Have you been on a Medifast Diet?

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My question is Have you been on a Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... I can no longer use my stomach as a TV tray..

Pretty cool if I do say so myself, LOL!.

I've been experiencing what I can only imagine is similar to what someone who has lost a limb feels at times. Kind of like the fat is still there (especially my stomach and hips) when in reality it has shrunk tremendously. "Phantom fat" I call it. Anybody else sometimes feel like this? It's really a strange feeling...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Yes, I do agree that it takes a while for our brains to catch up to the reality of our weight loss. Having been overweight most of my life, I think it will take a lot of time and effort for my brain to catch up. I think, for me anyway, that working on how I perceive myself is going to be something I have to consistently think about for years to come because it is so ingrained in me to think of myself as "fat"...

Comment #2

Oh yeah, I've definitely experienced this!! When I shower sometimes I reach with my scrubby to places that used to be fat only to find air. It's pretty awesome.

When I rest my arms against my body on my lap it feels funny too...

Comment #3

Yeah mine use to be a resting spot for when I crossed my arms - not it isn't there anymore - and my arms just lay flat :-) LOL..

Comment #4

I agree I rest a lot of stuff on my tummy. I hate it. Soon mine will be a thing of the past. WTG...

Comment #5

I hopefully can experience that soon. Kudos to you! I hate that when I read my 2 year old books, he can't get comfortable to sit/read/see because of my extra roll in between. Can't wait til I can post that it is gone!!..

Comment #6

Me too. I have no place to rest my arms now. I think I must be funny to watch sometimes. Trying to figure out how to stand and where to put my arms... lol..

Comment #7

I used to sleep with my hands on my face. I can't do it anymore because I have cheekbones now!..

Comment #8

It is funny - and I think I use to cross my arms so much to try and hide the belly LOL..

Comment #9

Just started two days ago. I have high hopes to lose 60 pounds as fast as possible. So tired of yo yo dieting...been doing it all my life. Got any good pointers for me? Reading these posts have already helped!..

Comment #10

I thought it was neat when the seatbelt of the car was different. I understand the phantom fat thing. Congratulations on your great work!..

Comment #11

I totally understand the belly as a tv tray concept. I used to be able to use my bust as a shelf when I folded hand towels. hehehehehehe......

Anyone miss the stains on the front of their shirts from food drips? Now the drips fall right to the floor or onto the napkin in my lap..

It took me about a year or so until I finally started recognizing my new body. I still get caught off guard though when I catch a glimpse of my face in a reflection or photos..

I also still catch myself feeling my throat and jawline, that I can't believe there is no more double chin...

Comment #12

Welcome, Rammrod! I just bumped up a thread for you titled, "Things I wish I'd know when I started Medifast" - it's got lots of great information. But for starters, I'd say follow the plan as written and make sure you take extra care of yourself the first week. The first few days can be a bit rough while you are trying to get into the fat burning stage. I had nausea and headaches for 3 days before I felt better. After that, my headache disappeared and my hunger pangs went away and I felt great!.

Keep reading the boards - that's what I did. There is so much helpful information here. Best of luck to you!.

Bluedog, unfortunately I'm still a slob and manage to get drips on my shirt. I don't think that's EVER going to go away, LOL!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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