How bad is caffeine during Medifast?

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So since I started Medifast about two months I haven't had any caffine ... until last night I had a sugar free redbull something that before this diet I would have 5 of the 16oz bottles and be fine ... a little awake ... last night I was shaking like a leaf, dizzy, and puking my brains out from 11pm to about 7am ... and did I mention I didn't sleep ....

This is just my little thing about it since I guess I never really knew how bad it was for you and trying to stay awake on the job turned into me having to go home instead so I'm going to recommend that when people on here get off the diet that if you decide to put it back into your system ... SLOWLY start drinking it again ... with a soda not an energy drink!..

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You can have caffeine while on Medifast - they don't tell people to stop. They do recommend limiting it to 3 caffeinated drinks per day, because it will affect you more strongly when you get your system cleaned out..

As someone who does not normally drink caffeine, let me tell you about exam day a couple days ago. I had a DECAF Americano from Starbucks at 6pm (the start of my exam). EIGHT hours later I had wound down enough to go to sleep. I can't begin to imagine what a Red Bull would do to me. ACK!!!!.

Hope you feel better soon!!!..

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We can have caffeine on Medifast Recommended not more than 300 mg.

It's also in the calorie burner products..

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I wasn't sure when I started so I stayed away from it and all the caffine products that I liked I can't drink while on it ... foofoo coffees, sodas ... used to be energy drinks LOL..

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I admit that I used to have 1 good-sized cup of coffee per day pre-MF. Once I started, I mostly eschewed it unless I was TOTALLY dragging and needed a pick-me-up, and then only about 1/2 cup. My problem is I like lots of sugar and cream. Now when I have coffee, I have a small amount and use a packet of Splenda and WATCH how much half-n-half I use. I've not had any bad side-effects and stlll sleepin' like a baby. I think easing back into caffeine when you've been avoiding it is a wise choice...

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I drink 16 oz of coffee every morning and never stopped during 5&1. Interestingly enough, it actually balances out my high dosage of thyroid medication and helps keep me on a fairly even keel. But the Medifast infuser - Holy Moly!!! Talk about a burst of energy! Miss my little packets of Whupass! The nice thing about them was that it didn't leave me shaky or ill, but I sure got a lot done on the days I would use them...

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I am DEF ordering some infusers next time! Who couldn't use a little packet of Whupass? Thanks De!..

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Yes, I made the mistake of having my first infuser at 4:30 am right before going to the gym. HOLY CRAP!!! I was bouncing off the walls, treadmill and weights. Going to work right after my workout I was still boss has since banned me from caffine...

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