Medifast recipe for Hot shakes??

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Does anybody know if the shakes can be made hot? It's still cold here and sometimes I'd like a hot drink, but find the carbs in the hot cocoa, cappacino & chai latte too high... I drink the diabetic shakes for the lower carb count. I thought I'd add hot water to the chocolate shake and have hot chocolate??? Has anybody tried this?..

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I made a hot shake twice - neither time was very good. The hot cocoa is my mainstain for hot beverages and I don't care how many carbs it has, the taste is wonderful, rich and really helped me through the winter. Medifast allows it and there were days I had 3-4 for my meals -..

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I thought I had a great idea of trying the teas warmed up! BLECH, it must have done something to the composition of the drink because it was all lumpy- I threw I out. I guess they call it ICED tea for a reason...

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When I need warm food, I just make the shakes into crepes.....i add 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 1 splenda, 1/8 cup eggwhites, and enough water to make a runny batter (about 1/2 cup). cook in a pan w. olive oil spray just like a pancake. add a little SF WF syrup.

You can be creative with this fav alteration is with the vanilla shake...i add a little almond extract and "true orange" to the batter....divine...

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I mix the vanilla and swiss mocha shakes all the time with coffee and they turn out great. The trick to no lumpiness is to mix them cold, then microwave them...

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I think I have seen somewhere on the boards that people were making the shakes hot, but everytime I try it, it comes out Yuck!!..

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I'm using up the shakes as hot drinks. Really soothing with cold symptoms. Also have added vanilla after heating. I still prefer hot cocoa and chai latte..

As stated above, the trick is to mix well. I use the Magic Bullet, then microwave, stir well..

" Under heat" the first time because microwaves vary a lot in power. I use the beverage reheat button..

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I put my chocolate ones in the MB for a few seconds and then microwave in my coffee cup. They are nice for a change for breakfast and seem to fill me up more than just oatmeal. I really like the oatmeals though. I did this when I ran out and like them too!..

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You're all life savers, thanks!! I am sitting here in my cold room and really need to get up and eat another MF, but I just want something warm to drink. Don't feel like the hot cocoa; it's too heavy for me right now. I was thinking should I try and heat up one of my sberry or banana shakes? Nah, I'll just waste it because it will probably taste awful. But, now I'm going to heat up my banana with some Capella flavoring and see how it goes. Wish me luck!.

Thanks again...

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Hey, I'm back and my frothy hot nanner shake was great. Blended it up in the ole MagicB and added a few drops of Capella Dolce de Leche, zapped it in the micro and enjoyed!.

Thanks to everyone for sharing. That's what I luv about these boards, everyone shares Everything!! lol..

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It worked well for me, too. I mixed up a choc shake with cold water and whisked really well to get rid of the lumps, then microwaved a minute then another minute until hot and it was really good! I probably used more than 8 oz water because I didn't want it to be thick, but it was really good!.

Thanks all!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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