Medifast recipe for Hot Shakes?

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I was reading nutrition supports response to another person on how some people heat their shakes. At first the thought made me shudder! But after a moment or two I thought I wonder how this would really taste? Has anyone here heated their shakes with success and if so exactly how do you prepare them? Thanks for the help!.


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I heat the chocolate and vanilla shakes all the time. They need some added sweetness this way, IMO, but they're really good. I like the hot vanilla shake. Add some white chocolate sf syrup and it's really good...

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I added the dutch chocolate to my coffee the other day. Not the same as adding the hot cocoa, that's for sure! Kinda had a flat, bland taste to it. Not something I'd want to repeat...

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I would recommend trying it once if you are really curious, but I didn't care forit. I really like the Swiss Mocha shake, so one day when it was cold outside I tried heating it up. YUCK. Anyway, I drank it and felt it was worth trying, but I really won't do it again. The flavor was off, and it was really slimy texture-wise..


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I had the vanilla shake in my coffee this morning... bleh!.

I know a lot of people like it that way, but all I got was that aftertaste!..

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I agree with the majority here. I added a little cold water to a chocolate shake to mix/dissolve it, then the remainder of the 8 oz was hot water. I didn't care for it at all and won't do it again...

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Thanks for the responses! What you guys, for the most part, said is exactly what I was thinking. I might try it down the road, but right now I have tons of hot drinks available. I stocked up on Chai Latte's last month when they were on sale..

Thanks again!.


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LOL... I did the same thing with my coffee and the vanilla shake. I thought it would choke a corpse! Each is okay in it's own right,.

But together they definitely were not symbiotic.

*insert Mr. YUK sticker here*.

Thanks for sharing, I feel your pain!..

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I mix the Swiss mocha with about 4 oz of water, heat and add it to a large cup of dark roast coffee (with a couple packs of splenda and a little 1/2 and 1/2). I love it! If I'm out of swiss mocha, I substitute either cappachino or dutch choc - not as good, but ok..

The thought of heating the other flavored shakes does not sound good.....


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