Help, my Nutrisystem foods melted!

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NOT happy with Nutrisystem right now. I live in Florida; therefore, it will stay around 100 degrees for at least the next 3 months. I got my delivery today and anything chocolate was completely liquified. My rainbow delights are one blob of very mishapen crap. I was told that I should just not order anything chocloate....HELLO....thats the BEST part of the plan...anyways, rethinking my future orders......PS. they are sending substitutions, but again........

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Your question was: Help, my Nutrisystem foods melted!.

My order on Friday contained several "liquid" chocolate items. I popped them in the freezer and once they were solid again, I put them in the fridge. I had one of the bars today and it tasted ok. I've edited my order to include only a few chocolate items. Can't wait until the cool weather when I can load up on the chocolate!..

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I'm also in Texas and my chocolate was all melted as well. The nutrichocolates are just a lump in the package; I'm almost afraid to open them....!.


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Good morning,.

Nutrisystem will be happy to replace or exchange any items within 30 days of receipt. Please call 1-800-585-5483, opt. 2..

Have a nice day,..

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What is Nutrisystem supposed to do about the Heat?????? Come on, they aren't God! Use your head and have your order sent somewhere where you can receive the package, like work etc. so it doesn't sit outside all day or Don't order foods that are going to melt on a non-air conditioned UPS truck! We need to use our brains. Finally, putting your melty food in the freezer will reconstitute it again and it will taste GREAT!..

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I immediatly put all my chocolate desserts in the freezer. I love them that way and always have. If you haven't tried it that way you might like it. You could dip strawberries, pineapple, apples etc in the melted nutrichocolates and the m&m's I've done that before, yummy. They will send replacements so might as well try and enjoy the others too, it's a shame to have to throw them away. Nancy..

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This just happened to me - I was so excited now so disappointed !..

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Last time I did this, I tried to have it sent to our post office. NO go. NO CHOCOLATE products in Arizona. NONE! The icing on the bars is soupy too. This time I goofed and tried the snickers substitute, it literally was sagging like soup in the container. I tracked it.

I even walked it right out of the delivery man's hands. I am going to TRY to head it off at the UPS receiving dock, but just skip the chocolate until winter........

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I ordered some extra chocolate items a la cart this shipment. Everything went in the fridge as soon as I opened the box. The Coconut Almond bar was kinda smooshed...but still tasted divine. I'm going to try one more shipment...but then will probably have to limp through summer with just the chocolate cake and brownie to get me to cooler weather!.

There's not much to be done about weather is hot weather. Humans must adapt! LOL..

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I am in the south too and what I have started to do, is plan out my delivery date to have someone home to immeditately put the items in the freezer or fridge. All my items were so beyond melted for my first order, but the consultant was super nice and offered to replace any damaged items.

I wish there was another way to get the meltables to us in the south, but for now the quick freeze or cool gets some shape back. Its better than no chocolate!..

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I've seen some other posts in which members opted to pick up their Nutrisystem box from the UPS distribution center to avoid the hot truck issue..

I'd suggest searching this board and/or calling NS/UPS if you want to try that option..

Good luck!..

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Guess I have another reason to look forward to winter......Chocolate .....I get that Nutrisystem cant control the weather, just thought maybe items that melt should be shipped like frozen items...thats all. Will just modify my next order...

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I agree Pmills. I live in TX and my first order should be coming tomorrow. Now I'm worried about the chocolate. I "use my head" and that of course is not something you think about when you are planning your order. Do they pack the chocolate in with the frozen items? I would think they would need to use their heads also! I'm home to get my order, but I just wonder when it's out on the truck how they are stored. I don't want my wet foods to be melted. I'm super excited though about getting my first order!!..

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They need to do like Netrition and other sites and offer cold packaging for chocolate orders...

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FYI for those of you, like me, who do not want to have to change your order and get your chocolate in a more solid form upon delivery. I live in Alabama and have heat & humidity to contend with in the summer. My last order was ok, but did show signs of melting..

I contacted Nutrisystem Customer Service to find out if I could have my shipment sent directly to my local UPS Customer Center for pickup to avoid having to return "soup" or have a mess delivered to my door. I was told that they can instruct UPS to hold the delivery for pickup, but they would need the tracking number to notify UPS first. I will need to call Nutrisystem Customer Service when the tracking number is assigned to do this. I prefer to go get the delivery from the local center as it is right around the corner from my workplace and I know it will not sit on a non-air conditioned truck for hours in the heat..

Hope this helps...

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I have picked up my order at our local office. Track your number and you can tell the night before it is going to be delivered. Call your ups office and have them hold it for you. We do that with packages all the time. We call between 7:00 and 7:30 am and there's no problem. Hope it's as easy for you, Nancy..

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2bskinny. No the frozen items are all shipped from schwans and come from them directly. Nutrisystem comes on it's own. they aren't together, Nancy..

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Thanks Gun! This is all so new to me. I'm supposed to be getting my food tomorrrow. Crossing my fingers my chocolate is still good! UPS was just sitting on the package today. They say it shows scheduled for 6/17 to be delivered and not sure why they couldn't send it out a day early...

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I picked up my fabulous BBB today from the UPS Distribution Center about 15 minutes away. Nothing melted! Normally I am last on the drop off for the day..

I don't call anyone. I called UPS when I wanted to see if they would hold it for Pickup and they had me change my address to the UPS center and the second line says HOLD FOR PICKUP...I get my tracking info normally and when it says it has come in and is OUT for DELIVERY I know it's ready for me to pick up. I pop right down and it's wonderful..

You can also use any of the UPS Stores that have post office boxes. When Sept or October comes around I'll change the addy back to my home..

DO Not blame Nutrisystem for any of's a well known fact that chocolate melts!..

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Be aware the UPS Stores are privately owned and are a separate entity from UPS. The UPS Stores will charge you a fee to pick up a package from there. Best to just stick with the UPS distribution centers, which are free and you can deal directly with UPS, not a separate third party...

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The solution!.

I called UPS and they said Nutrisystem has to do it, so here is what you do....

When your notification comes and you have a shipping number, call the Nutrisystem help line and have Nutrisystem call UPS. They will verify your identity and the tracking info will change to: THE SHIPPER HAS REQUESTED A DELIVERY INTERCEPT FOR THIS PACKAGE / AS REQUESTED, THE RECEIVER WILL PICKUP AT A UPS FACILITY AT THEIR CONVENIENCE. THIS MUST BE WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS..

So The facilities are not so far from me that it is not going to be faster than sitting all day to have a liquid order delivered late in the day. They are open from 8:30 to 6 and this is good because I will have it before the weekend and won't have to worry!.

So... done deal...

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Done deal but no cute UPS delivery guys showing up...

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I live in South Houston where it is HOT and HUMID. My choco. bars were melted but solidified after bringing them into the house. I eat them anyway and don't think they taste funny. I haven't really had that big of problem. Looks like putting them in the freezer should work.


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