Has anyone used the self divorce packets that you buy at the Vitamin Shoppes? If so how does it work?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Has anyone used the self divorce packets that you buy at the Vitamin Shoppes? If so how does it work?.

My next question is: Me too! Definately one of my fav's. I usually add brocolli florets to the extra meatloaf sauce. I eat this when I've had a stressful day and need comfort food.


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Your question was: Has anyone used the self divorce packets that you buy at the Vitamin Shoppes? If so how does it work?.

Yep, me too. I even like the gray mashed potatoes. I like to fry up some mixed mushrooms with a tiny bit of red wine (spray pan with Pam) and top the meatloaf with it. Yummy!..

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Try stuffing a green peeper with the meatloaf and about yummy!!!..

Comment #2

The mashed potatoes are the worst ever - just the color turns me off - but I love the meat loaf!..

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I'm with you, needenergy2...the color of the potatoes have kept me from ordering the meatloaf again, but the meatloaf WAS good. Why are the potatoes gray? yuk. I thought there was something wrong with them..


Comment #4

The potatoes are actually pretty good if you mash them up and spray ICBINB and sprinkle garlic pepper on them...

Comment #5

I skip the mashed potatoes and make a meatloaf sandwich w/ some ff mozzarella Deelish!!!..

Comment #6

I was skeptical at first when I saw the color of the potatoes. I just took a tiny taste, and I liked them!.

So now, I don't even think twice about the strange color. LOL..

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The meatloaf itself is pretty good. I think I tolerate the gray mashed potatoes because I LOVE natural potatoes and this is a better alternative to none at all...

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OMG!! I can't believe there are people out there that like the potatoes! The meatloaf and sauce is pretty tasty, tho...

Comment #9

I didn't like the color of the potatoes either. I put them at the bottom of my stuffed bellpeppers. Yummy!..

Comment #10

I think they taste pretty darn good. Add 'Butter Buds' for a better taste. I guess thats my problem, I eat anything. IDA..

Comment #11

I put butter buds on my potatoes and then put the meatloaf sauce on top. Stir it up and you don't see grey anymore. Actually, I ate it tonight. My veggy was broiled in butter mushrooms, (got my fat that way) and carrots..

I mixed the rooms and carrots, sprinkled ground peppercorn and garlic and sea salt on them. Quite good!..

Comment #12

Had this tonight. Love the whole thing. I pour the sauce over the meat and potatoes.

I love that the potatoes pop out as a rectangle though. Sometimes when my hubby says, "What do you want for dinner tonight?" I will answer "My potato twinkie!!!"..

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I'd actually never had meatloaf before the NS one, so I'm not 100% sure what it's supposed to taste like (I wasn't born here, my family is Eastern European and extra super unfamiliar with meatloaf ). I just had one today, though. It was my second time.. didn't like it TOO much the first time, so I added my secret ingredient that makes just about any meal tastier. Well, it's not exactly a SECRET, lol, but anywho.. it's garlic.

Yummers! I mixed it with the mashed potato with a bit of parsley, a pinch of onion powder and freshly grated black pepper. Used 2 whole cloves of garlic in that TEENSY bit of potato, and it rocked my world, lol. I didn't do anything to the meatloaf, because I was tired, but I'm sure I'll think of something next time. )..

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I just love the meatloaf and actually love the grey potatoes too I just add alot of the sauce to the potatoes and they are yummy I think that is what I will have for dinner tonight!..

Comment #15

This is one of my very favorite NS dinners too! I usually have carrots with mine (not very imaginative I know)!..

Comment #16

When I had the meatloaf I cooked a cup of cabbage and poured it over that. I mixed it all together like a casserole. It tasted okay and, boy was it filling!..

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Yep, me too. I even like the gray mashed potatoes. I like to fry up some mixed mushrooms with a tiny bit of red wine (spray pan with Pam) and top the meatloaf with it. Yummy!..

Comment #18

I just pretend there's gravy in the potatoes, thus.....grey. Yum. I LOVE this meal!.


Comment #19

The meatloaf and potatoes has been my favorite meal so far after a week.

I thought they tasted better than any LC or HC I have tried...

Comment #20

I didn't mind any of it - it all seemed fine to me, not to mention yummy!!! I loved the sauce, and all I did was add some chives to the potatoes. Good stuff...

Comment #21

I am new and thought I had gotten a bad NS dinner with gray mashed potatoes that have the consistency of wallpaper paste! Couldn't even bring myself to taste them - but loved the meatloaf. So now after reading these I may bring myself to order this again and try the potatoes. thanks everyone nancy..

Comment #22

Hi Nancy! Yes, definitely try the spuds! Add some garlic, too! )..

Comment #23

What an adorable little dog! Is that a Bichon? I used to have a Bichon and now have a Shichon puppy.

And yes.....the potatoes are YUMMY!.


Comment #24


Just thought I'd add my 2cents - I love the meatloaf and mashed potatoes as well. Like most of you, I thought I had a bad batch but honestly, if you mashed them up, add some ICBINB and mix the rest of the red sauce over them. they are excellent.

I have different veggies with them - depending on what I buy/cook for the week..

I usually buy carrots, broc, beans and squash - my favs, cook them all up that night and put into snack size zip loc baggies, then pull one out to eat with my dinner. very fast and easy and I have a variety to choose from..

Next to meatloaf I love the lasagna. Next to meatloaf I love the cranberry yogurt bars and they seem to be either discontinueing them (which in my opinion is cause for a revoltLOL) or back ordered since I got 3 packages of blue berry muffins in place of the bars...

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Yes, that's a Bichon, but it's not my doggie.. I actually do have a Bichon/Poodle mix, hence the avatar, but don't have any pix of her on my new computer. ) They just might be discontinuing the bars.. haven't noticed them, now that you mentioned it. Ick, I got an apple toaster pastry in place of something last time.. ::gag::..

Comment #26

It's amazing what you can get used to and convince yourself what you really like! I think the meatloaf is by far the best dinner entree and is definitely 100% "comfort food". I know that when I'm down or stressed, that's the one I pick. The color of the potatoes is admittedly strange, but when mashed up with the sauce and accompanied by carrots or broccoli or fresh stringbeans, I've found it pretty satisfying!..

Comment #27

The potatoes may not be purty but they taste like real potatoes where LC and those taste like instant...

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I never noticed that the potatoes are gray; I have bad lighting in my house! Really! I should never have read this thread!.

I love the meat loaf and mashed potatoes; it's my favorite dinner. As someone posted, it is definitely comfort food, perfect for a cold winter evening supper, and it's very filling. I'm just sorry to learn that so many other people like it; I'd hate for Nutrisystem to run out and make a substitution because I order a lot of them each month!..

Comment #29

I guess it's to each their own. I have found the "gray" potato to be DISGUSTING...

Comment #30

I love this dinner, even the potatoes. I don't care what color they are, they taste good, and it's so nice to get real potatoes! I just put the sauce from the meatloaf on the potatoes, mash them up, and then they're yummy, and you don't see the color. I know they taste good, so I don't even think about it anymore. The only thing that bothers me about this dinner is how difficult it is getting the plastic off the container!!!..

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Yep I feel the same way. I am actually glad they don't add a ton of coloring to them or process the living daylights out of them to make them nice and white.

I admit the first time I had it I didn't eat the potatoes. But the meatloaf was so good. Then I read here where the taters were good too so I figured I would try them next time. I have been happy since then...

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Meatloaf and mashed potatoes have ALWAYS been one of my favorite foods. So, I was very excited to have this as an option. Does anyone else have a lot of difficulty getting the plastic off? This by far seems to be the most "glued down" plastic on any meal...

Comment #33

I didn't order the meatloaf & mashed potatoes on my 1st order, so I'll try it next month. I kind of like the stuffed green pepper idea..

I don't like the "glued down" tops either...

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