Healthy fats to use on Medifast foods?

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Just wondering what everyone likes to use and on what food! Thanks! You all are so inspirational!..

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It depends on what I'm cooking, but olive oil is my main staple...

Comment #1

Salad dressing. I live on Litehouse Lite Salsa Ranch and either use it on salad or as a "sauce" on top of grilled chicken...

Comment #2

Olive oil....

And good homemade dressing made with olive oil...I also take omega 3 fish oil caps everyday and use flax oil as well.....

Comment #3

I say Damn the Consequences and Full Speed Ahead with cream cheese. Every day. I save my healthy fats for my late-night snack, and eat cream cheese out of a spoon with my dill pickles..

But no one ever said all was right in my head. Olive oil is much better for you...

Comment #4

Well Freya, your doing something good! You have had such success! I LOVE cream cheese and use it almost everyday as well...Forgot that one...I may be over in my fats, but I will do whatever it takes to keep me on MF...I make mini "scones" out of the pancake mix, then use 1 T. LF CC to spread on top. It truly keeps me from blowing it sometimes, I'd rather eat an extra fat, as in a T. of CC than be down at my local donut shop! Just saying...May not be 100% Medifast guidelines, but I will do whatever it takes to stay on my path here.....

Comment #5

My most consistently used healthy fat...was black olives. Mmm....loved adding them to my L&G. You don't get a lot of them, but they sure did the trick for me.



Comment #6

Low fat cream cheese is a CONDIMENT, and can't be used as a healthy fat. So if you're doing okay on your condiments, this is no problem..

For a healthy fat, you need 1T of full fat cream cheese. Which doesn't suck, really...

Comment #7

I mostly use olive oil or olives. Those are my staples. I do use salad dressing, Newmans Own Balsamic viniagrette. I like using the sprtizer on my salad then using the olives as my fat...

Comment #8

I have an extensive, and delicious, salad dressing collection. I have salad a lot, I also use it as marinade. I use a TBSP at a time at most. I am stingy with my carbs and calories. My favorite marinade one right now is Wish Bone Romano Basil Vinaigrette.

My favorite salad, just veggies, one is Ken's Light Options Raspberry Walnut..

My favorite savory one/when I am in the mood for Asian one is Newman's Low Fat Sesame Ginger.

For cooking, I am an extra virgin olive oil girl. That tsp goes a long way!.

Once in a blue moon, when I need a healthy fat, I use a tsp or genuine unsalted butter, like on string beans, or on my pancakes. I scrape it off the stick of butter with a measuring spoon like a melon baller. I am an exact measurement stickler...

Comment #9

Thanks...I am still learning, I guess it was the laughing cow wedges I was thinking of, meaning: we can use 1, or 2 for fats depending on if they are LF, or original....

I am doing good then, cause I don't add many condiments and having my CC is what keeps me sane!..

Comment #10

I vary my healthy fats- sometime EVOO for cooking, sometimes salad dressing, last night I put butter on my summer squash- that was treat! We do eat red meat once or twice a week and ground turkey once a week, you don't get the healthy fat option with those...

Comment #11

Cream Cheese.......I eat it with my pretzels every evening. mmmmm..

Comment #12


I hated olives SO much my first few weeks of Medifast but now I don't mind them...

Comment #13

Mostly olive oil, olives and salad dressing. A few days, when I realized at bedtime that I hadn't gotten any healthy fat that day, I got out my BEST olive oil and ate had a teaspoon or too straight. Sounds gross but it is delicious if the olive oil is good...

Comment #14

Newman's Own red wine and olive oil salad dressing is my staple. I use it on my salads, and as a marinade for chicken...

Comment #15

A good quality extra virgin olive oil or one of the Newman's own lighten up dressings..

Comment #16

Same here. If I'm having a lean protein that allows 2 fats, I use dressing. If it is just one healthy fat I just pour 1 tsp of Olive oil over my veg. "Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!",,, I'm all for simplicity at this stage.


Comment #17

I'll probably get some heat for this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges!! <3..

Comment #18

Half and half in my coffee every morning. I only eat from the leaner and leanest categories so that I can have at least 2 Tablespoons of it in my coffee. It's the one thing from my past life that I was just not willing to give up...

Comment #19

No heat! You do whatever works for you.

FYI for newbies, Laughing Cow is not on plan...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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