Getting the required protein requirements on Medifast

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Tonight I have mde a ground beef (80% lean) burger. I weighed it after I cooked it and it is 4 ounces. The guidelines say to have 5 ounces. Can I add an egg or something to bring my total to 5 ounces of protein? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..

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So you've eaten 4/5 of a lean, or 80%. One egg is 1/3 of a lean, so it's too much. You need to have 20% of a lean. 1 ounce of beef, 1.4 ounces of shrimp/tuna, .8 ounces of low-fat cheese, etc...

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14 egg whites makes a lean. 1/14 = 7%. 3 egg whites = 21%, so that's close enough to be perfect!.

It's all fractions. Medifast makes you use math...

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So 3 egg whites is ll I need...sorry but math was never my best subject...LOL....3 egg whites??..

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I really don't mean to get legalistic, but did want you to know that Lean Options allow ground beef that is 85 to 94% Lean. Try to go a little leaner next time, if you can.

Less fat in your food = Less fat on you!..

Comment #4

Though I agree with you the leaner the better, the options for logging ones food using the "My Plan" "Log Meals" options only shows 80% and 95% ground beef. So I think Nursegal made the logical choice in choosing 80% lean ground beef.

Of course the web tool could be outdated, as I have found several other errors or omissions. To be honest it would be better to eat ground sirloin vs. ground beef, but this is not an option.

Math is great, but eating should not be so hard. It would be great if the web tool could help more with planning the lean & green meals. It is so hard sometimes to figure out if the fat is included or you need to add more, number of condiments, splitting L&G, or splitting lean portions such as this example...

Comment #5

Or leaner if available. I use 6 oz of 97% lean ground beef (a "Lean" option) in my recipes...

Comment #6

I agree!!.

And, Bob, wow, it's great that you get 97%. The best I can usually find is 93% Lean..


Comment #7

I use the leanest ground beef I can find but if I have to use something a little fattier, I brown it, pour off all the oil, put it in a colander and rinse it off with hot water. It's a hassle but it gets rid of lots of the residual fat. Costco's lean ground beef that comes in the tube frozen is 91% lean...

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Since the subject of "not so lean" beef has come up..I have fallen in love with buffalo meat. Mostly as a steak, but as a ground meat, you can have 7 oz..that's how lean it is. Just a thought...

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To be honest, I would rather have ground beef that is a little less "lean" simply because I eat it only once or twice a month. The little bit of fat in the beef is purely equivalent to that of olives, oil, butter or any other kind of fat which our body NEEDS to stay healthy. I feel as long as I eat clean and low fat 95 percent of the time, when I am wanting a burger it is ok to have one that is a little less "lean." Also, Medifast plan DOES allow the 80 percent lean ground beef...I spoke with a representative today. Anyway, as always I thank you for your thoughts and guidance. Without the boards I would be lost...

Comment #10

MerryHeart I too have found 97% lean at a surprising place.........WALMART! Since it is a chain and you might have one near you I wanted you to know that is where you can find it. Best of luck Lisa..

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