Help with low blood sugars while on Medifast

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I am a type one diabetic attempting the medifast diet. I have lost some weight, but I do have problems with low blood sugars. I have adjusted my insulin levels, but my question is what do you do when your sugar is low? I don't want to go out of ketosis, but usually juice or skittles are the fastest at bringing it back up. Any suggestions?..

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Personally, I have not had this issue. I have seen where people do what they have to do to bring up the bs levels. Juice is usually what has worked for others.


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Hi Margaret. I am a Type II but take insulin and I have been having trouble recently with my BS going low. I take a lot more carbs to come back up than you do and it takes me longer also. You can see by looking at my weight loss stats that I have had several weeks with no loss thanks to being thrown out of ketosis soo much. Our take (Doc & Nutritionist) on how to handle the problem is to lowball my insulin and keep me a little higher than the normal level recommendations (90-130). So far so good..

MF also suggests a 4 & 2 plan for diabetics which you might want to check out. I also think I read somewhere where it is not really recommended for Type I's to be on the diet but you would need to check that out..

Hope all works out for you and PM me if you need any other info or someone to talk to...

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Hi Margaret! I'm a newbie, with type II diabetes. I just wanted to say that I also read on the Medifast website that this program is not recommended for individuals with type I diabetes. Be safe and be sure and check with your doctor, ok?..

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Rather than being diabetic, I am hypoglycemic and low blood sugar is a constant concern for me. I have always been taught to treat low blood sugar with protein to get it stabilized = a little peanut butter, some chicken, an egg. and these things won't mess with your carb count or throw you out of ketosis. If I need a quick instant fix, shake with some sf syrup does the trick!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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