Has anyone tried the Medifast Diet and does it work?

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My question is Has anyone tried the Medifast Diet and does it work? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... I know I know NO EXCUSE..but what can I say I'm an emotional eater and feeling BLAH and down today...

I messed up...oh well so long for 100 pounds loss this week!!.

I caved in and eating so dumb!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Not dumb....HUMAN! As PP said get back on track immediately and do not beat yourself up. You have lost 99 have proven to yourself that you can and ARE doing this. Keep on keepin on Steph! Get back to those cheese sticks!..

Comment #2

Don't be so hard on yourself. You've done an amazing thing! Most people could not do what you've done - losing almost 100 pounds! 100 pounds! Consider it a weak moment and move on! You rock!..

Comment #3

Stephanie this is life long and you are doing soooo well!! You have lost more than most on here, which means you ARE doing things right. YOU are an inspiration and a leader on here - even on days like today!!! Please try not to say negative things to yourself. It only makes you want to eat more....

I believe in you. I know you will have a much better day tomorrow!..

Comment #4

Dood, drop the nachos and move on! If you want to beat yourself up, go do it at the gym, or take a walk, or go for a swim, or clean the house, and BURN those calories off!..

Comment #5

Yea....your a complete FAILURE....losing 99lbs...not good enough! I need my 100lbs!.

I'm kidding.....

Just get back on the horse...

Comment #6

Why would anyone yell at you? You made a choice, it's not the best one, life goes on! Its rare the person who stays with a weight loss plan 100 percent and loses weight in a linear way and keeps it off. This is a learning process. You figured something out about emotional eating, poor choices and consequences. Sounds like a pretty successful day in an overall sense. Face it, you learn these lessons now, cause if they wait til Maintenance or later, it often spells disaster..


NOW, time to suck it up and get back on plan!..

Comment #7

Steph it's okay. Don't let one slip turn into one day and longer off plan. You can do this! You are so close to the 100 pound mark and you can get there!..

Comment #8

I think you've done a good enough job of yelling at yourself..

I'm not going to kick anyone when they're down..

Comment #9

Awww... Steph... just don't let it spiral out of control. If you haven't already done so, stop eating them and put it behind you. I'm a binge eater and once I go off track it's hard to get back on. When I slip, I try to put 100% of my focus on not staying in a slip.

You'll still hit 100 in a few days if you get back on plan now...

Comment #10

Yell yell yell yell yell yell yell.

Put the nachos down, drink some extra water, and talk a walk. It's going to be ok. You are doing so amazing so far! Now that you've lost a bunch of weight I think it might be time to remotivate yourself to achieve your goals. Instead of focusing on losing the weight, now it's time to focus on what you want when you reach your goal weight...

Comment #11

Steph.... you know you are amazing and have come so far. The real winners are those who learn from their mistakes. I know you will get back on the bandwagon and not let this slip be the end of your journey. Its behind you now and you can be OP the rest of the day and the next day etc..


Comment #12

What? Oh Steph, why? Classic self-sabotage as you know. Why are you afraid to lose this weight, little lady?..

Comment #13

If you really want us to I guess we could, but it would be a little pointless at this point, no?.

I guess the only helpful thing to say would be to ask yourself what need the nachos were filling... and is there another way to meet those needs? And if you haven't gotten Dr. A's Habits of Health book and read about his take on setting creative goals for what you are striving.


Instead of.


And why that's important, it might help, too!.

Now, get back on that horse! LOL..

Comment #14

Remember how feel for cheating and use it to your advantage next time you feel like eating something you shouldn't. Not worth it!.

You're gonna be fine..

Comment #15

Steph, ditto on what the others have said. You have done amazing - almost 100 pounds gone. You have and will continue to inspire lots of folks, and guess what, you are human and had a slip. Get up, brush off the nacho crumbs.

And get back on the OP Horse! I look forward to the day - which will be soon - when you yell "I have lost 100 pounds!"..

Comment #16

Tomorrow is a new day. Or depending on your time zone a couple hours and it's a new meal. Start there...

Comment #17

Pick yourself up, put down the "bad" food, and start over again tomorrow OP. I do agree that you need to look at the "why" behind your eating today. We will never be able to keep the weight off without knowing why we gain it or make poor food choices. Is it because you are thisclose to 100 pounds that you are a little nervous? Regardless, look at how great you have done!!!! Just put this aside, stop beating yourself up over it, and move on. Don't let 1 slip turn into a binge (I have issues with this so I assume everyone else does too. It you don't, then please don't take offense)..

Congrats on your losses to date!!.


Comment #18

Consider yourself YELLED at! LOL.

You slipped. You are not the first one and wont be the last one. You know how to get back OP and that is all you have to do...

Comment #19

Sweetie, I'm having a bad day and I *really* want to cheat. It's late, I'm tired and I'm upset..

But I want the scales to move more than I want to cheat. Sometimes I remember that, sometimes I don't..

Today, you forgot. Obviously, you usually remember or you wouldn't have gotten as far as you have..

Tomorrow, you'll remember again. Heck, you remember now!.

Don't let this derail you!..

Comment #20

It could have been worse. You could have eaten your arm! I bet that would be more calories than nachos - LOL!.

This shows that you are human - a special sort of human who has done a kick *** job of losing 99 lbs. by the way!!!..

Comment #21

Drink lots of water, purge those nachos out of your system, and start eating clean again so you can see that ONE HUNDRED POUND LOSS very, very soon!..

Comment #22

I am very "all or nothing" in my thinking and it has never helped me with any past diet. I understand where you are coming from. Its one slip, but it doesn't have to define your day or week or month or year or life. I hope you will keep it in perspective and not beat your self up. Jump back on it and rock this thing!!!.



Comment #23

No yelling from me, Steph! Just great big......

Get right back on track and let's lose this weight and get healthy, together! ~ML..

Comment #24

No's truly pointless. I've so been there, try to get your mind back in the game. Don't let it become a self defeating thought process (been there), you can do it, you have done it and you will do it again. A mistake does not define us, it enriches us and makes us smarter and stronger. Don't let anyone bash you for mistakes! If we didn't make them, we would all be perfect. How would we learn then? and how boring would that be? Get up, brush your self off and jump back on that horse. You can do it!! We all believe in you...

Comment #25

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