Medifast recipe for Gravy???

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I understand gravy is out of the mix (so to speak) for a while, however... can someone tell me how to make gravy (or a thick sauce) out of the Savory Beef Fast Soup without using flour? I don't think cornstarch is good either, is it?? Sometimes some meats just need a little uumph... ??..

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Cornstarch is a no-no, as is arrowroot..

One thought is to try are almond flour in place of flour. Nutrisystem says we can do it, but to limit it. Another is to use ground up Shirataki noodles..

Dunno if the Medifast eggs would work in that respect..

Certainly could try reducing the liquid and adding some FF cheese. On Atkins, they recommend using parmesean cheese to thicken sauces rather than flour...reduces carbs. For milk based sauces, FF cheese works. Dunno about trying it with beef broth, though...

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I've never heard of almond flour... where would I find it? Before I started this diet I used whole wheat or white wheat flour... but that wasn't hard to find...

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Cauliflower can be used as a thickener as well. Just cook it, mash it and stir it in!..

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Almond flour/meal is available in the baking aisle. It truly is just pulverized almonds. I know Trader Joe's has it as well as many of the other "natural" stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats (which was purchased by Whole Foods), but I've also seen it with the cornstarches, etc in the baking aisle of main stream supermarkets.

Almond flour doesn't have the same properties as flour, but it would thicken the beef stew just fine. (You can't use it as a direct replacement for flour in baking as it doesn't have the same proteins. It won't stretch and make air bubbles like the gluten in no cookies, cakes or bread with 100% almond flour. You can replace up to 50% of the wheat flour in baking with almond flour.) Can you tell, I work for a company that processes almonds? Pre Medifast I made chocolate chip cookies substituting 1/2 the wheat flour and then used toasted sliced almonds instead of walnuts or pecans....but that was another life!.

California Candy..

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Look into arrow root. I am not sure if it is considered a starch..

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Try xanthan or guar gum - can get at health food store. I have several of Dana Carpender's low carb cookbooks and she uses these as thickeners for gravies, soups, etc. A little goes a long way. I put it in a shaker and just shake some in and stir/whisk. Add more for more thickness...

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I have used the better than bullion and a little of the mashed cooked califlower. It is pretty good..

Barb, I am in Montana, too! Helena. Both my teenagers are in Missoulaone in college and one working..


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The better than boullion sounds like a good idea... but where do I find THAT? LOL. Also, the cauliflower is good and I'll look for the xanthan or guar gum... as you can probably tell I am a gravy junkie... but I haven't wandered from the diet, yet... These are all great ideas... THANKS!!!..

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Oh.. and I was told arrowroot is a no-no... it's just as bad as cornstarch .. just a little FYI..

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I saw the better than bullion on another post, and found it in the first place I lookedSafeway...

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Hello from Missoula, Huntress! When I saw your "the last best place" I wondered if Montana was where you meant. My brother works for DEQ in Helena...

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Hey Barb, looks like we have similar weight goals too! Maybe we could help each other stay on plan? I haven't figured out the private message thing yet...

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Hello Huntress - I sent you a message. If you go to Community Home you will see on the left your user id and whether you have messages or not. To send one from within a board, just click on the person's user name. That's how I sent mine to you - clicked on Huntress...

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You could try tomato paste as well. It won't be creamy but will thicken, and maybe compliment the beef flavor. 2 T has 6g (1 fiber) of carbs, 2g protien, fat free. I guess it could count as a snack...

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This works very well for a low-cal gravy:.

Cup Swanson low sodium Chicken Broth (8 cals, 1g carb).

Teaspoon Konjac flour

The flour is expensive ($19 per bag) but I use it everyday to thicken my soups and at a 1/2 teaspoon at a time, it is going to last until late summer.

Add teaspoon slowly to the broth stirring continuously for about 2 minutes. This will be very thick and not as salty as the bouillon (my first experiment). Remove large gelatin bits which will form not matter what you do. Heat in microware.

Next time I will use 1 cup of broth per 1/2 teaspoon of Konjac so it will be pourable...

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I also noticed in the store this morning, Heinz Fat Free Chicken Gravy, 15 calories for a 1/4 cup. 20 cals for the Beef...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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