Medifast recipe for Good Muffins!?

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Thank you for the great recipe for muffins DDancer! I tried them today and it was very good. I drizzled just a tad maple syrup (sugar free, ofcourse) over it and I'm very pleased with my breakfast today!!..

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Would you send me d dancers muffin recipe. I am new to medifast and would really appreciate it. thanks!.


Comment #1

Here they be: .

In a bowl:.

1 pkg Oatmeal mix.

1/4 tea baking SODA (Box).

1/8 tea baking POWDER (Can).

Splenda to taste.

Spices to taste (Dry only).

In a 1 cup measure:.

1/3 cup water.

1 tea white vinegar.

1 tea vanilla (or to taste, or other liquid flavor).

Have a mini bread pan sprayed and ready to go. The oven should be preheated to 350..

You MUST have everything ready to go before you mix the wet and dry as the chemical reaction takes place quickly and we want to trap as many bubbles as possible..

Mix the dry ingredients well, and then mix the wet ones. Pour the wet into the dry and mix up to a smooth batter as quickly as possible. Pour into pan. Bake for 15-16 minutes..

Turn out of pan immediately...

Comment #2

I haven't made these yet. Need to get some of those mini bread pans this week!.

Thanks DDancer!..

Comment #3

Do you happen to have a recipe for the oatmeal cookies everyone is talking about?..

Comment #4


OMG!!! Had my first muffin this morningwonderful!! I was just about to throw out the oatmealI just couldnt stomach it...thanks so much for the recipeI've already made my muffin for the AMused gingerbread syrupcant wait to taste it!..

Comment #5

This is a fantastic recipe! I liked the fact that it only used one package of oatmeal, so if it didn't turn out well, I didn't feel as though I had wasted a lot. No worries on that part because they were awesome! I'm going out of town this coming weekend, so I've been experimenting to try and find things I can take with me..

Thanks again!..

Comment #6

I had one meal left today so I made this muffin with blueberry oatmeal and vanilla for the extract. It was delish. I also took Cher55's idea of drizzling a little sf maple syrup over it. Had a little hot tea and boy was I happy. Thanks again for the recipe...

Comment #7

I have got to try these muffins, need to get a tin and vinegar. But tonight I was experimenting and came up with a neat treat. I have not been happy with the new blueberry oatmeal, I loved the french vanilla berry, but anyhow I have some so I though I would make cookies. I took 1 packet of the blueberry and one packet of the maple brown sugar oatmeals, added about 3/4 tsp of baking powder, a dash of cinnamon, some vanilla, a few packets of splenda(to your own taste) and about 2 tablespoons of Davinci carmel syrup, then I added water very slowly till I got the mix to just past library paste consistency. I sprayed butter flavored pam on my baking sheet and made spoon size drops, I got eight though I think I could have done ten. I put them in my table top toaster overn at 400 degrees for ten minutes.

I really like them, and that artificial blueberry taste was gone, but I had nice little bits of blueberry. Ummm ummm good!..

Comment #8

These did not work out great for me....

They were mushy after 15, 16 mins. Left them in 2 more mins, still mushy, and had a strange taste (from the vinegar/soda?) I had added a pkg of Splenda to the mix, and had to sprinkle w/ another pkg to make them more palatable..

I'm not giving up in trying, but will look for another recipe, unless anyone can help w/ what I may have done wrong? I really need another on-the-go food beside the bar...

Comment #9

First off, how accurate is the oven? Was it totally preheated to 350 before you put the muffin in?.

What kind of pan did you use? I've found the mini loaf pan works much better than a muffin pan for these..

How much flavorings did you add? It may be you need to subtract some water if you are adding more than a tablespoon of flavor..

I have also found that there is a LOT of variation between packets of oatmeal, even from the same batch! So if your batter was very runny, there was too much liquid, so try using a bit less next time. You want it a bit thicker than pancake batter, more like a muffin batter..

Lastly, IMO, the strange taste is from the oatmeal itself. I have yet to totally cover it up no matter what flavorings I used. If you experiment and take the water, soda, and vinegar mix them up and then taste that, there is an odd flavor, but nothing like what you find in the muffin. Trust me, I did this experiment before I even started making muffins. Also, make sure you use white vinegar, others WILL add an odd taste..

Hopefully this list will help you figure out what might have gone wrong. I'd first get a thermometer for your oven and make sure it's up to temp properly. That and you MUST let it fully preheat..


Comment #10

Many thanks for the tips... I used plain vinegar, but in my toaster oven, preheated, and put it in 2 spots in a 6-cupcake pan. Maybe there wasn't enough room for the heat to circulate..

I agree it could have been the oatmeal, it does have an aftertaste!.

Well, thanks for the encouragement, I will try this again, in my regular oven...

Comment #11

I have found that it takes my oven a long long time to cook this muffin. It really IS good and has a nice texture, but my oven must be off. I usually just press the top and see if it is cooked through. I personally hate when the Medifast baking efforts are mushy inside so I tend to almost overcook. Sounds like you either added too much liquid or might not have cooked long enough? I also find that the batters IMHO of the Medifast baked goods are better when they have pretty thick consistency - really like thick paste and not too runny...

Comment #12

I have less of that funny aftertaste since I switched to Stevia instead of Splendra. When I'd bake with Splendra it would just linger and linger. The Stevia sweetens without an aftertaste. I'm finally able to enjoy the baked treats!..

Comment #13

Bettina reminded me of this recipe in another post this morning and I remembered that I hadn't tried it. Immediately got up and made it (used my Pampered Chef mini batter bowl because I don't have a mini-loaf tin). Yum! I had to cook it a little longer but it has the perfect consistency. It's not hollow on the inside, nor mushy! Great recipe!..

Comment #14

Hi Farrell, you got me going now too. Heading off to make this one. I like that it's one packet and easy and oh boy good texture. I think I will spray a little IBINB and throw on some Davinci. Breakfast here I come!..

Comment #15

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