Handling temptations during Medifast

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I've been under a lot of stress lately, not getting enough sleep, and I find that makes me more vulnerable to temptation. So, someone who knows I'm on the diet - probably the least supportive person in my life who knows - starts talking about their own dinner plans and describing in detail what the food will be, then gets to the end and says, oops! probably shouldn't have gone on about that because you're on a diet. I just nodded and went back to what I was doing. So, that's my vent. People can be so insensitive, and I wonder if it was even deliberate. Grrr.

Now the victory. I was annoyed this person was doing this, but it didn't cause me to be tempted at all. I had my lean and green planned and am committed to staying on plan. Hearing about all those great foods didn't tempt me because I know I'm going to be reaching my goal and buying new clothes, and that will be my reward for all of this hard work...

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Good for you, don't let other's sabatoge your efforts. You are in control of what you choose to eat and sounds like you are making the right choices...

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Well, we are not really on a "diet". We are on a life changing journey to be the best we can be. Good for you for not letting someone else derail your plans and control your thoughts. That is powerful stuff!..

Comment #2

Good for you! Jealousy and insecurity in others can be annoying. Good for you for rising above it. Send them love through your mind and then turn around and love yourself. That will keep you successful. Congrats on how great you are doing!..

Comment #3

That's just mean! Regardless if you were tempted or not... just remember all of the people on here that will cheer you on! And if you want me to decsribe in detail the dinner I am making tonight... =) Grilled juicy steak cubed into tasty morsels.... placed gingerly ontop of meticulously measured romain leaves with a smattering of sliced and diced cucumber and tomatoes. Crushed soy salty ranch crips will be sprinkled as my croutons as well as a smudge of salsa across the top.....

Not so sexy sounding, right? But it's one of the the few l&greens right now that I can manage. And it's good!..

Comment #4

Great Job Staying on plan and staying true to you..

I have found I do this inspite of what others say, think or feel..

I have to remember, their opinion is NONE OF MY Business..

I know what's right for me, just like you do..

You are being true to you and taking great care of you..

Super Job!.

Keep up your awesome work, YOU ARE WORTH IT!.


Comment #5

I'll bet that person was surprised at your reaction, or actually your lack of reaction. It was a victory that they didn't get the rise out of you they were hoping for!.

Good for you for hangin' tough, despite the stresses and challenges!!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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