Has anyone used any of the Vitamin Shoppes sunless tanning?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Has anyone used any of the Vitamin Shoppes sunless tanning?.

My main question is: I'm a new poster, although I've been on NS for over a year. So, I apologize if someone has already done this thread..

But I was wondering, what is your favorite NS item to satisfy your sweet tooth. Please pick just one - your favorite. It doesn't have to be a dessert; could be a lunch bar too or a breakfast item....

I'd have to say the Chocolate Almond Cookie. Yum! It satisfies my sweet tooth and my chocoholism. Of course I could eat half a dozen of them but don't. And truthfully, they are filling, esp. if I have a cup of coffee with it...

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Your question was: Has anyone used any of the Vitamin Shoppes sunless tanning?.

The Fudge Graham bar is really good..

And I love the chocolate crunch bars, both plain and mint...

Comment #1

Blueberry Lemon Bar - it is major sweet .....

Comment #2

I think they are ok, it is the cherry ones that they discontinued. At least they left one...

Comment #3

Oh, thanks, Cindy. I mis-remembered that. I liked the plain better than the cherry ones anyway. So I still have my movie snack - good deal!..

Comment #4

The Fudge Graham Bar!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I dont really like chocolate that much but this lunch is fantastic...

Comment #5

I'd have to say the Chocolate Chip Pudding! YUM!..

Comment #6

Nutri chocolates until the fudge brownie came out it is REALLY yummy!..

Comment #7

I don't see a fudge brownie on the list of choices. How did you get it, swimmom?..

Comment #8

Cherry Cordials I'm going to miss them very much...

Comment #9

I prefer the chocolate cake... hmmm with 8 oz of milk!.

I might just have that tonight!.


Comment #10

Chocolate almond cookie! I LOVE that and could have it every single day and never get tired of it! So yummy and satisfying!..

Comment #11

I could eat the chocolate crunch bar every day!..

Comment #12

I love the chocolate cake with the mini chips inside. Yum...

Comment #13

Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Chocolate Caramel Bar, and Blueberry Lemon Bar..

Comment #14

As I posted when I started this thread, please pick just one - I'm really interested in your favorite. Thanks for all your responses. There are many of the sweet desserts that I like, which is why I was interested in everyone's one, favorite one...

Comment #15

Nutri Chocolates! I loved the cherry chocolates, but they discontinued them...

Comment #16

Everythimg chocolate! I especially liked the cherry chocolates, I think have been discontinued, but I can settle for the plain ones...

Comment #17

Without a doubt my favourite is the new advance pb cookie..

Comment #18

WTG......Jackie!!!!! More than 100 pounds kicked to the curb!!!!!.

My favorite sweet treat was the Cherry Cordials, but seeing as they discontinued I'd have to say the Strawberry Shortcake bar!!!!!..

Comment #19

Strawberry Shortcake Bar, FOR NOW... real anxious to try out the new ones soon.....

Comment #20

Uh, oh, Cindy. Are they on the discontinued list?.

Those are pretty good, and I love taking them to the movies as my movie snack...

Comment #21

The Fudge Graham bar is really good..

And I love the chocolate crunch bars, both plain and mint...

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