Has anyone tried Medifast? And what were your results?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Has anyone tried Medifast? And what were your results? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question... Absolutely starving this last week! And sick of this diet. And freezing all of the time. I can't even warm up in a hot bath, as the hot water feels cold.

I'm normal weight now, still a bit chubby, and I do want to make my goal weight, but gaaaaaa!.

Ever feel like this?........

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I could not stop eating alllll day today. I snacked on turnip, celery, almosts, egg whites, half my dinner including 12 oz. of broccoli and I'm also freezing. The thought of transition very soon is really scarey. I'm a boredom eater......

Comment #2

Yep, add me to the list...sometimes I go from hour to hour trying so hard not to cheat... the weird work schedule I've been on has made me so hungry I can't stand it! Fortunately I'm done with that now, but still, since I don't generally have time to make all the fancy Medifast recipes that I read about here, I get soooooo tired of Medifast stuff sometimes... arrggghhh!!!..

Comment #3

It seems to me that when I have really really hungry days, I always have a major loss the next day that encourages me to keep going. I think it's because for what ever reason my body is burning a ton of fat,and I'm starving, and then it's like, BOOM! -3lbs!.

We shall see tomorrow......

Comment #4

My weight loss slowed and appetite increased when I started Curves; a coach strongly suggested I add a shake (6th meal) right after exercise. I upped my protein, dropped the shake after a few months; that worked better for me..

Ya, I'm freezing all the time! My into-fitness son said it's due to loss of body fat. Thank goodness my girl bengal cat, Zena, likes to warm up the foot of my bed before I get there, LOL!..

Comment #5

LOL, well Ive been on this diet for almost a year...give or take (with fallen off planned days lol) and trying to make it more exciting...but I say DONT GIVE UP!! YOU COME THIS FAR "WE" why throw in the towel now?.

I was STARVING today too...but you will have your hungry days as we already know.....

Comment #6

LOL, thats how I became fat was EATING all day just cuz there was nothin g to occupy myself with LOL...I have aways for tm but hang in there !!..

Comment #7

It must be the day..

I was actually perusing the boards about these topics (being really really hungry and super cold).

OMG I have been starving all day..

I am hoping that this will be the case..


I'll just throw on a hoodie and drink a cup of hot tea..

This too shall pass..

Comment #8

Me too. I don't know what it is about Fridays, but I am hungry right after finishing my meal and all the time in between. I keep sabotaging myself on the weekends - still losing weight, but not as much as I should be..

And the always cold thing sucks too..

What I am NOT sick of, though, is everything in my closet either fitting or being loose. I started dieting at a point where I had barely anything to wear b/c I refused to admit I needed to move up a size. So there is the silver lining...

Comment #9

This is why I am back. I have been at home on disability since October; all I have been doing is stress eating while wearing is pajamas. I finally got a grip and got back on 5&1..

I can't wait to go shopping in my closet...

Comment #10

...the less I eats, I can see my feets... You have to have some kind of battle cry to get thru this!.

I'm very often cold too. Which astounds me! 100 pounds ago you couldn't make me cold. I wore light jackets in the dead of winter and would put the ceiling fan on and chase everyone from the room. Now you can warm me with a blow torch half the time!.

The joys of the Medifast journey.......


Comment #11


I was right. Major loss of 4.2 lbs this am!.

Although it doesn't look like I lost 4.2 according to my ticker, because I never update it when it fluctuates up! Only down...

Comment #12

I'm right there with all of you and this cold thing....feel like I'm freezing all of the time. I've become a hot tea drinker now to try to keep warm. I am 2 pounds from top of weight range and 11 pounds from goal....on the days I am really hungry I just eat every 2 hours even if it means an extra medifast. This happened to me yesterday & I was down 2 pound today! Wow! Wasn't expecting that as I ate more food! Sometimes that does it I guess! Hang in there because I's so great to have smaller sizes to wear!!..

Comment #13

Do you like the hot cocoa? I drink that as one of my meals when I'm cold! But I'm a person who is ALWAYS cold anyway (even with menopause and hot flashes! I have an endocrine disorder which causes it.).


P.S. What helps me too is to mix things up a little! There are some fun things you can do with your meals that do not involve extra condiments (for example I mix the cocoa mix with 3 tablespoons of water and freeze it to make fudge...) I also ordered a bunch of single packets last time to try some new things. I'm on my sixth week and doing great! It's worth experimenting! Browse the boards for recipes and ideas, and you may discover a new favorite!..

Comment #14

Oh, I might try the cocoa mix/fudge idea. I hate the grittiness the hot cocoa has as hot cocoa...

Comment #15

That sucks! I find that after I've reached the normal weight stage I subconciously think "it's enough" and I'm finally comfortable again so I tend to notice all of the things I hate about dieting on a serious level. This is probably why I never get to my actual goal. You're doing so great. Keep it up! You'll get there. Good luck...

Comment #16

On those super-hungry days I chug water like it's going out of style. And that's when I bust out the sugar-free gum, too. Seems to help with the boredom...

Comment #17

Feelingchunky, I get like that too! That's why I never got to my original goal a couple years ago...I got tired of it all, was "satisfied" with where I got to, and just maintained from there. But since I was starting to gain again, that's why I'm back, and may just go for the original goal this time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that...

Comment #18

Feelingchunky & Swordsc, I am starting to feel exactly the same way. I am 13 pounds from goal, down a smaller size, and look and feel a LOT better than I did 26 pounds ago. And I'm thinking that the rest of the weight and the transition will take me at least all of the summer, not counting any major stalls. It seems so far away and I've been avoiding social events that include food and alcohol. I really don't think I could handle trying to do a L&G at a buffet or drinking water at a bar (I stopped drinking soda with MF) while everyone else is eating and drinking. I've turned down so many events that I sometimes question if this is worth it in the long run.

But I keep telling myself that if I continue to goal and DO the T&M as stated, then I will have a much better chance at actually keeping the weight off. So far that has kept me going. I know if I quit before goal then I will always have that feeling that "Gee, I wished I had stuck it out for just a little longer". I have also lost weight before and never made it to goal. I really want to do it this time. I am also a 2 pounds a week average so far and I'm completely happy with that since I'm in my 50's and have hypothyroidism.

I think we can all do this. In the end, I believe, it will be all worth it. Hang in there...

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