Homemade Dressings good for Medifast?

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Looking for a new salad dressing. Store bought all seem to taste the same. Anyone have any recipes for easy, minimal ingredient, Medifast compliant dressings? Something that would work for both a simple side salad, chef salad or just something simple to jazz up the veggies?..

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Your question was: Homemade Dressings good for Medifast?.

I make a simple dressing with equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I then add a bit of Splenda. I really don't use a recipe, I just taste it and add more vinegar and/or Splenda until I like the way it tastes. It's really really good and far less expensive than store bought dressings. It's my husband's favorite...

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This is so simple, it's almost stupid. Squeeze dijon mustard, about one teaspoon, into a bowl or jar, add salt and pepper, one tablespoon of vinegar and two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and whisk away. Very delicious. If you try it, I hope you like it!..

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I love make homemade dressings..all kinds. I think my favorite is a smoked tomato. Have know idea if it is OP but could probably modify it. I have used it in the past for dressings, marinades, and dipping sauce. I am not sure about measurements because I made this one up myself but I like tomatoes so I always would use more than I probably should..

For a small batch.

Smoke about 3 tomatoes (i prefer beefsteaks..but you can use plums).

1tbsp dijon mustard.

1tbsp sm. diced celery.

1tbsp sm. diced sweet onion.

Olive oil or canola oil.

Worchestshire sauce.

Salt and pepper.

1/4tsp fresh minced garlic.

Stick blender.

Okay...before you smoke the tomatoes on the bottom side slice a small X and then smoke them until the skin starts to peel off and they have a nice brown coloring to them. Let them cool for about 1/2 hour or until you can handle them. Next, peel off the skin, cut the tomato in half and squeeze out all the seeds ( you don't want them just the meat). In a medium container add the mustard and garlic start the blender and slowly add in the oil. If you add it too fast it will break. Once you have a somewhat thick base add in the celery, onion, and tomatoes.

Add more oil as need or until you have a consistancy that you like. Add in the worsh. sauce for taste if you want.

I hope this helps. I am sure that it would count towards greens but I can't imagine it would be a lot. Also, remember I am guesstimating on amts. everyone's taste is different so experiment and I hope you enjoy..


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You can always go for the obvious: a good balsamic or red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil!..

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For a spicy dressing....

1 Tbsp Low Carbohydrate BBQ Sauce (find one that you like that is usually 1 Carb per Tbsp).

1-2 tsp Chipotle Mustard (or I've used Jalapeo Mustard).

Water to thin as needed.

Whisk well and drizzle over salad.

It really it delicious on all salads using chicken, deer, beef, or fish...

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Greek Dressing:.

1/2 cup olive oil.

2 tbsp red wine vinegar (or cider vinegar).

1 garlic clove quartered.

1/4 tsp oregano.

1/8 tsp salt.

1/8 tsp dried mustard powder.

Dash of pepper.

Mix everthing together and let sit overnight. It's the only dressing I use. And just a tablespoon of this stuff on a salad goes a LONG way...

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This one is not homemade, but it's not from store either. I got the mild chicken wing dip from buffalo wild wings. I use maybe 2 tsp total at lunch or dinner with my chix breast pieces as a dip...tastes like buffalo hot wings. the mild is still a bit spicy for me, but soo tasty I think 1 or 2 tablesoons has 1 carb and very low calories...I have added a few drops of water to thin it out and mixed with my lettuce/salad or used it as a dip for veggies. a small amt goes a very long way for me...

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I just take equal parts of Cider Vinegar, Water, and Splenda and mix. I have been using it for years. It is great on any kind of salad and especially great on steamed cabbage. Linda..

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I have made this one for years... ofcourse have adapeted it to a lower carb/sugar content now.. makes a Catalina type dressing that I also use when baking chicken..

1/4 cup low carb catsup.

1/4 cup cider vinegar.

1/4 cup splenda.

1/4 cup canola oil.

Mix all together in a shaker and shake well. I use about 1 tbsp on a salad and store the rest in the fridge. Stores well. ~~Enjoy~~..

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*bump* for folks like me who are tired of oil & vinegar!.

Anyone have a recipe or brand suggestion for a dressing with a little more substance, like ranch or blue cheese?..

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I use 1tsp oil (1 fat).

2tsp lemon or lime juice (1 condi).

1 tsp mince onion or shallot (1 condi).

1 tsp mixed herbs (usually mint, parsely and basil) - 1 condi..

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So, as a newbie what would 1 TBSP of this be for logging.. One Condiment and one healthy fat?? I am confused on the condiments when making something that has both a healthy fat (olive oil) and condiments (herbs ect) help please, as this sounds great and I plan on making some for tonight!..

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I know most people are prejudiced against tofu but it is the best "cream" in a creamy dressing. You have to make sure you have silken tofu and blend it smooth in a mason jar or magic bullet type thing. You could then add blue cheese, ranch powder or just vinegar and spices. It is thick and substantial and makes a great dip too. The whole block is one days lean so you might have to get fancy with a calculator to figure how much to eat if you don't count a tablespoon as a condiment, that's what I do...

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I posted this on my blog awhile back. I don't know how OP it is, but it works for me....


1 ts lowfat mayo (i used Kraft olive oil mayo).

1 ts olive oil.

1/2 ts mustard.

1 ts adobo seasoning.

1 ts lime juice.


1 bag of finely shredded cabbage.

1/2 cup diced tomatoes.

1/4 cup chopped cilantro.

Blend the dressing ingredients then add to the slaw, mix well and serve.

For the dressing, the amount of the ingredients is flexable. Add to taste as they say. You can also subsitute lemon juice or vinegar in place of lime. I have also made a ceasar version using vinegar, minced garlic and parmesean cheese. I often use Baslamic vinegar for my L&G.

I use that same basic recipe for all my salads and cole slaw. You can change it or experiment however you'd like...


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I make a simple dressing with equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I then add a bit of Splenda. I really don't use a recipe, I just taste it and add more vinegar and/or Splenda until I like the way it tastes. It's really really good and far less expensive than store bought dressings. It's my husband's favorite...

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