How bad is the initial breakout with Murad Acne Complex?

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Anyone want to help me out alittle:did any of you guys get a massive ib when you started Murad Acne Complex because I don't know wtf is going on but my face was pretty clear like 10 days ago prior to my first sortret pill - when I washed my face it was smooth and I barely had acne - but these few days that I have been on Murad Acne Complex - my face feels and looks like I'm back in high school- pretty crappy. is this shit normal?anddddd should I keep using moisturizer even though my face hasn't dried out yet. thanks <3...

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Your question was: How bad is the initial breakout with Murad Acne Complex?.

Totally normal. you saw my pics! my face wasnt too bad before starting Murad Acne Complex but I had a TON of cysts under the skin. so Murad Acne Complex pushed them all up over the course of 10 weeks of hell. now my skin is clear and I havent had a new pimple in 3 weeks! the beginning can be really hard for some people but it was totally worth it now. it feels nice not to have all of those cysts under my skin!..

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Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones....but I didnt get and IB....I was soo worried I was going to get it though! I would absolutely keep using moisturizer (oil free of course)....moisturizer can be benificial for your face (just my two cents)! Good luck on your Murad Acne Complex journey! ; )..

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I got some really bad IB around the 10 day mark. It lasted for 2 weeks. Luckily, it was just a TON of whiteheads on my jaw chin and forehead, and not a bunch of cysts (I still got cysts like I used to, just not more). When that was over, it went back to normal, and now I don't get whiteheads anymore. Just cysts...

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I'm totally with you!My skin is looking sooo much worse than it did before I started Murad Acne Complex..I just took my 13th pill...what day are you on?Hopefully, we'll both get through this!!..

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I am on day 12 lol. I take like 3 pills a day (20 mg each) lol. damn good to know, I am not the only one who has this problem. good luck my friend...

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