Have you lose the ability to focus while on Murad Resurgence?

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Has anyone ever become less intelligent or lose their ability to focus while on Murad Resurgence? (Ex. School)..

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Your question was: Have you lose the ability to focus while on Murad Resurgence?.

I feel I'm kinda retarded now but my friends said I was retarded all the way!..

Comment #1

Mi duzint tink dat da pilz mayk mi les smarturer?..

Comment #2

Yes. I couldn't concentrate for long at all. Forgetfulness became an issue as well...

Comment #3

I do, I feel less focused, and I find it more difficult to concentrate. I can't pay attention to anyof my lectures in college..

Comment #4

Last time I was on it, I couldn't concentrate. I was on a really high dose though. I weigh 46 kms and I was on like 70 or 80 mgs. I'm starting low this time and will decrease it if I get this side effect. Just watch your dose and symptoms and adjust accordingly...

Comment #5

I think so. I'm not sure what the pharmacological reason for this is (only a 3rd year micro student), but you are basically being poisoned so it would make sense that some brain functions might be impaired. I have had a harder time concentrating on things, and it seems to be a result of mild depression brought on by Murad Resurgence...

Comment #6

Amerolo- would you say it severely impairs your ability to learn?? Also, does anyone know if this goes away after you stop taking it??..

Comment #7

Murad Resurgence side-effects go away in about a month from what I've heard. It's most likely just an imagined effect anyway, there has been no proof it actually makes it harder for you to learn...

Comment #8

Oh someone who already had ADD Murad Resurgence has made my concentration problems so much worse. It really sucks, but to me the clear skin is worth it. It is a potential side effect that you should watch out for though..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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