How can i contact my friend julius militar? he is working in mercury Vitamin Shoppe in cubao area?

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I got a quick question: How can I contact my friend julius militar? he is working in mercury Vitamin Shoppe in cubao area?.

I also got another question: I've been wanting to try Nutrisystem for a while but my BF has been hesitant about letting me spend the $$ (I'm a really picky eater), but a few days ago a friend gave me a month's worth that she bought and decided she didn't like (yay for me!)..

I don't know if I was supposed to get more info in the box than I did, but there wasn't much (only the meal planner), so I am a little confused about a few things. Here are my questions:.

1. I have a bunch of items labeled "snack" - when can I eat these? There is a category in my meal planner for snack but it only says to have protein and fruit. Do I eat the snacks for dessert?.

2. I don't like salads very much, and I really don't like salad dressing. I see that at lunch and dinner I am supposed to have a salad w/dressing. What can I substitute for this?.

3. Is there a certain "nutritional info" for the fruit/dairy/protein/fat options? Can I choose other things if they would fit into a certain guideline? On that matter, the sizes/descriptions on the lists seem too vague and open to interpretation - it would be nice to know how many calories/fat/etc you are allowed for each item in each category if that info is out there??.

4. Is there anywhere online (on these boards or off site) that has some sample meal plans that I can look at so I can get a good idea of what I can be eating along with my Nutrisystem foods? I would just like some ideas..

5. If I decide I like the foods and can convince my BF to let me order, how long will it take to ship (when should I order so I don't run out)?.

Sorry to be such a pain in the behind!!!!..

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Your question was: How can I contact my friend julius militar? he is working in mercury Vitamin Shoppe in cubao area?.

You can get a printable version of the daily meal plan by clicking MY ACCOUNT (see very top of page) and selecting the Resource Kit link and then the appropriate program's meal plan.

Good luck.


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Here is a typical day for a Woman who is on the 1200 calorie a day plan (under 100 pounds to lose, under 60 years old)..


NutriSystem Low-Fat Granola mixed with 3/4 cup blueberries and 8 oz yogurt for a Breakfast Parfait (Entree/Fruit/Dairy or Protein).


NutriSystem Lunch Entree or Bar, Small Can Sodium-Free V-8 Juice or a Mixed Green Salad with FF dressing, Cottage Cheese or String Cheese or Tuna (Entree/Salad/Protein or Dairy).


Small Apple and String Cheese (Fruit/Protein or Dairy).


NutriSystem Entree (different one each night, I usually only repeat an entree 2-3 times a month, but you can have the same thing more frequently if you like), 2 Servings of Veggies (usually broccoli and cauliflower for me, but any veggies you like...remember, however, that peas and corns are carbs, not veggies), Mixed Green Salad with 0 Calorie Walden Farms Dressing.


NutriSystem Double Chocolate Almond Cookie spread with 1 Teaspoon Peanut Butter (Dessert/Fat) and 1/2 cup milk (left over from the breakfast cereal).

Raw celery and zucchini to munch on if needed, SF Popsicle, SF Jello, also.

You can eat up to 3 servings of "free foods" of under 20 calories each per day. Even 1 cup of air-popped popcorn works..

I generally keep on hand a bag of Mixed Greens salad, a box of sliced mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, string cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, apples, bananas and frozen blueberries. You will also need to drink at least 64 oz. of water a day..

Welcome aboard! Below I have listed some of the important things you will need to know as you start your NutriSystem journey:.

1. Eat all of your food (mark all of the circles in your Menu Planner) and then stop (and, if you are buying from QVC, you may have a slightly different plan or different food from people buying directly from NutriSystem);.

2. If you are a woman with under 100 pounds to lose, you only get a Low GI Carb with an entree that calls for a small roll or tortilla;.

3. Read the instructions and information on all of the food packages (see #2);.

4. The milk for the cereal is NOT counted as your protein/dairy for breakfast;.

5. Your dairy/protein serving should be 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7g protein or more;.

6. Have a dairy/protein serving with your fruit to avoid sugar (carb) spikes from the fruit alone;.

7. Drink ALL of your water (64 oz. minimum), and you can count Crystal Light and decaf teas as PART of your water intake, but try to have as much plain water as you can;.

8. If you choose to drink alcoholic drinks, you could slow your weight loss and become dehydrated and end up munching snacks when you shouldn't, but you are an adult and it is a personal choice (just count it as completely empty calories and don't skip any food to make up for it);.

9. If you can exercise, DO...just walking is excellent, but do as much as you can;.

10. NO, we do not know how FAST you will lose (even though average, healthful weight loss is approximately 1-2 pounds per week, long term, and is quoted by the Dietitians as being average on NutriSystem after the typical first whoosh of loss by some);.

11. The people on the Discussion Boards are your to help you, motivate you, and kick your butt when necessary...don't be afraid to ask questions, but if you don't like the answers you get, well, those answers are based on the knowledge and experience of the responder. Ummm, like, don't shoot the messenger, y'know?.

12. Oh, and lest we forget, you may (just may, not always) get GAS...we "lovingly" refer to them as the NutriToots. Beano and Gas-X helps..

13. You can have up to three (3) "free foods" per day. A free food is anything 20 calories or less, which includes a Sugar Free Popsicle (15 calories), Sugar Free Jello (10 calories), Sugar Free Gum...anything that you want to take the edge off those munchie times..

Here are 3 excellent resources (Jazzman's FAQ, Ellen's tips for newbies and the transcripts of the e-classes with the NutriSystem head dietitian, Mary Gregg). Reading those first is what got me started off right...and over 100 pounds later, I still recommend them highly! Make sure you bookmark will refer to these sites throughout your journey..

Link to The-Jazzman's FAQ.

Link to Ellen's Information for New Members.

Link to archives of NutriSystem e-classes.

And the following is priceless: Graylady (Lynn), a very successful NutriSystem member, has taken the time and energy to collect tons of information about how to make the foods taste the way YOU like them:.

Link to Graylady's Recipe Collection..

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Thank you all so much for all the info!! Wow, PamSB, those links should keep me reading for quite a while!! And it's especially great to hear I can have a few "free" foods, I love the SF jello cups.

Oh geesh if I have to eat one salad a day... well I'll probably start liking them soon I guess. Hopefully!!! I generally eat about one salad every six months or so!..

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I was not really a big salad and vege person but that has really changed since doing this for 6 mo. I look forward to my salads because I can have as much as I want and I do eat way more veges than I used to. I also like to sub a fruit sometimes for the dinner salad and combine it with my desert some how. And I especially like PB2 (or low-cal peanut butter) on my double chocolate cookies...

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On the women's plan, snack & dessert are interchangeable..

You should try to eat at least one salad a day. You could also substitute an extra 'approved' vegetable serving or a glass of V-8 juice..

Click on the 'my program' on the top of the page & it will give you reccomeded grocery foods, to add in. Here are the nutritional amounts. These can vary some..

1 Fruit Serving = 15 g. carbohydrates, 60 calories.

1 Fat Serving = 5 g. fat, 45 calories.

1 Dairy (or Dairy/Protein) Serving = 12 g. carbohydrates, 8 g. protein, a trace of fat, 100 calories.

I ordered my last shipment on Saturday & it got here today..

I hope this info helps!..

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You can get a printable version of the daily meal plan by clicking MY ACCOUNT (see very top of page) and selecting the Resource Kit link and then the appropriate program's meal plan.

Good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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