How accurate are the drug tests that you can buy from Vitamin Shoppes?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How accurate are the drug tests that you can buy from Vitamin Shoppes?.

My main question is: I have accumulated quite a pile of these as subs over the summer. Now that it's getting colder here in Baltimore it seems to me it would be nice to have a cup of cocoa occasionally in the evening. But I can't seem to make it without tons of lumps. And it just isn't enjoyable. Are there secrets? Thanks for any thoughts...

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Your question was: How accurate are the drug tests that you can buy from Vitamin Shoppes?.

Like Susan said - and the first bit of water shouldn't be too hot. It actually mixes better into luke warm water. Then fill up the mug with really hot water..


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I hope NS advances and improves this one. As it is it seems pretty tasteless and hopeless lumps or no lumps...

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely try that method!..

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Oh, so that's the trick. I always wondered why I got so many lumps!..

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After I use a bit of room temp water to incorporate the coco powder with consistency, I then ad the hot water. Then I whisk it with wire whisk. I need to use the right cup with a wide brim, like a cappuccino cup to do this without spillage. I also add some hazelnut or coconut syrup. Also, sometimes I sprinkle cinnamon and/or chili pepper (just a titch) in it and whisk some more. And I have Juliette Binoche's secret Mayan hot chocolate from the movie "Chocolat!".

I have yet to try peppermint syrup without the cinnamon or chili. I love a good peppermint hot chocolate.

Hope this helps!.


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I haven't tried the cocoa yet, but these suggestions have made me curious. I have a couple around from subs. I'm guessing that after incorporating the warm water and then hot water, one could use the Magic Bullet to really blend it together. Perhaps those sugar-free flavored syrups and/or the flavored Splenda packets might help too, as might flavored fat-free half and half as a free food addition (I've only seen the French Vanilla so far in the milk section of the grocery store). Walden Farms chocolate sauce might make a nice addition, though it is kind of chemical-tasting. Cocoa is nice in wintertime - I used to use Carnation's Sugar-Free with 50 calories and it was pretty good!.


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Could you add a teaspoon of coco powder and splenda to it to make it more chocolaty??..

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I add cocoa powder to mine. It is so few calories and it helps with the texture and lumps. You could add splenda too. And then a small squirt of FF Redi-whip and it is like a real treat.


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A squirt of sugar free Hershey's syrup, a little splenda and it's good to go! I also was thinking maybe a spoonful of Walden Farms marshmellow dip might be nice too!..

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I have never been successful with it. I tried even heating it on the stove and whisking I stopped ordering it and just get the swiss miss or Nestles diet cocoa and have that as a free food WITH a NS dessert..........LOL..

Comment #10

That makes a lot of sense. I just thought I'd try and not waste this huge pile of the ns ones I have...

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I have cocoa powder here (made a real mess when I opened the can - I had no idea that stuff was so fluffy - LOL!) so I'll have to try that..

Does it really need sweetener?..

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It depends on how much you like sweet stuff. I sometimes add sweetner and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I will add the flavored splenda sweetner...mocha something. It has an after taste though tastes great at first.

I never order the hot choc., but like everyone else still have many left.


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Cocoa powder has no sugar in it, so is VERY VERY bitter. A lot of people don't realize how bitter pure chocolate is. Anytime I add any extra cocoa powder to anything, I add some sweetner to counter the natural bitterness of cocoa powder..

I tried the tip of mixing the hot cocoa with warm water first and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much. I can usually make hot cocoa w/o lumps by SLOWLY mixing the cocoa into the hot water/milk, but it wasn't working this time...

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I'm one of the ones who didn't realize cocoa powder was bitter. thanks!..

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You're welcome.

I was watching a show (on Food Network, my fave channel ) and the host was offering people a choice between pure chocolate and I think 40% chocolate, which is milk chocolate. Everyone chose the pure chocolate thinking it would be better. You should have seen the faces they were making. It kind of makes you wonder how on earth they realized they could make chocolate so DELICIOUS...

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I read this thread just in time. Having my Hot Cocoa for first time tonight. THANKS..

Comment #17

Wow, I had no idea..

Sort of like wondering who looked at a green coffee bean and thought "hmm, let's roast this and make it into a drink"?..

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I found that instead of water, I put skim milk and it tastes alot better, but I agree it doesn't desolve easily. What is interesting too, is why these drink mixes always stick like glue to the sides of the glass when you try to go wash it off. lol..

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I'll have to try it with skim milk..

I've found that I end up pouring it out of whatever I made it in into a clean cup just so it looks more appetizing. You're right it clings like crazy!..

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Try adding a very smal amount of hot water to start and mix it thoroughly, then add the rest of the water..

That works for me..


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Like Susan said - and the first bit of water shouldn't be too hot. It actually mixes better into luke warm water. Then fill up the mug with really hot water..


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