Medifast recipe for Gyro?

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Quite good. I used A LOT of garlic (about triple the recipe) in the sauce because I love garlic. For me, it was still good, but my wife thought it was way too much. I suggest sticking with the 1 tspn to keep it closer to what it's supposed to be...

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This looks really good. I will try to make it. Even though Im a complete disaster in the kitchen.

I really think you should work for Medifast and make your recipes as readily available foods for people to buy just like Jenny Craig and Nutirsystem......It would give us some variety and make things easier on us, especially for kitchen challenged people like myself.

Thanks again Orangeblood I will attempt to make this and the pizza you have listed..

One thing I wanted to ask you was about the Medifast Survival guide..I was unable to open you have another suggestion for me..

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Thank you!! I love your recipes. Can you tell me how you get pictures to show in your posts? I have been trying to put 2 pics in my posts and everytime they come out as attachments. I just want them to display..



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Ramoza - Dunno why you can't open it. Are you downloading the file to your local hard drive first and then trying to open it? It's a Word document. Maybe we have incompatible versions of word? I dunno..

Sara - I use the little picture of the mountatin and moon that's at the top of the box where we enter our text. Hit that and a little box comes up where you can enter the address of the picture you want to post. Make sure that the picture you're giving the address for is available on the Internet and not just your hard drive - something that trips up a lot of people...

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Thank you I was able to open it on a different computer.

And it has the answers to the question I posted earlier.

Thanks again..

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OB that cucumber sauce sounds soooooooooo good.

How do you count the yogurt... do you kinda see it as a cheese or a condiment or something? I was thinking I would add it my day's calorie and carb total and leave it at that. I'm one of the experimentrs out here so I don;t really worry about that kind of thing, just curious..

Your recipes are always great..

Oh and what are Greek spices?..

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Gatita - I just went under "Other Foods" and used the FF yogurt in there. I don't bother trying to categorize it as a condiment or snack or anything. I'm keeping tabs on carbs/cals/protein, so I'm not worried if it's considered a snack or not...

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"Greek Seasoning" is just a jar of spices I found. It's got salt, spearming, tarragon and a bunch of stuff in there. It's hokey, but I had a coupon where I had to get 3 things to qualify for the deal so I figured why not. Hey, it said "Greek", so you know it had to make the thing more authentic, right? *rolleyes*..

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OrangeBlood-I love gyros! This is like a heaven sent recipe (a long with all your other recipes). Do you know what this meal would be equivalent to? Like is it just a lean and green, or does it count also towards meals. Thanks in advance!..

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I think this would be really good even without the pita. I'll probably just pile all my stuff on a plate because I don't know if the pita will come out right for me (she said after two failed attempts to make banana muffins that were more like pudding with a burnt crust)..

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Youngin - This would count as part of your lean (however many ounces of meat you used), part of your green (how ever much of veggies you used) and 1 Medifast meal (pita) as well as an additional tablespoon or two of FF yogurt (which could be seen as a snack or a condiment, I guess)..

Starbuck (btw, I love Battlestar Galactica, don't know if your moniker is in reference to that or not) - Ovens vary. I used my toaster oven and the muffins came out fine. If need be, turn down the temperature, cook it a bit longer and/or put some tin foil over the top to protect it from burning. Just gotta tweak it until it works with whatever your cooking in...

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OrangeBlood, I just noticed you only have 17 lbs. to go till goal!! That is awesome! You must be so excited... Congratulations!..

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Yes, starbuck is from Battlestar Galactica. I love it, too. And I've found that there are also some Firefly fans here, too, which is another fave of mine.

Good idea on putting the foil over the top. You wouldn't know it from my Medifast flops but I'm actually pretty chef-y and kinda a natural at creative cooking but I've never really been into baking so I don't have a feel for tweaking muffins that way you guys do..

So tips are always most welcome...

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Lol-good idea. I will try it without the pita. Then it should just be a lean and green, right?..

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My husband and I tried your gyro tonight for dinner. WOW! It was really great and this will definitely be a favorite meal we continue to make..

Thanks for sharing!!..

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You are great with recipes, thank you for sharing..

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I made the gyros again tonight, again with spectacular results. Instead of using the crackers in the pita, I added a tablespoon of flaxseed meal to the batter. Worked great and put some much needed fiber into my numbers...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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