Help with Medifast shakes?

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Hi everyone, I just started Medifast on Satuday 10/21. I only ordered shakes with my kit. The flavors are fine, it's the consistancy I'm having trouble with. It's rather grainy, chalky. Anyone have any suggestions?..

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Welcome to MF!!! Just make sure you 'shake' your shakes for a couple of minutes. Use cold water and it helps if you add a few ice cubes because they help break down the powder a little bit in your shaker..

I actually mix mine in the blender. I put in a cup of cold water, the shake mix, then about 10 ice cubes. I first use the ice crush setting, then hit 'liquefy' for about a full minute. They come out super frothy. And they're very filling...

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Lots of people use a blender with or without ice. I personally like to mix mine up in the shaker jar and then put it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Some how it gets creamier. I usually drink one and mix the next one up and that way it has the 2-3 hours to get better...

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I love the shakes, if you use a blender and lots of ice they are great. Also try adding some Sugar Free Syrups or diet soda. I had the orange shake and added a little diet orange soda. There are several recipes for changing the shakes flavors which I would try to help them taste better. I've never tried one without the flavorings added..

All the best on your shaking adventure...

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I make mine in the shaker jar. Usually with more water than they recommend because I think they are a bit too strong for me. I shake it up really well, pour it over ice. Then I wait at least 5 minutes to start drinking..

I've also gotten some cute little 20 oz. sipper bottles and I just mix my shake in the shaker cup, put in LOTS of ice cubes into the sipper and pour in the shake. I can hang onto one of these and still have ice in it for at least 5 hours! And yes, the shakes are still tasty, they just need a good shaking before you drink them due to settling..

And this weekend I discovered I could mix the shakes up in the sippers. (I was on vacation at a convention).


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Thanks guys! The consistancey is growing on me as I go. I mixed the French Vanilla with some coffee the other nite and it turned out great. Thanks again for all the advise and best of luck with your "losing"!..

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I use my immersion blender and it mixes them up really well. They come out alot creamier and a bit frothy. I started mixing everything with it and it makes everything better. I think it is alot easier to clean up then dragging out my blender everyday and the magic bullet is alot more expensive. I only paid 15.00 for my immersion a few years ago..


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This really does make a BIG difference! I use one of those small personal blenders for shake mixing most times but today I made my mid-morning shake at breakfast (while my oatmeal was cooking) and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, then gave it a quick whirr on the blender and boy oh boy, it was thick and creamy!!!.

Sometimes the simplest tips can make all the difference. Thanks again...

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