Medifast recipe for Hot Cocoa?

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I have not tried the hot cocoa. But since it is on sale I am thinking I should try it..

Any suggestion what to do with it. Do I have to fix it up like the shakes???.



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I have cocoa twice a day. I just mix it with really cold water, shake it up, then let it sit in the fridge for a while, it gets creamier or something, smoother. Then either drink it cold or heat it in the micro for 1 minute. Adding some sugar free toasted marshmallow syrup makes it taste a lot more like real hot chocolate! I ordered 9 boxes this time..

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How funny Pam...I am having my hot cocoa right now. I used some of the Double Chocolate flavor drops and a little Davinci White Chocolate. It's sooo good. One of my favorites and the new Magic Bullet really makes it frothy...

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I put it in my coffee. Kind of like a chocolate creamer. Yummy! And a splash of caramel SF syrup with it is sooooo good!..

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I love the cocoa. I use the magic bullet to mix it with the cold water and heat it in the microwave. Sometimes I add 1 Tlb. of instant coffee to it. I know I will be buying some while it's on sale...

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Thanks for the responses everyone. It sounds sooo good. Now I can't wait to try it. And I already have carmel syrup at home. I think I need to buy the toasted marshmellow syrup - thanks sounds heavenly...

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I also add 1 packet of the Hazelnut flavored a nice change and does not add too much sweetness...

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I always drink it cold and mix it in the blender with ice and cold water + a bit of Toasted Marshmallow or Chocolate SF syrup! It is soooo yummy. I used to only like the choc shakes but this is my new fave. I also make the chai latte like this but with vanilla or caramel syrup and it is soo yummy too..


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Cocoa is my all time favorite, I even blogged about it yesterday. As is is great, with a little splenda and then also with SF toasted marshmellow flavoring which Davinci sells on their website. Absolutely marvelous!..

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This is my first post since I am a rank beginner. I'm still trying all of the item in the starter pack but, to me, the hot cocoa mix tastes just like the real thing! YUM! (Of course, now that I have more ideas I'll be experimenting. ).


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Welcome Suzanne. And yeah isn't the cocoa the best? It's the one thing that's okay by itself. Hope you are enjoying your Medifast journey. Bettina..

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I love the cocoa!! It is the perfect night time drink, when sitting with DH and all others are in bed...a great end to a medifast day!! I really don't doctor it up at all...once in a great while I add a bit of lite cool whip. yummm..

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Wow! Everyone does interesting things with the cocoa! So many inventive chefs I love the cocoa and drink it every day. I just mix mine with cold water (a little first, stir into a paste to get out all lumps, then add the rest), stick it in the microwave for a minute and drink. No additions or flavorings... although I may add a tiny bit of peppermint extract during these winter months... might make me wax nostalgic about sitting at the Hollywood Christmas Parade with my friends drinking hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps... LOL.....

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