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Hi all, just wanted to tell you that I found a Marinated Petite Filet from Giant Eagle..

A 4 oz. serving size has Calories of 130, Total Fat of 2.5 and Total Carbohydrates 5 or under..

Combined that with 1 cup Mushrooms and 1/2 cup Cucumbers (raw, love them).

In the whole dinner, calories were 293..., Total fat 3.75 grams and Total Carbs 17 grams.

I hope that I figured this right? The lean was the Filet and the 1 1/2 cup of green. It was the best.....

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Sounds graet.. No giant eagle here but my favorite l&g is turkey meatballs (reddi gourmet).

280 calories 8 carbs served with my favorite green Spaq squash some people add sauce I don't need it Yummmm.

7.8lbs to goal!!!..

Comment #1

Forgot to mention 280 cals for 3 meatballs 6 in a pkg..

Comment #2

What is Giant Eagle? Never heard of it. Is it frozen, fresh, canned???..

Comment #3

Giant Eagle is our grocery store up in Cleveland, Ohio. I think that was the biggest L&G meal ever. The marinated Petite Filet came in a package in the meat section. Broiled it in the oven, flipping every 5 minutes (20 minutes total). I was worried that I would not find very many L&G meals besides vegs and salad that I would enjoy, but this was great...

Comment #4

Laxin, how big are the turkey meatballs? I would love to try them next. Made the spag. squash the other day with turkey meat and sauce over top. Yes, I am the one that can not eat the squash without sauce. I tried to the next day, but could not do it...

Comment #5

That sounds really good!.

I think that's too small of a portion for the lean though. A portion of beef should be 5 oz (cooked weight)...

Comment #6

Sorry I forgot to mention that I did add the extra oz, so the meal was 5 oz...

Comment #7

Richey this is funny but I had the same exact petit filet last night! They sell it here in Pennsylvania at BJs Wholesale and it is fairly cheap and amazingly good!..

Comment #8

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