Is Hoodia Liquid Worth Buying?

If you are in the market for a fat loss product, you've likely already come across a product or a variety of products called Hoodia. Basically hoodia is a part of a plant that works to suppress your appetite and thirst along with giving you a boost in energy.

Because losing weight depends on you burning more calories than you take in, anything that effectively helps you tilt the calorie scales in your favour is going to be beneficial. Hoodia will work on the food side of the equation, helping you to eat less therefore you will increase the caloric deficit you are in at the end of the day.

When searching through the fat loss product aisles, you'll probably come across two different forms of hoodia: pill form and liquid form. Which is best?

Like with the other multivitamins that are out there, hoodia that is in liquid form is generally more expensive than that in pill form because of its ability to assimilate into the body faster.

On top of that point, you will generally see the body being able to use the hoodia that is taken to a greater extent when it comes from a liquid as opposed to a pill. This basically means you are getting more for your money - something we all want!

The reason why the body is better able to use liquid hoodia is because it is pre-extracted in this form and therefore does not need to be digested. When you take it in pill form, it will need to go through this breakdown process and that will cause some of the substance to be lost throughout the body.

The cost of the liquid hoodia may serve to prevent some individuals from purchasing it but you must take into consideration a few factors. First, due to the above situation, less hoodia will have to be taken per dose in order for you to notice an effect.

Secondly, for those who have difficulties swallowing pills, this obviously makes it much easier. The liquid itself does not taste bad either, which could have been a consideration for some.

The last benefit from taking it in liquid form is that you won't have to risk experiencing hunger while waiting for the supplement to kick in. For those who have trouble remembering to take pills on schedule, if you forget to take the pill form of hoodia, there can be a good hour or so of a delay before you feel its effects.

One extra hour of hunger is likely not something any dieter wants, therefore the pill form is much more preferable.

What you do need to remember though if you choose to take liquid form is that it will be easier for you to overdose on it if you are not careful. Make sure you measure out the liquid and do not get carried away.

Start out at the lower recommended dosage and see how your body reacts to it before increasing it. If you are switching from pill to capsule form, and have been taking a higher dose of pill form, this does not mean you should just carry this dose directly over. Start taking the liquid with a lower dosage as well because it could react differently with you.

Finally, if you are just starting out with hoodia in liquid form and have never taken it before, keep in mind that some individuals can take a few weeks to see effects kick in. Just because the hoodia is in liquid form and is a higher potency does not mean it won't take the body time to adapt just as the pill form does.

Give it a good two to three weeks of use, even if you aren't seeing noticeable effects right away, to ensure you give hoodia a good chance to make a difference in your appetite levels.

So if you are considering using hoodia as a supplement to aid your fat loss, consider using the liquid form. It is preferable by most individuals over pill form making the extra cost more than justified.

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