week one I lost 12 pounds, and jumped for joy and that was with no exercise, week 2 I lost only 2 pounds and had incorporated 2 days of exercise in my program. So yesterday was my third weigh in and once again I lost 2 pounds, but last week I exercised 3 times during the week. Please dont get me wrong I am grateful for the loss... but how can I get my numbers to go up? I want bigger numbers...

I am doing the 5 in 1 plan. All five of my Medifast meals are shakes.

Any Suggestions?.


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Your question was: How can I get more weight loss with Medifast?.

I hate to say it, but I don't think us diabetics lose weight as fast as 'normals'. I used to lose weight FAST, but since diabetic NOT. In fact, I gained weight once I started diabetic meds (why I'm here!). I'm not losing as fast as many people on the plan, but it's consistent!, takes all the guess work out of it, my BS is the best it's been in years, and my doctor is happy!.

I also didn't get that burst of energy everyone talks about. I feel better than pre-MF due to the better BS control, but I don't feel there's much difference in my energy level. In fact, I'm sleeping about an hour more a day. (tho, when I think about it, maybe that's due to the fact I get up at least 3 times to use the bathroom! ).

2 pounds a week is great! Just think - about a bag of potatoes a month!..

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Make sure to continue to have your medications monitored regularly. Did your doctor advise you do a higher calorie level plan than the 5 and 1 plan?..

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I am currently not on any med's. I have been managing my type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise.

Will I lose weight faster if I increase my caloreic intake?..

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I lost 5 # in two days held that off week one, then gained it back week 2, then nothing then Nutrisystem told me to increase calories ... I did to 1100-1200 started loosing 2-3/week.... have now cut back to 800-900 and yes I excercise almost everyday... and continue 2-3#/wk.

Just keep with it and diabetic specialist will tell you it is extremely hard to loose weight with this disease..

So hang in there..

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Yes this is very true! Most diabetics, and pre-diabetics have a very difficult time losing. So it is a blessing that you are doing so well...

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Make sure as a diabetic you make sure to continue to discuss calorie levels, blood sugar monitoring, and medication monitoring with your physician, prior and throughout the weight loss process...

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