Giving Medifast coupon is markting idea?

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Got a question... Giving Medifast coupon is markting idea? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... This happened to me today..

Someone told me I looked great, asked me what kind of diet plan I was following. I said what I was doing without namedropping Medifast..

The response I got?.

"That's great, you should really try Medifast though!".

Um. Why would I do that, exactly? Considering that my way is working?.


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Sure, there are many Medifast vouchers out there. Awesome way to save mola on Medifast now. I advise you to subscribe for their emails so you can get their newest deals. They typically mail once a month or 2..

Comment #1

There was some food being offered that wasn't on plan and I said I couldn't eat it. That's when I got the compliment and the redirect. I was told if I did Medifast I could game the point system. Seriously... sigh...

Comment #2

Yeah, I did Weight Watchers, and it is a good plan for people who just "can't" "resist" the sludge (and also people like me who need to use their meal plan at the cafeteria 24/7). But... let's be honest, Medifast gets better results...

Comment #3

I STILL have people say "You SHOULD do weight watchers" for maintenance when they see I use the Medifast products for a lunch or snack!.

To each their own... :-)..

Comment #4

...because life isn't complete unless we eat total crap while dieting...

Comment #5

Dude... you don't even know. The last WW meeting I went to was all about working crap into the diet. I was kind of incredulous...

Comment #6

WOW!!!! I just noticed your goal date!.

Four years later?!? Well... guess I shouldn't expect this kind of suggestion to go away ever...

Comment #7

Which is why I know I'd never do well on WW!..

Comment #8

As of today I am down 50 lbs. It took me more than a year on WW to do that and I've only been on Medifast since the last week in December! Forget WW, Medifast is where it's at!..

Comment #9

If you reported losses at WW like you have on Medifast they'd probably kick you out of the meeting!..

Comment #10

I don't think Weight Watcher's itself is a bad program. It's the people who do WW. Instead of following the good health guidelines and eating healthy they use their points for crap. Even Medifast isn't above this problem. I have seen on these boards many times people who like to tweak and "modify" the Medifast program too. And then we get the inevitable why am I not losing thread.

I started out with over 130 pounds to lose so I need it off sooner rather than later. OP-I don't get why people do that. It's annoying! It's like people don't understand what works for one person may not work for someone else and if what you are doing obviously works why suggest you need a different plan...

Comment #11

Hi Jessy, I agree with you. You'd think that people would recognize that how we get the weight off, which is a temporary thing, is much more important than staying overweight in the first place! My friend sort of questions how Medifast is not natural food and I keep telling her, well, it's temporary, one, and two, IT WORKS!!! Oh, and I might add that she can stay slim easily; all she has to do is "cut back" once in a while and she's good. Harruummmph!!! Wish I could do that. But I can't. Thank God there's Medifast...

Comment #12

WW DID NOT work for me. It was a waste of time and energy! I guess it works for some folks but I just dd not get any results...

Comment #13

Congrats are in deed in order! Amazing job..

I just wanted to add one little comment about WW. I am not pro or con any diet, except those that are harmful (ephedrine etc). It is a personal choice and we are not all the same..

However, I want to state that WW is not all about eating sludge and junk. I totally agree that people misuse the program to eat those things, but that is not what the program intends. It's not fair to criticize an entire program. Those people are abusing it and not being realistic about their weight loss, nor life changes..

I did WW for 2 years, following the Core program. It consists of only whole foods and no processed foods are permitted. In fact, bread was not even on program. I lost 50lbs in 6 months, and I only had 50 lbs to lose..

I have left Medifast for reasons of my own, and have not turned to any other program in it's place. I have chosen clean eating, as it is what feels good to me..

I just wanted to offer a little defense to a program that is as good as the people who use it properly. Just like get what you put into it..

Good luck are all doing so great!..

Comment #14

Wow! Congratulations on your success! That is wonderful! Yes, it sounds a bit uncouth for her to just up and say that to you of all people! I don't know what my response would have been, but I probably would have stuck my foot in my mouth!..

Comment #15

This is why I don't discuss Medifast or my being on Medifast with anyone except my DH and the boards here. And I never eat a packaged Medifast meal in public. (The wrapper showing.).

I don't CARE about what others think when it comes to my choice to do MF. That seems to be the issue that self-important busy bodies always overlook - lol..

This strategy has worked really well for me personally. When asked what I've done to lose all the weight, I say honestly "calorie restriction and small, frequent meals" with no elaboration beyond that..

Good luck with your continuing journey and congrats on what you've done so far!!.

Best wishes,.


Comment #16

Oh, this is so true and I completely agree. I wasn't even trying to bash WW. My actual annoyance was her suggestion to switch programs so I could actually eat junk... ;-)..

Comment #17

I'm with Bunting. I don't take the wrappers outside of the house. I don't need to hear the negativity or judgment by people who mean well but just don't get it. I don't want to be put in the position of defending my choices. It works for me and I've told everyone no grains & no sugar - that pretty much eliminates most of the food-pusher's arsenal...

Comment #18

People are so funny in an I'd really like to smack you upside the head kind of way. I've gotten that from people and my standard response is, "I'll consider it if I end up stalling on my losses, but this is working for me so I'm not going to fix something that isn't broken.".

Fortunately, most people are just plain happy for me and want to know what my secret is :P And I'm happy to tell them!..

Comment #19

I have many friends who have been hugely successful on WW and they did it the right processed junk. However, the plan just did not work for me. My body seems to be more sensitive to carbohydrates. Medifast works wonderfully for me! I find myself wanting to tell anyone and everyone that they should try Medifast! But, maybe WW is better for them? Who knows. But, I do agree. Why would you switch plans if Medifast works so well for you? That would be just silly, in my opinion...

Comment #20

I've been lucky so far and my neighbours who are my closest friends in this mining town, know what I'm doing and think it's great. I don't work yet because I just got my green card but I am nervous of being judge when I do start working and they see wrappers or stuff like that. I have never really tried WW, but I have tried south beach which worked until I had to start adding carbs into my diet and sugar. It went down hill from there lol. It's a matter of your body type and what works. I just hope I can handle the criticism from strangers at work gracefully and not eat foot lol...

Comment #21

I have done WW before and had success. When I tried it again, I just couldn't seem to get on track. I think it was because I could have anything I wanted and I needed a stricter program. I'm a carb and soda junkie and I really needed to get away from most of it..

I don't mind if anyone knows I'm on Medifast, heck I'm a walking bilboard. I've had so many people ask me what my secret was. I still have a long way to go but apparently you can tell already by my face and how my clothes fit..

My mom is going to go on the program too when she gets home in May. I've had 3 other people start it as well..

To each their own...

Comment #22

Yeah I did WW....might be good for t&m as some mentioned here few back...but Medifast is the one that I found works for me!..

Comment #23

I also tried WW and did not have much success, but in all fairness, I did not start the program mentally ready. And we all know that has a lot to do with any diet program. I thought I could eat one cookie and fit it into my meal plan, but at the time, I couldn't just stop at one cookie. They've changed the point system recently, and I hear that they take things like fiber into account. Either way, I do know some folks who had WW work wonderfully for them. But, for me, any time I want to lose a quick 10 lbs or so, Medifast is the way to go.

What's really silly is that your friend offered a different program when you're already on one that is obviously working for you...

Comment #24

My cousin lost over 100 lbs on WW in about 2 years, but she has gained about 30 back already because she stopped following the program. I tried it didn't loose anything, it was really very depressing and discouraging. Just shows that not everything works for everyone. As for suggesting a different plan when the one your on is obviously working? Maybe she gets something out of signing someone up?..

Comment #25

I think WW, Medifast and other diets can all work for the right kind of person. My uncle did WW and lost an absolute ton of weight. I did WW for a while with moderate success, but I ultimately found it gave me too much flexibility to game the system. The thing I like about Medifast is that it is so regimented, once you've gotten into a groove on it, you can just kinda put yourself on auto-pilot and let it do it's thing, and you've only got to think about the L&G meal, which is also very easy to follow. Also, there is built-in "punishment" for cheating, in that you have to go through the process of getting back into ketosis all over again...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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