Hoodia Side Effects

Any time you plan on taking a supplement for whatever reason you should always look into the side effects that you may experience.

Certain drugs or supplements will affect certain individuals in different ways so it is good to always proceed with care. Start out taking a slightly lower dosage than recommended and then slowly increase it once you know that you are not reacting negatively.

Along with reading up on the side effects, you should also consider any other drugs you are taking at the time in case there are any interactions. If you are unsure, consult your doctor or the person who sold you the product to be on the safe side.

Hoodia, one of the more popular diet pills on the market, is often said to have no side effects. Unfortunately though, this cannot be backed by scientific research done on humans so it is still necessary to take the supplement with caution.

Hoodia does affect the way the liver functions so this could potentially set you up to see interactions with other medications you are on. Individuals who suffer from such things as high blood pressure, diabetes and depression and who are on medications for these conditions should be extra careful. Furthermore, anyone who does have specific kidney issues should definitely avoid taking hoodia.

The other big issue that is connected with hoodia is that since it works as an appetite suppressant this can actually work against you in some regards.

Obviously eating fewer calories than you burn is a necessity when it comes to weight loss and hoodia will help you accomplish this. However, if it gets to the point where it suppresses your appetite so well and you are not counting calories and regulating your diet (forcing yourself to eat even when you aren't hungry), you could start to see yourself becoming malnourished.

You do still need to be achieving your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals, along with sufficient protein to spare lean muscle mass so it is of critical importance you don't drop calories too low. While some of these nutrients can be taken in supplemental form, relying on supplements entirely is not a good option because often they are not absorbed quite as well and are also lacking the fiber that comes with many fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, when you start losing weight too quickly, there is a decreased chance that you will keep it off long term. The metabolism tends to slow down on very low calorie diets, making it harder to maintain the weight loss once you start eating more food once again.

Finally, another side effect of hoodia that could end up becoming a problem if not taken care of is the loss of the thirst sensation. Water intake is potentially even more critical than the food intake because even with slight dehydration you will start showing signs of bodily malfunction such as dizziness, dry mouth, feelings of confusion, fatigue and a general sense of weakness along with a decrease in athletic performance.

It is important to note as well that individual's who eat a very high carbohydrate diet or who participate in a highly rigorous weight training program may not see the benefits, nor the side effects from hoodia in the first place either. Most will report feelings of appetite still emerging so it will likely not be beneficial for you to take regardless.

So make sure you weigh the pros and cons of taking hoodia before you start. While it can be a great diet aid for many individuals, it is by no means a replacement for proper diet and exercise.

Once you have those two components of a health program in place, then hoodia can simply speed up the results and make the whole process more comfortable. Not many people like dealing with feelings of hunger so if you find hoodia helps remove this for you, by all means, give it a try. Just be sure at the same time you are still looking after proper nutrition because health does still need to be a concern, even if weight loss is the goal.

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