Medifast recipe for Hot shake??

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Not sure where to post this...would appreciate some help..

The weather is turning cold here, and although I love the shakes in the smoothie machine with lots of ice....

Is it ok to mix them with hot water as a warm drink? Want to use them up.


Gwen in l.a...

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It is getting cold here too! I make my shake the normal way then heat it in the microwave for about 45 seconds. It is so yummy warm!..

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Thanks for the quick reply, will try that.

Was a bit worried about experimenting!.


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Not as good as the cocoa, but okay. I use almost 1 1/4 c boiling water and 1 pkt Splenda, a splash of vanilla, and whip in the blender. It's thicker than the cocoa, thus the added water helps...

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Glad someone asked that question. I have just been barely getting down the shakes because I hate drinking cold drinks when it is cold outside. I walk my daughter to school and in the morning I like something warm, someting different than the hot choc. I'll try the warm shake tomorrow a.m. Thanks!..

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..what I did this a.m. was put a cup of hot black coffee in the blender, added the dutch chocolate shake, a little of that DaVinci Sugar Free Kahlua syrup and my shake in, got my coffee was really goodand Warm!..

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When I ran out of Chai Latte this week, I whipped up a Dutch Chocolate shake mix in my magic bullet with a cup of cold water as usual. I then poured it into a coffee mug and nuked it for 90 seconds. It was good, but could have been a little thinner. It served nicely as a hot chocolate drink with no lumps...

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Ditto here, Tammy..

Made the choc shake today into a hot drink and used almost a cup and a third water plus added a dash of the new Splenda Hazelnut flavoring!.

It was excellent!.

At this moment, I am thoroughly enjoying a.

Hot French Vanilla shake made with the Splenda French Vanilla flavoring and a dash of SF caramel syrup..

Pure heaven! YUM!.

PS....I use cold water, adding a little at a time so there are no lumps and then I nuke it for 2.5 min on 60% power. Perfecto!..

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I tried the hot shake tonight - dutch choc. w/ 1 splenda & little van. davanci -.

3/4 water in mic. for 1 min. then put all in my new magic bullet. Mixed & put in large mug. It was wonderful !!!!!!..

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I add 1-2T of half and half to my bedtime Medifast hot cocoa. I mix it in shaker jar with water and Medifast pkt using my mini mixer until foamy then warm for 30-45 sec in nuker..

Puts me right to sleep!.


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I made my shake as normal but I added hot water instead of cold.....Very good..

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