Hashimoto's and Medifast

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I am fairly new on the Medifast plan....I've been on it for five weeks and I've only lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy about that, but I don't seem to be losing anymore weight. I do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and I've never had problems losing weight before. I am definitely eating better than I was before, so I don't know why I'm not losing anymore. I have started walking for exercise and hopefully that will help. Does anyone have any suggestions?..

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I also have Hashimoto's. Make sure your dosage doesn't need adjusting. As you lose weight it might need to be tweeked. This could cause the lack of additional weight loss.

How long have you been on Medifast and how much have you lost to date?.

And as Kazie said, make sure you leave several hours between taking your meds and eating...

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Try taking your thyroid medication right before you go to bed. the time between the food and the pill should help - also check to see that you don't need to have your dosage adjusted...

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Don't take your synthroid before bedits the worst thing you can do. It's meant to help you metabolize foods and give you energy. It'll really screw with your sleep schedule, especially if your dosage has to be increased at any point...

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Check out this link for a more accurate description of what the thyroid controls.

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No one has asked about what you are eating. Are you getting all of the meals in? Measuring them? Drinking all of the water? Logging the meals? What about condiments? A lot of us have this illness and it is not affecting our loss. I guess I would make sure you are following the program exactly before I would assume it is the illness...

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Taking mine before bed hasn't messed with my sleeping in the least. And more recent research actually points to possible benefits to taking it at night:

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Interesting read. Wish I could take mine at night. Unfortunately, with my fibro and sleep issues, it keeps me up. Gotta have my 4-5 hours a night!..

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Interesting thread this one is too! Yeah come to find out that all these issues I have now (nope not blaming or having excuse for anything) runs on my dad's side of the family! Especially these "thyroid" issues that Im having.

Also just found out that one of my cousins on his side has this hash too....she did the iodine treatment, and she has had good readings from what I heard!..

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Hate to jump in here but there was a recent medical study released by the Journal Clinical Endocrinology that showed that taking meds at night (synthetic meds) was actually beneficial as compared to the morning. It was a small pilot study but I wanted to raise this issue.

Ps- I have Hashimotos and I take my meds at night and I also have been having sucess with MF, but I also ask my dr. before I switch up things (like going on a diet, changing the time I take my meds, etc.)..

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It depends on the individual and the dosage you take. I can't take mine at night or I would never sleep. Having fibro as well, not sleeping is NOT an option!..

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I also have Hashimoto's and find that I lose slower then others but since starting with Medifast 6/1/10 I have had only 1 wk that I did not lose something. I take my Synthroid very early and only do whey based foods for the first 3 hrs. This is the only program where I have had good luck in losing but I admit to being a little afraid of transition and maint...

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I've never been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, but I do have an underactive thyroid for which I take a very low dose of levothyroxine. I have been taking mine right before bedtime and have had no trouble sleeping at all. As a matter of fact, I find I sleep more soundly. I guess it depends on the individual. Try what's best for you. Good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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