Has anyone here had success with Slimfast or Medifast?

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Got a question... Has anyone here had success with Slimfast or Medifast? Thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I had a terrible emotional day, I'm fighting bloodsugar problems, and I am rapidly running out of Medifast food. I just can't decide if I would rather lose weight or eat a pizza...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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What type of blood sugar problems... to low, to high?? Have you talked to a dr about it?.

Your health is more impt than medifast... if you are to low, be sure to have something to raise it.... lol not pizza.....

Can you order more Medifast food... and or change to a 4/2 plan for a bit to stretch it out till more gets shipped?.

You're very close to goal wt... i'm assuming you must be pretty short... to want to get that low for goal wt... if not perhaps you need to revise your goal wt?..

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Thanks for your support, I think your responses are helping me back from the edge.

I've struggled with low blood sugar my whole life. Ironically, it took until I was in my 20s for a doctor to figure it out. Then I was told to eat ice cream! I've never gotten a good answer on what I can eat to raise it. If you know, please share!.

Clearly I have always been pretty small and, yes, definately short. Up until about 30, weight was never a problem for me. I have been more stable than ever on Medifast until a few weeks ago. When I got below 120 I was very excited and did more of a workout than usual (not by much, still way within Medifast standards). But it was just enough to throw my bloodsugar for a loop. I started to feel hints of the symptoms returning.

For about a week after that I was eating a 3 or 4 Medifast meals and, by dinner, had completely given into eating whatever. Thats when it got bad. I've been back on for several days now and, although it took a couple of days to recover, I was feeling good. Then this morning I woke up with the headache. I don't know why, I've been on plan which usually makes me feel very balanced.

As you can probably tell, I crave the heaviest meal possible when feeling low bloodsugar. However, I'm still on plan and trying to ignore the headache..

Money has been very tight and I couldn't order food as early as I should have. I ordered a few days ago and I'm just trying to squeek by on any remaining meals I have left. If can just make it until Wednesday....

To answer your last question, I chose 105 because thats what the almighty doctor says is a good, healthy weight for me. For most of my adult life I was below that (between 98-102). I'm not in any way over critical and would be happy just to look healthy and feel stable.

I'm not going to give in and eat ice cream. Despite his "advice" eating things like that just make me feel worse. I did do a 4/2 today, hoping it would take the headache away. No luck yet. So, I'll keep trying to stay on plan and get through it..

Wish me luck!.

BTW- Kudos on your success so far! I'm so impressed!..

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You have less then 10 lbs to loose. Keep it up!!!! Your almost there!!!..

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I deal with the low bloodsugar sometimes also..never had a dr tell me to eat ice cream..

You could always do the diabetic plan with eating one fruit. That will give you some sugar that is much more healthy than ice cream or pizza..

I know that when I exercise more I do have to eat more. I do the 4+2 if I have a particularly active day. IF I know that I am going to be riding 2 horses, working on the farm, and running. I will do the 4 + 2 becuase I will burn some calories just working on the farm. I get very dizzy if I don't do this...

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I have fought low blood sugar my entire life as well. It was my great fear going on Medifast in fact. I couldn't see how I could do a 5 and 1 and not get "the hibbie jibbies". Like you I felt awesome while on program and still use the food now for during the days at work to get me through..

If something has changed....SOMETHING HAS CHANGED. I would say make an appointment with your doctor and just get basic blood work done and discuss what's going on. It may not be serious but it's worth checking out. I actually had the same problem after about 10 pounds of weight loss. I went to the doctor and basically was told I wasn't getting enough calories to be exercising. Even a 4 and 2 wasn't helpful to allow me to workout while on program.

I'm back to working out and haven't had any problems since..

I know money is tight and totally understand that feeling!!! Maybe try cutting back (or cutting out) your work outs and see if you still lose weight, maybe slower, but don't have the low blood sugar effects. I'm no doctor but it might be worth trying. If that doesn't help I would go in for an office visit. Like Heather said, your health is the most important thing!.

Good luck and congrats on your loss so far..

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With your cutting back on and trying to stretch out your Medifast meals, are you eating every 2-3 hours still? That is really important in keeping your blood sugar level. You might try posting to the registered dietitian forum and get their advice but you are getting some good advice from the posters here. You might try the 4 and 2 plan for a while as someone suggested...

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Thank you soooo much everyone! Its so good to know I'm not alone!.

I am still eating every 3 hours. I am down to shakes, brownies, and pancakes. I am doing 2 L&G green meals to make the others last. And now that I say that out loud, I'm reminded that the chicken noodle soup has always had a great stabilizing effect and I ran out of that a couple of days ago. Hhmmm. Well, good news, tracking says my new order should be here tomorrow..

I stopped exercising when the blood sugar problems resurfaced (when I got below 120). And, have had success with that. I think you're right, our bodies just won't take it. I, too, will start again when I'm in maintenance..

Last night, I started doing a little more online research about low blood sugar and how to treat it. I was beginning to move past headache and into the nassea and unclear thinking. I knew if I went to bed that way today was going to be just as bad. So, I did as all the sites agreed. I ate something with quick, easy glucose (a few hard candies) and then followed it with a little protein. Good news, no headache this morning! Yippeeee!.

However, something stange happened this morning. I jumped on the scale and it says I went up to 116.6 from 114.8. This seems to happen when I have a bloodsugar problem. Usually, not to this degree- almost two pounds is a lot. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm trying not to be too disapointed. I was so very excited to have surpassed the 115 mark.

I feel like I'm fighting my own body. Why can't I just be normal?????.

Thanks again for all of your advice and encouragement. I don't think I would make it without this great support system!..

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Hon - NONE of us are normal! LOL. Stress can cause stalls or even a gain. The change in your diet to 4&2 could have you retaining water, heck, just about ANYTHING can make us retain water.

You know it's not a true weight gain. It's a fluctuation that will clear itself out eventually. Drink lots of water and stop stressing so much over your food for the next couple of days. What you doing is great and right on point. Just try to relax a bit. Your food is on it's way.

Oh, and may I also add - STOP SELF DIAGNOSING!!!.

Stop researching, stop trying to find answers on your own. You will only cause even more stress! If you have ANY questions about your blood sugar or your health, take them to the person that knows the best. Your doctor...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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