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Hi Everyone....

I am an avid coffee drinker. I LOVE having coffee in ther mornings. Especially on the weekends. Like right now, relaxing early in the morning with my cup of coffee. I use about 6 packets of splenda (in 2 cups of coffee) and the sugar free powdered creamer. But , to really be folloiwng MF, I can't do that, and I just hate to give up my coffee.

Do I just give it up?..

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Well, Lisa: You are probably not going to like my answer. Many moons ago when I first started Weight Watchers, you couldn't have sugar or milk, and I used a ton of it at that time. I detested sweetner (Sweet n' low) and the powdered milk we were allowed to have. So I had two options give it up or drink it black. I hated black coffee. BUT, what I did was, let it cool to the point that I could drink it straight down.

That was close over 30 years ago. I can say that I like coffee more, cause it tasted more like coffee. I tried going back to cream and sugar and it actually gagged me! I've found over the years, given time, you can get used to anything. Tell me there isn't some Medifast food you had to get used to..

That's my take. I know it isn't what you wanted to hear, though..


Comment #1

Nothing on earth or under god's hand will make me give up coffee! I just learned to modify it and use cream for my healthy fat and limit the artificial sweeteners I use and count them as condiments. Sometimes I now take it black too - I know, it's a leap, but your taste buds will change and it's still tasty!..

Comment #2

I was a two cup a day gal before I started Medifast but cut back to one cup a day. I cut my Splenda back to 1 1/2 packets instead of two. I don't normally use creamer so that wasn't a problem for me, though. I wouldn't say you have to give it up - maybe try just one cup instead of two? I do not like black coffee, so it that was a requirement for this diet I think I'd have to just totally give it up, LOL!..

Comment #3

I just went black as soon as I started MF. Okay, that's not entirely true. I measured out an acceptable amount of creamer on day 1... thought... WHAT'S THE POINT and have been a black coffee drinker since day 2. Take what I say with a grain of salt - I was drinking mine like all creamer and milk, no coffee before.

I mix mine with cappuccino half the time. I've tried shakes (yum!) and hot cocoa (yikes) with it too.....

Comment #4

I have coffee every morning mixed with a chocolate (or vanilla) medifast meal...

Comment #5

I have my coffee everyday & I am drinking it now. I use hot cocoa, cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate or swiss mocha to flavor my coffee. I use it as I would use milk. I ususally have 1/3 of the shake to one cup of coffee. I gave up the splenda. It took a week to get used to it but now, no problem. I will not give up my coffee!..

Comment #6

I've always liked my coffee black but every now and then I like a latte or around the holidays I use to love to get a peppermint mocha from starbucks. I've found that mixing my cup of coffee with a packet of the mint chocolate soft serve (or a chocolate shake) satisfies that craving completely! I use my magic bullet to blend it and that creates a little foam on top, just like a real latte. I also try to use decaf coffee to be more inline with the plan...

Comment #7

Mixing it with some of the Medifast beverage meals worked for me too... good luck..

Comment #8

I either mix it cold with a dark chocolate shake and mix it into a frapp.... or I put a splash of creamer and 1 splenda. I am not a hardcore condiment counter. Sara..

Comment #9

I have learned to drink my coffee black. I didn't think I would ever be able to do that because I would have skipped coffee in the past if there wasn't something "white" and sweet around to dump in it. I also mix my cappuccino or hot cocoa or chocolate shakes with coffee as a meal now. Sometimes I use a little of the vanilla shake powder as a creamer...

Comment #10

I didn't give up my coffee....except for the first few days when I tried drinking it black, then I said I can't do this I can only give up so much. I use half and half, spenda or stevia and have a few cups per day. It's my choice and I look forward to it, and that's the truth, lol!..

Comment #11

No need to give it up!.

I make hot cocoa or cappuccino packet with hot water and then add coffee. Yummo!.

Your taste will adapt and you will slowly lose the desire for so much sweetness. does happen. I promise...

Comment #12

I LOVE my coffee too! ...and I've learned to drink it black. Actually love it even more now for the coffee taste. Sometimes as a treat, I'll buy a couple "1-pot" packets in different flavors. This past week I tried 'Coconut Creme' and 'Snickerdoodle.' I have 1 or 2 cups hot and then save the rest of the pot in the fridg for mixing with shakes and hot drinks. It's funny, but some of the flavors I don't pick up on until I have them cold mixed with a Medifast meal!.

Also, and this saved me, especially during the first couple-three weeks....I do a vanilla pudding as a shake, 8oz water and lots of ice, with a Starbuck's VIA packet....Creamy, Coffee goodness!..

Comment #13

A couple ideas you could try....

Buy flavored coffee, like vanilla and you may be able to cut out the Splenda that you are using. I make coffee every morning up to the 6 cup line on the coffee pot. This makes about 2.5 cups of a large coffee mug. I use flavored or regular coffee and the I use SF liquid creamer. I measure out 1 TBSP and use a pretty large coffee mug. When my cup is half empty, I top it off with more coffee but no more creamer.

When that cup is half gone, I will add the rest of the coffee left in the pot and another TBSP of creamer. Sometimes I don't add more creamer. Every morning I have this and have had consistent weight loss...

Comment #14

I used to doctor my coffee up, too, pre-medifast. I would put at least 2 splenda packets plus the chocolate/caramel flavored 1/2 and 1/2. I was probably getting about 350 calories just from my morning coffee! My saving grace has been the medifast cappuccino. I add about 10 oz of water and one packet of Truvia. It is AWESOME. I just told my dh this morning I will keep drinking this forever - it is wonderful. Good luck!..

Comment #15

I also couldn't see giving up milk in my coffee, but Medifast hot cocoa saved me. I actually prefer it now...

Comment #16

Yes to all of the above!! There is more you can do than just giving it up!! I have 1-2 cups every morning. I use about Half a splenda and 3 tbsp ff milk per cup. I have noticed that the Torani sf syrups have 0 carbs, while splenda has <1 carb. so I use the sf syrup whenever I can. Just for the record I know I am going over on my condiments. I am not recommending, just sharing what works for me!! =) Oh! Also Almond milk has less carbs than regular milk. Its very tasty!..

Comment #17

You've gotten some great suggestions. I used to drink my coffee with about half milk or drink lattes. I don't like black drip coffee, but I switched to americanos- and I love them! Much smoother than black drip. I don't miss the milk at all..

I also put coffee in my hot cocoa or chai latte for breakfast sometimes and always put a little instant espresso in my choc shakes to improve the flavor...

Comment #18

So many options to still have your coffee.

I liked the flavored splenda it looked black but had sweetness and flavor..

I also added coffee to the Medifast capp. and the chocolate shakes and brownies etc...

Comment #19

Silk creamer has been a life saver for me. It has low calories and only 1 carb per serving!!!!..

Comment #20

"Coffee, coffee,!!!" My favorite line from "Dante's peak".

MF Hot Cocoa + brewed coffee = Mocha Latte I have it just about every morning. No sweetener needed & it works for me...

Comment #21

Have you tried putting black coffee in the Cappucino? I love it! I am a black coffee drinker, and usually have several cups, but sometimes mix it and it makes a special drink for me!..

Comment #22

Add some peppermint extract and it is a low cal version of starbucks peppermint mocha latte!..

Comment #23

I gotta plug the chocolate mint soft serve blended with hot coffee in a blender. Heaven. I'm so hooked on it that I just put in another for more c.m. soft serve. I could easily have it twce a day. Morning with caffeine and night with decaf.

Sometimes I'll add hot cocoa or shakes to my hot coffee for a change, but I like the chocolate mint soft serve best by far. Haven't tried the cappuccino yet. Now that I have started using the blender, it's hard to go back to just stirring it in. The blender mixes it so well!..

Comment #24

Wow.. I really need to try that! It sounds delicious!..

Comment #25

My Mom did me a huge favor when I began drinking coffee. She told me either drink it black or don't drink it at all. So, that's what I do...

Comment #26

Just use the cappucino and you wont have to use anything else...

Comment #27

I'm not a coffee drinker, but the only way I can stand the Medifast cocoa and Chai latte is to add it in coffee, try that instead of the cream and splenda!..

Comment #28

Lisa - I could never give up my coffee. So I switched to CoffeeMate's sugar-free hazelnut, it has 2 carbs per tablespoon. It is sweet enough you dont have to add sweetener. I still drink 2 cups of coffee a day, but no snack. I just make sure I log everything into the meal plan and keep my carbs around 85 total per day. Good Luck..

Comment #29

I do the same thing....for my morning meal coffee mixed in with a cappuccino with a little vanilla or caramel sf torani syrup....i don't have to add milk or sugar! Give it a try it isn't too bad :-)..

Comment #30

In addition to using a Medifast drink or shake, I also used the non calorie flavored gorund coffee. I use Seattle's Best Cinnabon, creme brulee, Dunkin Donuts Hazelnit or french vanilla. They are flavored and have no calories. After a few days, I was hooked and no longer use splenda at all...

Comment #31

I had stopped completely but back to my coffee.......I cut the coffee mate fat free in half of what I use to use and use a 1/2 packet of stevia and I'm still losing. Grant it.......I might be losing more without the coffee mate but the coffee goes so wonderful with the brownies........what can I say...

Comment #32

Just had leftover morning coffee, instead of water, in my hot cocoa, as a shake. YUM-O!.

Quick subject change ahead!.

I just realized that there is not one Medifast product (except for the pretzels, puffs and bars) that I make as directed! LOL Basically ANYTHING that has to be mixed, I mix to my own tastes! Shakes become brownies, puddings and hot drinks become shakes, soups-a base for whatever else I'm making....or savory muffins in the sandwich maker. Same for the oatmeal. Wow!..

Comment #33

Yep, that's what I do...creamer and sweetner built in!..

Comment #34

You'll have to pry my coffee out of my cold, dead hands. I could NEVER give my my morning cup o' joe! NEVER. I truly enjoy my morning coffee. I did have to give up the powdered creamer though. I was using way too much (I like mine extra creamy) and the nonfat kind I was using has too many carbs, which was putting me way over my daily carb allotment. I switched to half and half and splenda and I got used to having my coffee less creamy.

Sounds yum-o!!..

Comment #35

I have the Coffee Mate Sugar Free Vanilla Carmel one. I love it! I just obviously need to use less of it! I will do just one T for 2 cups of coffee and add the 4 carbs. Thank you!..

Comment #36

Thank you SO much for all your responses and ideas!! I think I am going to put an order for Hot Cocoa. I did not order any, and I think that mixed with my coffee will be great for my morning coffee,a nd I can get away from all the Splenda I use. I honestly use about 12-15 a day. I use it on alot of things I eat...

Comment #37

The last couple of weeks, I've become a big fan of mixing the soft serve with coffeeit comes up the most frothy and "milky" for me. The chocolate mint is my favorite, but the coffee and even the peanut butter work for a different flavor. (probably not the mango, lol!) I also love the dark chocolate antioxidant shakes with coffeevery rich and creamy. If I have room in my day, sometimes I put in a bit of half and half (from those little containersI do a lot of my coffee drinking at work), but they really don't need it at all...

Comment #38

I'm drinking a decaf right now blended with the dark chocolate shake. So good! And perfect for the cold weather. The different things I blend with my coffee have become a daily staple!..

Comment #39

I ordered that holiday special deal this time...the hot cocoa, chai, and cappuccino. I figured that even if there was one of them I didn't like (I already knew I loved the cappuccino.) I could mix with coffee and drink them anyway because the deal was actually a money saver. 3 boxes PLUS the Medifast mug for $42. That's cheaper than buying just the 3 boxes! Anywho, I'm not a fan of the Chai and the hotcocoa I could take OR leave, but mixed with my coffee....I"m a fan! So if you're thinking about ordering any of the hot drinks to mix with your coffee, think about the Medifast special promotion. Will save you a couple-3 bucks! (and any savings helps!)..

Comment #40

OK Here is what I did, and it has worked for me like a charm..

I will never EVER give up my cup of coffee with splenda and REAL half and half first thing in the morning, and I don't HAVE TO.

What I HAVE had to do, however, was to be satisfied with LESS of it..

I went and bought myself the most beautiful "tiny" coffee cup I could find. For me, it is a jade-green vintage Fire-King coffee mug from the '40's and '50's. Mugs were smaller back in the day, they weren't these monstrous things you could carry a small child in like they are today..

People were satisfied with less, and with "less" I mean 4-6 oz of coffee instead of 20 or more.

Now. To the preparation part. I have to have my coffee a certain color or it just isn't right for me. It has to be that nice camel color, just the right amount of half and half. So the smaller mug is a necessary component, because I measure 2 TBSP half and half into my cup, add 1 packet of splenda, and then pour my coffee in until it is the "right" color. Usually I can get it pretty close to the top of my mug, depending on how strong I have made my coffee that morning..

Then I savor it. I savor every sip. And I have learned to be satisfied with this, and it totally works for me. In my mind I've given up nothing, except "amount"..

Try it!..

Comment #41

Ha! I used to be the same way - avid latte drinker. I finally figured out that an Americano is watered-down espresso - had no idea what it was pre-MF. I try to think of it as a latte with hot water instead of milk... and it's so good! You still get the delicious espresso-ness without all the milk of a latte or intensity of straight espresso...

Comment #42

".....intensity of straight esspresso" ?????What is that?????? No such thing as too intense! lol I am one who drinks triple shots in the dark! (Since Medifast I have cut back to double shots in the dark, but still getting headaches.) I am slowly weaning myself of SO MUCH caffeine but it's a slow process, for sure!..

Comment #43

I could not possibly give up my coffee. I brew my coffee, then add the mint chocolate soft serve, the cappuccino or a shake and blend it - don't try to just stir it, it will be lumpy - must use the blender. I find the shakes aren't very good in the coffee, but I'm getting used to it. The mint chocolate soft serve and the cappuccino work wonderfully - a little sweet, but tolerable and it counts as my breakfast - I like to just have coffee for breakfast, I can't eat first thing in the morning this has been perfect! I have read that some people will mix half a packet of whatever in one cup and have a second cup with the other half packet. I usually don't have time for two cups but I would if I could!..

Comment #44

I use my hot coco in my coffee every morning.. I don't need anything else in it and it's my first Medifast meal.. YUMMM..

Comment #45

While these might not be strictly on plan, I found a product from Carnation (I think) called "Mini-Moo's". They are single serving non-refrigerated liquid creamers. Each one has 10 calories, 1 gram of fat and 0 carbs. Not too bad, and I would rather a little extra fat than the 2-4 carbs you get from powdered "non-fat" creamers...

Comment #46

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