HAs anyone tried Medifast?, and if so, how it works and would you recommend It..TANX?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... HAs anyone tried Medifast?, and if so, how it works and would you recommend It..TANX? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... It is so depressing to go shopping for clothes at this weight. I order from places like Lane Bryant online just so I do not have to go out. This is so depressing.

I forgot what it is like to walk into a store and buy something off the rack because I like it not because it is the only thing that fits!!!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

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It is amazing how quickly even a modest weight loss shows in my clothes. After a 2 week loss of 11 pounds, I was wearing things I had not worn for 2+ years. This weekend I have to search through the spare closet for clothes that fit me after week 3. The thrill of wearing my smaller clothes is more reward than the numbers on the scale. Thanks MF!..

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Johanna - I lost 10 lbs the first week and I went from a tight 24W (Lane Bryant) to being able to wear all my 24W jeans..

I know what you mean by wanting to go into any store and find clothes to fit...

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Johanna - I can totally relate to your post. I used to detest shopping for clothes, but I discovered last weekend that it is actually fun now! You took the first step and you, too, will find enjoyment in clothes shopping!..

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Thanks everyone. I hope so! I hate even going out to sociaize anymore. I am so embarrased!..

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I started about the same weight as you late last September. I hated being in my own skin. Everything I wore was tight and so uncomfortable that the minute I got home I stripped and got into something big and baggy. My largest size pants were a 28 and it kills me even now to admit that. But as I started Medifast I started to do better every day. Clothes fitting better, then loose, then going into a big pile for good will.

THEY FIT.. It was very exciteing indeed..

The other day I went home and was lounging around and my daughter said "mom.. your still in your clothes"..

I told here I'm comfortable in my clothes now.. it's cool..

Its a long road, but really if you stick with it.. find your groove, you will find the same success. I feel this was my last resort and found that it's the easiest most carefree program I every found. I don't feel deprived and when I'm feeling hungry I realize it time to eat.. hhmm.. interesting...

Good luck.. if you ever need any help... just let me know..

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I totally know the feeling. Please know that it does get better. And the awesome part of it? You get to throw (or more accurately donate) those clothes away with a real sense of accomplishment..

The whole clothes thing is likely the single thing that will keep my weight under control. At this point, yes. I've lost quite a bit of weight. But my brain hasn't really caught up with my size. So I still feel like the size 24 girl. Of course healthwise, I feel great! But mentally, I'm catching up.

Keep with it and soon you'll be getting rid of those larger clothes and reflecting back. It's an awesome feeling!..

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I was a Lane Bryant junkie for, I'm just about in regular sizes. Can not wait to order clothes from VS or Bluefly!..

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I will say this to you: soon you will no longer be "trapped in blubber". The tickers on these forums never fail to amaze me. Take a look at some of the photos. People are getting their lives back and You Will Too!..

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Thanks! And what a good problem to have regarding your pockets...

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Thank you so much for this post. It hits home...

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I want and need my life back. I have become a recluse. Not good!..

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You are doing everything you can TODAY to change that. Stick to Medifast, and you will be shopping in "regular" stores soon! I promise! I know it doesn't FEEL like it, and some days it will feel like "forever" but remember the weight did not come ON overnight, and it will not come OFF overnight. But Medifast is the safest fastest way you can change your life in this way, and you ARE doing it!..

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Things do change and along the way you will find your feelings towards you will change and you will love yourself. I just felt so fat and as I lost the weight I did not really pay attention to realizing I was actually looking like medifast was working. Soon my big sizes were just too big. I had clothes I did not even wear because they looked too big before I could wear them. My daughter says my arms lost their flabI have quite away to go but this made me smile. She also said when she lays down on the bed at a angle to watch TV with me my knees are too bony and I don't have all this fat on my legs like a cushion so she is not comfortable anymore....LOL.

Hang in there. Things will change and the people on this board are so motivating and caring so you know you will have all the support you need...

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Well, My over all highest weight was how you think I felt?? Just like you but more DEPRESSED! LOL...I was no slim trimmings I can tell you that. And shopping was pretty much unbearable to me anymore as nothing wasnt fitting anymore....

Now that I'm 130 pounds lighter...let me tell you that shoppping is much EASIER than before.....hang in there you will see yourself melting away......

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Before I started to diet I refused to go shopping to buy a bigger size and it got to the point where I had 1 pair of jeans and 1 shirt that I could wear. It was crazy but I just couldn't face buying a size 26! Now I am into a size 16 in regular sizes so that makes it a little more bearable but I carry most of my weight around my abdomen and thighs so it takes me a while to move down sizes. The good news is that I have lost several bra sizes! I am extremely happy about that! I do alot of shopping at thrift stores and off Craigslist. It just doesn't make sense to buy new unless it's on a great sale since I won't be wearing it for long. And then when I shrink out of a size I sell those on Craigslist to buy the next batch!..

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