Medifast recipe for Heavenly Hash / Rocky Road Ice Cream?

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Soft serve Heavenly Hash Ice Cream.

MF chocolate pudding.

1/2 cup of water.

1 cup of ice.

1 oz of fat free cream cheese.

Almond extract.

Put it in the Magic Bullet until smooth (I blend, then shake a couple of times).

When is comes out, fold in some Walden Farms marshmellow dip. Don't stir it too much, or it will just mix well. Instead, fold it in like a meringe (sp), and you will have little ribbons of the marshmellow just like heavenly hash ice cream..

Rocky Road ice Cream.

Rocky Road would be the same, but I would add a few diced almonds (we are allowed 20 per day I think as a snack). Do not put the almonds in the Magic Bullet, they would probably mince up too small. Instead, fold them in with the WF marshmellow dip..

Note: It was noted on the other Ice Cream thread that using only 1/2 once of fat free cream cheese worked just as well. I haven't tried it like that yet, but it seems reasonable if you want to limit the number of condiments you are consuming. You might want to try that...

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Yum I'm going to try this tonight. Thanks for posting it!!..

Comment #1

Try putting the PB2 in the chocolate ice cream, OMG! Tonight I have Da Vinci SF Cherry in my chocolate, a chocolate covered cherry! DBBThreads, you are still my hero/salvation! I dearly love soft serve. I have ice cream at least once a day, and twice on lots! I also have the Da Vinci sf chocolate mint. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which to have! Thanks again!..

Comment #2

Dang, girl!.

We're getting so skinny eating your ice cream!!!!.

Sounds great! Will try this this week!.

Need to get some WF marshmallow dip and some almonds..

BTW, I've been making a "turtle" type ice cream with the caramel dip and some pecans..

Darn goooood!..

Comment #3

*drooling* Y'all are making me hungry for ice cream!!! Too bad I have had all my Medifast meals for the day. Would it be bad if I had ice cream for breakfast??? LOL!!!! Thanks for the recipes, they all sound so yummmmmyyyy!!!!!..

Comment #4

I think there should be nominations on MF. I'm pretty sure DB would win hands down for best recipe and most favored! You are helping chubby girls everywhere slim down with your ice cream! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!..

Comment #5

Ah man, you guys are so good at making a Shrinking woman feel good.

I am all over the BT Turtle spin tomorrow.

Since I plan on always keeping Medifast as a part of my diet forever, and I can never seem to stick to the 1/2 serving on the ice cream box. This may be the closest I get back to ice cream unless it is a birthday...

Comment #6

Dang woman, now I have to get some of that marshmallow stuff!!!.

I am sure this one is a lifetime keeper too! Thanks!..

Comment #7

Dbbthreads. I got the Walden marshmellow dip for this very reason a couple of weeks ago but when I tasted it (straight from the jar) there was such a pronounced whang to it that I've been afraid it would ruin the taste of the ice cream. If you know the whang I speak of (heh) does mixing it in with other things mask it so that you taste more marshmellow, less whang. I also realize that you mght not taste the same aftertaste that I'm so turned off by.

I love Rocky Road so I'd love to to use the dip instead of the Toasted Marshmellow syrup. I guess I could just quit blathering on about it and just test it for myselfeven if I still taste the whang it's only one pudding pack after all, not like I'm wasting the whole box. But blathering on is so much more fun...

Comment #8

Its way better than right out of the jar...

Comment #9

These recipes sound yummy!! My question.... what section of your grocery store do you find things like Walden Farms Marshmallow Dip? I've been successful finding the WF dressings, but can't seem to find the others mentioned in alot of the recipes posted on these boards. Can anyone help??..

Comment #10

I agree about the WF marshmallow right outa the jar...I tried substituting it instead of the cream cheese, it works out OK.

Ready4Change - You gotta order it off the website, Most grocery stores don't carry WF products, other than the salad dressing, in the produce isle. Some girls from the south say their grocery stores sell it. I ended up making a mass order from the site and it was a good decision! It took about a week and a half (the shipping rate is flat, so I guess it takes longer) but I've used just about all of em & it's worth the money & the wait! My only regret is that I forgot to order the honey bbq sauce! I'm waiting until I run out of more things to reorder!..

Comment #11

I ran out of cream cheese, so I just made the chocolate ice cream with 1 T cool whip free and 1 T Walden chocolate dip... it was every bit as good!!!.

Okay, I also sprinkled a teaspoon of PB2 on top...MMMMMMMMMMMMM..

Comment #12

You and your ice cream recipies are just amazing!!.

Thanks yet again!!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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