Medifast recipe for Ground turkey??

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First of all is ground turky legal? second does anyone have a good recipe using ground turkey. I was thinking of using it for speggetti with shartaki noodles.. Any thoughts or suggestions?..

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Personally, I love ground turkey and was using it even before doing MF. It's naturally lean and tastes good..

It is permitted. 5 ounces, as your "lean".

Some suggestions....

-Adding rosemary, taragon and garlic (and other spices you wish) can make it taste quite like sausage. Mix it together, then form it into logs and bake/broil it. Toss in some browned peppers & onions and you've got sausage w/ peppers and onions!.

-Use it and some of the SF Marinara to make a bolognese or meatballs in sauce. Use with or without the noodles..

-Use a crushed pack (or half a pack) of Medifast snack crackers as breadcrumbs, add diced onions and celery and other spices to form a meatloaf, then bake. Use the SF marinara or SF ketchup to coat it toward the end of cooking. I've even done it without any coating and it still turned out tasty. Remember that this would be your LG meal AND a snack, though..

-SF bbq sauce on a plain turkey burger..

Something I do a lot (more for convenience than anything else) is to just mix ground turkey/chicken with some finely diced onion and garlic salt, then pan cook it. When I get about 2/3 of the way to being done the cooking, I add several tablespoons of water to deglaze the pan. When it reduces to a dark juice, I mop up the juice with the burger, flipping to coat both sides. The fond that forms on the bottom of the pan when frying has A LOT of flavor and adding the water helps to keep the burger moist...

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Hi EllenKay,.

I like to use ground turkey to put in a medium bell pepper for a delicious stuffed bell pepper! That is one of my favorite dishes anyway, so I'm glad that I can still eat them on this plan. I checked with Nutrition Support, and they said a whole medium pepper was ok with this L&G meal. I also took your "sausage" seasonings mixture and it was great! Thank you, Orangeblood!.


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I use ground turkey in a modified taco dinner. Just brown the turkey, add a taco seasoning packet and roll in lettuce leaves. Add tomato, cilantro, onions, salsa... anything allowed on the plan for an extra bite..

Very good!..

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Similar to Jessica, I make a turkey taco salad probably once a week. Either add a package of taco seasoning to a pound of ground turkey or use your own seasoning (cumim, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, onion salt). I usually use 4 oz of meat and 1 oz of LF cheese on top of a bed of 2 cups lettuce, then 1/2 cup of mixed veggies (tomato, bell pepper, onions or scallions)...

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You can have 7 oz if it's very lean (7% fat, 97%lean, or 99% lean).

I make lettuce wraps using all diff kinds of seasoning etc..

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You guys ALWAYS amaze me! such great ideas! thanks a bunch i've never used ground turkey at home and no I'm looking forward to it! Thanks..

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Is a ground turkey like ground squirrel? Ground hog?.

(It's early. I'm hitting the ground running. With no grounds for complaint.)..

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I make ground turkey breast into burgers, seasonings, onion and some mushrooms in the patties. I also will cook a package in a pan with onions and seasonings (anything really, creole a lot of time) then add a can of chopped tomatoes that have onions, garlic, or whatever in them. serve it over a lettuce with my vegetable dumped on top, usually green beans with this...

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I have been using turkey for many years. You can do anything with turkey that you did with hamburger. The only difference is that you need to season turkey really, really well. Italian seasonings and garlic for anything Italian -y, and anything mexican gets lots of taco seasoning. Experiment - you'll like it. I do turkey taco salad often.

Meatloaf is great when you add mixed vegetables or fresh vegetables diced small - again - lots of garlic. Yum! I also have a german receipe for cabbage rolls.

Boil head of cabbage with core removed until tender. Cool.

While cooling cabbage, cook together:.

1 lb ground turkey.

1 Tbs. grandulated garlic.

1 Tbs. Italian spices.

1/2 onion diced.

Black or white pepper.

Then add to above:.

1 med. can tomato sauce..

1 cup cooked rice (don't know if we can have-leave out if not) I use brown..

Take cooled cabbage leaves apart and lay out. Put a large spoonful of mixure in each leaf. Roll into logs with edges tucked in. Put in baking dish in layers. I put organic ketchup over the top and bake 350 for about an hour. This is healthy and delicious...

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I hated chili last week and even posted for help. I took some sugestions and added some of my own ideas. I added 1 oz of ground turkey tonight to the chili along with a little better than bullion and a spoon of salsa. I mixed the packet with 1 cup of water and simmered on stove. Oh, yeah, I also soaked the chili for about two hours before cooking. Man, it was great!!! I am so relieved.

The ground turkey added a wonderful flavor and texture...

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I made my favorite ground turkey recipe last night and my 9-year old dinner guest was in LOVE. I make fresh salsa every week (plum tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and some southwest seasoning). So I take a package of ground turkey, mix in about a cup of the fresh salsa. Divide it into four balls. I poke my finger down into the middle of the ball and fill the hole with some LF cheese (shredded works, but a cube works better), then I reform the ball and make into a patty. I fry them in some PAM on the stove top and then cover them with grilled onions and bell peppers.

The first time I made them, my boyfriend came home and asked what's for dinner. I told him ground turkey burgers and he said he might have a problem with that. I gave him his on a roll and he now requests them. I make extras now so I can bring them for lunch. If you want to skip the cheese part...

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Oh farrell, your recipe sounds so good!!!.

OK, adding this one to my "must make" list!.

Thank you!..

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