Have you ever lost no weight on Medifast?

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Had a week where you lost NOTHING despite being on plan 100% with NO deviations, NO added anything, Not the time of the month, and did light exercise...nothing too strenuous?? What the F#@!?..

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Yes, it happens. Don't sweat it. It's not even a stall until it's 3 full weeks..

Review your program and make sure you're 100% OP. I'm bumping Tarahh1's thread "Why aren't I losing?" to see if that gives you any ideas..

And then just relax and wait for the MFin' magic to happen. It will...

Comment #1

Yep and you are right in the window of time that this normally happens to just about everyone. It usually hits people during week 3, but always somewhere between weeks 2 and 5. It's your body's way of playing catch up. It will happen from time to time and is perfectly normal. On weeks that you don't have a loss on the scale, make sure you take your measurements, because often, when the scale doesn't move, the inches do. Hang in there. You're doing great...

Comment #2

The only thing I have done this week that is different is a few times I Have gone past 3 hours without eating....not on purpose, but about 3 times this week I Have eaten a meal about 4 -4.5 hours apart. Not intentionally, but have been stuck at work, unable to leave on time. bummed out today...

Comment #3

Last week I had a 0.2 loss. No biggie. This week it was a 2.8 loss. It all works out in the end. Try to not focus on the numbers as much as the fact you're feeling better and making better choices. As Freya said, just relax and wait for the MFin' magic to happen. It always does!..

Comment #4

Yes, I guess so....but it was a complete bummer this morning. I will remain not focus on it too much. thanks for the advice I apreciate it so much!!..

Comment #5

I the week that I lost the least... which was week 3#.... I had lost amazing amounts of inches... maybe you should measure instead of weigh. Stay strong.....

Comment #6

You know we have a schedule and our body doesn't have it's half of the script. Eating what we are eating you can't help but to lose weight. Stick with it. But, yes, I hate stalled weeks. I always hope I'll see a bigger loss the next week. Hope springs eternal!.


Comment #7

I've had several 0 weeks. At first I'd panic a bit, but at this point I realize it is self defeating. I have to become a more patient person overall to win and keep weight off forever. If I'm 100% it will come off, nothing to worry about...

Comment #8

Wow you have done so great! I really admire that you have come this far. hang in there! you can do it!..

Comment #9

You've lost 7.2% of your body weight in four weeks. You're doing wonderfully!!!..

Comment #10

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